How to Use QR Codes in Phygital Marketing

Update:  August 17, 2023
How to Use QR Codes in Phygital Marketing

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, phygital marketing using QR codes has become an essential part of the overall marketing and advertising scheme. 

QR code technology is a tech tool that brings offline engagements to online conversions by directly providing user information through smartphone devices. 

That said, the QR code is convenient for phygital marketing by providing a contactless and seamless transfer of information to the end user. 

What is Phygital marketing?

Phygital marketing is a term focused on blending digital and physical marketing to leverage the consumer experience and maximize product sales!

The Phygital marketing strategy creates a coordinated experience by merging offline and online marketing tactics.

Thus, it strengthens the brand’s marketing exposure by making a cohesive experience for the buyer.

What is a QR code, and how to scan a QR code? 

QR codes are 2D barcodes that embed rich media information such as links, videos, documents, social media sites, registration forms, and many more.

The information encoded in the QR code redirects the scanner to such details when scanned using a smartphone device.

Phygital marketing

These codes are generated using a QR code generator online like QR TIGER.

The fact that the content of a QR code is readily accessible using a mobile device makes it possible to connect directly to the user, mitigating the physical interaction, which has been the foremost concern of many establishments amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why use QR codes in Phygital Marketing?

QR code technology is a digital tool that will help brands connect their offline marketing campaign to their digital campaign.

Print QR code marketing

QR codes are both scannable in offline and online marketing campaigns.  

Therefore, when you print your QR code on marketing materials, users can still access the content of the QR code using their smartphone devices.

When QR codes can also be displayed on websites or an online campaign, such as attached in emails, pinned on social media channels, sent through messaging apps, or displayed on live-streamed events, QR codes are still scannable.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes provide a safe approach by delivering a contactless service to the end user.

Ways how to use QR codes in Phygital marketing 

QR codes have a wide variety of solutions for a specific purpose. However, below are examples of utilizing QR codes in your phygital marketing. 

Automate scan-to-order 

QR codes have the power to automate a scan-to-order for products marketers are selling both on offline and online platforms!

Scan to order QR code

By directing the QR code to the brand’s product page or sales page, he can directly lure the customer into buying his product without manually looking for the product online.

For this, marketers can use the URL QR code solution and convert their online page into a QR code. 

Make a QR-optimized landing page for products and services

The H5 QR code solution is a great alternative to making a customized landing page for products for businesses that do not own a website. 

With a few clicks, marketers can create an optimized mobile landing page for their products without owning a domain name or hosting. 

Give information directly to users 

In the fast-paced digital world where information is easily accessible using smartphones and laptops, QR codes will help marketers give the data directly to the end consumer without looking it up online.

By scanning the QR code using the smartphone device, the information about a certain product or service is directly presented to the user’s mobile screen, providing them with the in-the-now demand service of the customers.  

QR codes for contactless registration 

Contactless registration QR code

Various establishments of both private and government sectors have imposed safety guidelines to avoid further contracting the COVID-19 disease by implementing safe and health protocols such as contactless registration using QR codes.

Click here to create a contactless registration form using the Google Forms QR code

View restaurant menu

The emergence of “no-touch” menus through scanning the digital scanning menu in the form of QR codes has been a trend among restaurants and the bar industry globally to avoid the exchange and passing of physical menus that could be a way of virus transmission where could linger on surfaces. 

Maximize social media followers 

Brands, marketers, and influencers can use a social media QR code or the link in the bio QR code to increase their number of followers and visibility in the digital world by creating a social media QR that will link all of their apps in one QR. 

Apps such as messaging, e-commerce, food delivery, and social media channels can be linked in one QR code.

QR code for social mediaWhen this QR is scanned, it displays all the apps on the user’s smartphone screen, making it easier to follow, contact, like, and subscribe to your social or business pages. 

Why use QR codes in your Phygital Marketing?

QR codes are not only accessible directly to the user’s smartphone device; QR codes, even when printed in offline marketing campaigns or deployed online, are updateable in content.

Moreover, QR codes are also trackable.

By tracking the QR code data analytics, marketers can track their QR code campaign scans, gauge their campaign efficiency, and do more to improve their marketing campaign strategy. 

QR codes are updateable in content 

By generating the QR code solution in a dynamic QR, even if the QR code has been printed in brochures such as magazines, billboards, leaflets, posters, etc., QR codes are still updateable in content to another file. 

This allows marketers to save on printing costs in the long run.

Furthermore, it saves their time and effort from repeatedly reproducing and reprinting QR codes.

QR code scans are trackable 

Marketers and business people can track their QR code scan analytics, such as when they get the most scans, the location of their scanners, and the device used when the QR was scanned.

This allows them to analyze and gauge their overall QR campaign.

QR code integration in Phygital marketing 

Leverage phygital marketing strategy with QR codes and give your customers a brand new and interactive experience with QR codes while keeping them safe through contactless means. 

You can contact us today for more information and questions about QR codes.

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