Last hoorah for Pride Month: An End of June Celebration

Update:  May 29, 2023
Last hoorah for Pride Month: An End of June Celebration

Pride Month Celebration is more than just wearing rainbow-colored shirts. 

Known as the Pride Festival, this event celebrates the voices, legal rights, and achievements of those part of the LGBTQ (if you’ve been living under a rock, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning). 

Pride Month Celebration commemorates the Stonewall riots in New York that occurred in June 1969, and the positive changes for the LGBT community that rippled after that. 

During the month of June, millions of people participate in many pride events and memorials. This is also a great way for cafes and restaurants to join the community and celebrate the true meaning of Pride Month. 

Let’s look into some of the creative and unique ideas to celebrate the most colorful month of the year and how you can show your support to the LGBTQ community.  

Pride Month Restaurant Ideas

Pride month is almost ending, but this doesn’t stop you from crafting restaurant ideas for the long holiday. 

You can offer customers  a one-of-a-kind experience in your restaurant by getting into the spirit of this month-long celebration, and giving them that safe space to be themselves when they dine in your restaurant or cafe.

Below are some pride month restaurant ideas you can incorporate to generate more sales and revenue. 

Rainbow-themed digital menu

rainbow-themed menuRainbow colors represent the LGBTQ community. Hence, you can make the celebration colorful by creating a rainbow-themed digital menu that matches the festival.

With MENU TIGER, you can customize your digital menu with the appropriate colors for background, text, buttons, and navigation that coincide with the rainbow theme. In addition, you may consider changing the fonts for every section of the menu to the colors and theme you will portray.

Pride Month flags displayed inside your Restaurant

A rainbow-colored flag celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ community. You can hang rainbow flags in and around the restaurant to make it more lively and on-theme. 

You can hang your flag in your desired style but typically fly horizontally with the red stripe on top, covering the entire restaurant wall, or you may feature a small flag.

There are many spots in your restaurant or cafe where you can hang or mount your rainbow flag. You can have them on the glass window, the wall outside your restaurant, near the entrance, or on the walls inside, wherever you prefer.

Pride Month Greetings on your restaurant website

pride-month greeting on websiteGet creative in crafting greetings at your restaurant website for this Pride Month Festival. Make it sound welcoming and friendly. 

For example, you can have your greetings go as simple as, “Wishing you a Happy Pride Month Celebration,” or let your LGBT staff come up with something more fun so it’s genuine and inviting.

Highlight rainbow-themed dishes on your website and QR code menu

rainbow-themed dishes on website and QR code menu

In addition, you can add another menu category for the Pride Month Restaurant Specials on your digital menu and place it on the first list of categories.

Increasing Customer Foot Traffic

Pride Month is a month-long celebration and it’s one of those perfect times of the year to attract more people to your door. The ideas below might help you reach your goal of increasing sales.

Host a charity event

pride month charity event

You can have a charity event, for instance, where you can also feature your special cupcakes topped with rainbow sprinkles or carefully-crafted cocktails. Don’t forget to emphasize in your promotion that a portion of the total proceeds will be donated to LGBT Community Center. 

You can also invite like-minded local small businesses to make your charity event more memorable. Find craft makers, small food vendors, and artists and invite them to take part in your event where they can display their products. 

For events like this, you can expect a number of people to visit your restaurant, so you need to optimize the kitchen operation. You can use MENU TIGER’s contactless ordering system with QR code for an efficient restaurant operation

Furthermore, you can redesign your digital menu highlighting your Pride month restaurant special and decide on other food and drinks to include in the menu appropriate to the event.

Send out newsletters and email campaign content

pride month newsletterSend out email campaigns to retarget customers and maximize your profit margins. With MENU TIGER, you can have a customer database for your email marketing campaigns. 

To encourage your guests to opt for your newsletters, you can share your website URL where they can subscribe to your email list. Your customers can find the sign-up form on a pop-up box, or the topmost section of your homepage.

Promotional QR codes in public places

pride month promotional QR codeYou can post promotional QR codes in public places where you are allowed to, like at bus stops, public squares, parks, or malls, for a better chance for them to scan the QR codes.

You can use QRTiger’s social media QR code to redirect customers to your social media pages and know more about your promo updates.

The good news is, all MENU TIGER subscribers can use a social media QR code for free.

With your promotional QR codes, it connects potential customers to your restaurant’s ongoing promotions in a convenient manner. Just a reminder, don’t forget to put a call-to-action to your QR codes to prompt everyone who sees it.

Post in social media accounts

On different social media platforms, you can post your announcements on the promotions that are going on at your restaurant.

You can use relevant hashtags on Twitter to increase more followers and reach potential customers. You can also post high-quality images on your Instagram with a catchy and short caption.

Ensure you post interesting and engaging content so people will read, like, and share the post. Make use of social media platforms to celebrate pride month.

How to create scheduled promotions using an interactive QR code menu

Here is a step-by-step guide to schedule promotions using an interactive QR code menu. 

1. On your admin panel, go to Website

promotion on websiteOn your admin panel, go to the Website section. Then, click on Promotions.

2. Click Add button

add buttonUnder Promotions, click the Add button in the upper right corner.

3. Fill in the Name

name of promotionUnder Add a Promotion, fill in the Name of the promotion

4. Fill in the Description

description of promotionFill in the Description of the promotion.

5. Add image 

pride month promotion image

6. Click Start displaying

date and time to start displaying promotion Set the date and time to schedule your promotion.

7. Click Stop displaying

date and time to stop displaying the promotionSelect the date and time to schedule when you will stop displaying the promotion.

8. Choose between Amount and Percentage

amount and percentageFor the Discount, choose between the Amount or Percentage. After choosing, you can then put the value. 

9. Fill in Applicable foods

applicable foodsOn Applicable foods, list the foods included in the promotion.

Advantages of an interactive menu with QR code during special holidays

MENU TIGER is compact with beneficial features for restaurants during busy holidays. The list below will give you relevant information on the advantages.

Easy menu optimization

Editing your digital menu and highlighting your best sellers allow you to focus on more important tasks like interacting with customers, or helping out your staff.

This allows for less confusion on what to order as the detailed menu description is already there.

You can tailor the menu with unique dishes and beverages that will fit the celebration. Menu editing is way easier with MENU TIGER. In case a dish gets sold out, you can just update it on your admin panel.

All changes will automatically reflect in real-time to the digital menu. It is more cost-efficient than reprinting a paperheld menu.

QR code ordering

rainbow-themed QR codeCustomers do not need to get up from their seats to take orders because they only need to scan the QR code on their tables to access the menu online.

With QR code ordering, you can increase your table turnover rate and allow you to cater to more customers simultaneously.

Provides a secure payment option

Your restaurant can be crowded with customers on this holiday. As a result, calculating cash payments coming together from different tables can be confusing. In this context, it can take time and is prone to human error. 

With MENU TIGER, customers may opt to pay online with their phone through secured and trusted payment platforms Paypal, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Sales and Revenue Analytics

sales and revenue analyticsThere can be a lot of guests in your restaurant this month-long Pride Month Celebration. It is essential to monitor your sales and revenues for the month to have an idea of the possible changes and innovations you can apply for future events.

Gladly, MENU TIGER features will help you track the best-selling items and the monthly revenues. How good is that? For reports, you can download them in SVG, PNG, or CSV format.

Generate tips upon checkout

Since many people are coming from different places, you can take this as a good chance where you can generate tips from them. 

MENU TIGER has features for tips where diners may opt to choose the amount of tips they will give, or they can easily enter the amount they want. This is one way to give your restaurant staff a reward for their hard work with the tips generated using the interactive menu restaurant QR code software. 

Manual menu translation

America is a melting pot of different cultures. And when opening a restaurant, it’s expected that you won’t just be catering to native English speakers. You and your staff no longer have to take a lot of time explaining the menu one by one.

With a digital menu, you can eliminate communication barriers between staff and customers speaking different languages. The customers can manually translate the menu, creating a welcoming and customer-friendly digital menu for everyone, regardless of their preferred language.

Has a notification sound for orders

June can be a busy month for kitchen workers with all the orders coming from different tables. Informing the kitchen staff with every order will prompt them to prepare another dish. 

Because it can be quite busy and loud in the kitchen, MENU TIGER allows you to choose notification sounds that would best work for you. You can try them to see which one is most effective for your kitchen’s operation. 

To choose a sound, click your Profile settings and go to Notification. It is enabled by default but you can opt to disable it. 

You can choose a sound from the drop down list and test which one you prefer. After choosing, click the name of the sound on the dropdown list and click Save.

Attract customers by scheduling promotions

buy 2 take 1  promotion of rainbow cupcakesYou can take advantage of the month-long celebration and run promotions to attract more diners. 

For example, in your digital menu, you may highlight the Buy 2 Take One promotion for your special rainbow cupcakes or Pride-themed specials during your downtime to encourage more customers to visit your cafe or restaurant.

Celebrate Pride Month with MENU TIGER  

The Pride Month Festival is almost over, but having a digital menu gives you a chance to draw in more customer traffic in your restaurant. This software will give customers the comfort they need and a great dining experience at your restaurant. 

You can run promotions, implement marketing strategies, track your sales for the month and provide a relaxed overall dining experience to the guest. Your customers can celebrate a memorable Pride Month with the advantages and features of MENU TIGER.

Sign up for a free trial to any paid subscription plan of MENU TIGER for 14 days today.  

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