How to Use QR Codes for Podcast Marketing

Update:  March 22, 2024

Just like other social media platforms, podcasts are also good for branding. Increase your listeners and improve your podcast marketing with QR codes. 

These past many years, podcasts have captured a lot of people. Unlike blogs, podcasts are portable and more convenient. 

People can listen to podcasts while driving and doing household chores, making it time-efficient. 

The podcast also makes information more personal and engaging, thus attracting more listeners.

According to studies, Podcasting will become a billion-dollar industry this year.

E-marketers also estimate that the number of podcast listeners in the US will increase to 106.7 million. 

Successful companies such as Mcdonald’s, Sephora, Microsoft, and eBay have also incorporated podcasts in their brand messaging. 

A podcast effectively and efficiently connects with your customers as they go about their lives.

Increase your listeners and improve your podcast marketing with QR codes. 

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that allows you to store complicated data such as URLs.

With this code, you will be able to redirect the viewers to various content such as a website, social media profile, videos, and audio.

The contents of the QR code can be accessed by scanning the QR code using a QR code scanner on smartphones. 

These QR codes save your viewers from the hassle of typing and searching for your content online. 

Moreover, you can also create a QR code campaign using a QR code generator online.

QR codes as a podcast marketing tool   

QR codes have multiple functionalities which can be of great use, especially for marketing. These are some of its great features:

It can be displayed and scanned in any medium

One of the great features of QR codes is that they can be displayed on any printed and digital platform.

The information is stored in the QR code image, making the information accessible even when QR codes are integrated into any medium.

QR code for podcast marketing

Whether it’s magazines, product packaging, billboards, or your online platform, such as your social media accounts, if the QR codes are in the right condition and have the right size, they would still be scannable.

This feature not only connects your offline campaign to your online platforms but also widens your audience reach.  

Allows you to track the QR code data

One way to know that your marketing campaign is efficient is by tracking your campaign data. 

Dynamic QR codes allow you to track QR code podcast data such as the number of scans, the date and time when the scans were made, and the location of the scan.

Information that is of great help when it comes to your next marketing decisions and strategies.

How to get your Podcast URL before generating a Podcast URL QR code


Open up Apple iTunes – To get your podcast URL on iTunes, you first need to open iTunes on your MacBook or PC.

Enter the title of your podcast on the search bar – After opening your iTunes app. Search for your podcast title on the search bar located in the upper right corner of the iTunes interface.

Click your podcast series profile – Once you already found your podcast series, click your podcast series profile.

Click the arrow next to subscribe button – On your profile, you will see the tiny arrow next to the subscribe button.

Tap Copy link – After clicking the arrow, tap the copy link, and the link will be saved on your clipboard.


Open Spotify – To get your podcast URL on Spotify, you must first open the Spotify app.

Search the title of your podcast- After opening the Spotify app, search for your podcast series on the search bar.

Click your podcast series profile – When you find your podcast, click the podcast series profile.

Click the three dots next to the follow button – On your podcast profile, click the three dots next to the follow button.

Tap share – After clicking the three dots, tap share.

Tap copy show link- Lastly, tap the copy show link. The link will then be copied on your clipboard.

How to create a Podcast QR code

Use a QR code generator online and click the URL icon 

After opening a QR code generator software, click the URL icon located at the top of the QR code generator interface.

QR code generator

Paste the copied URL – Then, paste your copied URL on the URL bar. In this process, you can convert your podcast’s URL to a QR code podcast in just a single tap.

Generate and customize QR codes – You can now generate and customize your QR code. Select the color, pattern, and QR code eyes that match your brand.

You can also add a logo and a CTA or call to action tag.

Test QR code – Before downloading the QR code, make sure to test the readability and scannability of your QR code.

Download and deploy – After testing the readability of your QR code, you can now download and display the QR code in all your marketing campaigns. 

How to use QR codes for podcast marketing

As mentioned earlier, QR codes can be displayed and are scannable in any medium.

Connect your offline campaigns to your podcast series by displaying a podcast QR code on magazines and other printed campaigns, such as posters and billboards.

This way, people who see your printed campaigns will be instantly redirected to your podcast.

Display it on your company website and social media profiles

You can also display this QR on your website and social media platforms.

This way, your website visitors and your social media followers can easily find and follow your podcast series.

This means that you can seamlessly advertise your podcasts on your social sites as well, such as Facebook.

So, if you’re constantly sharing your podcast episodes on your Facebook page, your target listeners can easily get updated once they scan the QR code.

Display on your store

Not all people who know your store follow you on social media.

Let these customers know and follow your podcast series by displaying a podcast QR code on your store.

With this QR code, they no longer have to type in the URL of your podcast or search for it on Spotify or iTunes.

By scanning the QR code, they can instantly listen in just a few seconds.

Use QR codes for Podcast marketing with the best QR code generator online

To have efficient podcast marketing with QR codes, partner with the best QR code generator, such as QR TIGER. 

QR TIGER QR code generator is an efficient and user-friendly software that allows you to create various QR code solutions. 

It also enables you to customize your QR code for branding.

You can also track the QR code data, which will help your future marketing decision-making.

For more queries and information, visit the QR TIGER QR code generator today.

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