Best QR Code Call To Action Examples: Boost Your Conversions

Update:  March 22, 2024
Best QR Code Call To Action Examples: Boost Your Conversions

Have you ever bought an item, availed of a promo, booked a reservation, or accessed links via QR codes?

You probably have. And it might be because you were compelled to do it after reading the short commanding messages that came with the QR codes — their CTAs.

The QR code call-to-action (CTA) is a marketing strategy that aims to draw customers’ attention to the code and urges them to scan it.

CTAs in digital marketing is one of the many effective ways to increase your conversion and click-through rates.

As a matter of fact, businesses saw an 80% improvement in their website performance and conversion rates after they optimized their call-to-action marketing.

Because of its commanding tone that motivates audiences, a call-to-action QR code can help you convert scanners into paying customers.

The role of call-to-actions in QR code-based marketing

WIndow store CTA QR code

Call-to-actions (CTA) are the commanding phrases usually found in advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Using specific and direct words, encourage or instructs the audience to take action with the button, link, or QR code that comes with them.

They usually consist of four words at most.

This conciseness allows you to create a sense of urgency that compels your target market to scan your QR codes.

Using QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online, you can customize the CTA QR code for your campaign.

And though you can use the famous “Scan Me” QR code frame as your call-to-action QR code, you can still opt for more captivating phrases for your QR code marketing.

Or try to integrate other types of CTAs into your QR code campaigns.

Example of QR code call to actions 

QR code with call to actions

Call to action QR code

QR code call to action

Call-to-actions for every QR code campaign

1. For social media platforms 

Give your QR code-powered social media marketing a little ‘oomph’ by adding a compelling call-to-action QR code.

This makes your social media QR codes more engaging and interactive as it effectively catches your market’s interest. This would result in a higher scan rate.

You can use CTAs like “Get in touch,” “Learn more,” “Scan to know more,” or “Scan to read the full article.”

2. For video advertisements

Movie poster QR code

Video ads are one of the strategies you can use to create buzz for your business.

In 2021, there are 60% of businesses reported that they use videos to promote their brands.

While 94% of marketers claimed to use videos as well continuously.

This is mainly because videos can easily inform and promote products and services in a faster, more visually-appealing way.

And to help you upgrade your video marketing initiatives, you can create a video QR code solution with an inviting call-to-action.

It’s an even better strategy. One that’ll set you apart from your competitors.

You can use a catchline such as “Watch here” or “See preview here.”And if you’re promoting movies and series, you can even use “Scan to see the trailer.”

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3. For brand sales and promos

You can also maximize your discount marketing efforts by integrating a QR code with a call-to-action.

With this, it’s now easier for your customers to spot your marketing material and avail of your promos in just a scan.

And you don’t even need to think of catchy phrases for your CTAs. You can use a simple “Discount!” in big, bold letters printed on your promotional material.

Or try using “Scan to get vouchers,” “Get your 20% off here,” or “Scan for our Summer Sale” on your QR codes.

Your CTAs in discount marketing highlight the idea that your customers are getting the best deals at lower prices. And a successful discount strategy means that you’re also boosting your shop’s sales.

4. For website redirection

Make it easier for your target audience to recognize your QR codes.

If you want to redirect them to your online reservation system, try adding “Save your seat” on your URL QR codes.

Or, if you’d like to gather feedback about your products or services, a simple “Rate us,” “Scan to give your feedback,” or “Share your thoughts” would look better with your URL QR code campaign.

And if you want to increase the number of your customers in your online shop, you can use “Grab yours here,” “Scan to shop,” or ”Add to wish list.” Once scanned, you can immediately redirect your audience to your e-commerce without hassle.

5. For file access and download

Using QR codes as a gateway to your PDF, presentation slides, spreadsheets, and other files is advantageous.

This digital tool allows you to add more details and content without taking up a large space or an additional page.

For authors and publishers, this is specifically beneficial.

You can add a “Download eBook here” or “Grab a copy now” on your QR codes to increase engagement.

QR codes for files provide users with convenience since they can easily access and download them anytime.

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6. For app downloads

One thing about mobile marketing is that it’s critical to gain as many users as possible and retain them.

Good for you it’s now easier to boost your mobile app’s downloads with QR code technology.

Simply embed your app’s link from any app marketplace into the App Stores QR code for a convenient redirection.

But the process doesn’t end there. Make sure that you put an enticing CTA on your QR code frame.

Adding CTAs such as “Get the app here” or “Scan to download” is a total game changer.

Not only are you helping your audience figure out what to do with your QR code, but you’re also securing that you’re getting a high number of installs from your app.

With this, you’re helping your audience figure out what to do with your QR code while also securing more downloads for your app.

7. For newsletter subscription

You can use QR codes to increase your mailing lists. With one quick scan, users can instantly sign up for your newsletter.

It’s not enough that you just display a random QR code without anything that says what it is for.

Include a QR code CTA and attract more subscribers to your newsletters.

You can employ “Sign me up” or “Sign up for the weekly newsletter” on your QR code frames.

8. For digital business cards

Digital business card QR code

You can now easily digitalize your business cards using the vCard QR code solution from QR TIGER.

A digital business card with a QR code allows you to store your contact details in a QR code and enable your connections to view and download them instantly.

To guarantee that users will take action with your QR code, add a CTA to its frame.

Put a compelling CTA such as “Scan to get connected,” “Give us a call,” or “Scan for contact details.”

9. For custom landing page redirection

If you’re skeptical about investing in your own website but want to have a customizable landing page for your promotions, then the H5 editor QR code is for you.

Using this tool, you can establish your HTML page without paying for a hosting domain.

The editor interface has the option to create landing pages with the drag-and-drop method. It also lets you use code.

Grab your customers’ attention using a CTA like “Scan for more information” to pull them in on your marketing campaign.

10. For Wi-Fi access

Business experts claim that free Wi-Fi access is one of the strongest assets of service-based businesses today.

Customers and clients prefer to stay longer in an establishment that offers free Internet.

And the longer they stay, the more they’ll spend on your products and services.

For instance, hotels that provide guests with Wi-Fi access can increase their revenue because clients tend to stay longer and pay for more services with the free offer.

And to maximize this strategy, generate a WiFi QR code solution using the best QR code generator for free.

You can optimize it with an engaging call-to-action like a simple “Free Wi-Fi” or “Scan for Free Wi-Fi.”

11. For non-profit activity registration

Non-profit organizations can also leverage creating a call-to-action QR code.

They can effectively promote their activities through QR codes to increase engagement and volunteers.

Social advocacy groups can generate a Google Form QR code and conveniently redirect interested participants or volunteers to an online registration form for their fundraising initiatives.

The catch? It’s cost-efficient. You can spend less (or none at all), but you’ll be able to maximize your promotional campaigns.

Remember to include a catchy phrase as your CTA, like “Register here” on your Google Form QR code.

How to create a QR code with a call-to-action

We have some great news for all digital marketers: you can now generate a QR code with a call-to-action for free using QR TIGER.

Even better, we don’t require you to undergo a tiring registration process to enjoy this free offer.

All you have to do is input your email address so we can give you a copy of your free QR codes.

Yup, it’s that secure.

You can customize your call-to-action QR codes however you want using our professional customization tools. You can even add your CTA or use the ones that we have on the templates.

Using QR TIGER’s software, you are guaranteed a smooth QR code generation process. And here’s how to do it:

1. Go to QR TIGER and select the QR code solution that you want to create

QR code generator

You can choose from 17 highly functional QR code solutions at QR TIGER.

If you want to create a free QR code, you can only use 9 static QR codes or 3 dynamic QR codes of your choice.

Remember that static QR codes do not expire and have unlimited scan features.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, run depending on your active subscription plan. This is your best bet if you want an editable and trackable QR code for your marketing campaign.

2. Embed the required data and generate your QR code

This is where you choose between static or dynamic QR codes.

For a free trial, you can try generating a static QR code.

But if you want to see the features of a Dynamic QR code, you can generate 3 QR code campaigns under our free trial.

3. Personalize your QR code using the customization tools

This is where you can modify the QR code’s appearance — its pattern, eyes, and colors. You can also add a frame and a call-to-action in your QR code.

You can create your CTA or use any of our templates.

4. Run a test scan using your smartphone to check for errors

5. Download your QR code image and deploy them on marketing materials

Brands and businesses with catchy QR code call-to-action marketing

Here are 3 QR code CTA examples that redefined the way people see brand marketing:

L’Oreal Paris’ virtual makeup try-on

Cosmetic brand L’Oreal Paris introduced a virtual makeup try-on with the help of QR codes.

Fans of the makeup brand can now try out foundations, blush ons, lipsticks, and more, even without going to L’Oreal’s physical stores.

They can scan the QR codes displayed on the marketing materials, which will immediately redirect them to an online platform where they can check out the best shade of cosmetics for them.

Emart’s Sunny sale marketing strategy

Korea’s Emart found a way to solve their business’ downtime using a QR code.

But not just any ordinary QR code campaign.

They launched the ‘Sunny Sale’ campaign, which used an outdoor shadow QR code that functions every 12 noon until 1 PM.

This means that the QR code is only scannable during lunch hour, which is also E-mart’s most inactive hour, boosting sales and customer engagement in the process.

Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Sexier than Skin’ campaign

Victoria’s Secret captured men’s and women’s interest when they released their Sexier than Skin QR code campaign.

The famous lingerie brand uses QR codes to cover newly released pieces — a clever way to tempt and ignite curiosity in their market.

They can view the lingerie piece by scanning the QR code cover displayed on billboards.

Generate your QR code with a call-to-action with QR TIGER now

According to recent QR code usage statistics, there has been a 443% increase in QR code scans for the first quarter of the year.

By adding CTAs to your QR codes, you can guarantee an increase in your conversion rates and engagements as well.

Good thing that with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator with a user-friendly interface, you can easily add and customize your call-to-action QR code for an optimized campaign.

We have one of the most advanced QR code features, a comprehensive QR code customization set of tools, smart plans, and pricing to help you with your marketing.

Brands using QR codes

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