How to create a dynamic URL QR code to track and edit your QR

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

Dynamic URL QR code has the ability to be redirected to another URL even though it has been printed or deployed. Moreover the QR codes scans can be tracked.

Using a dynamic URL QR code for your marketing a campaign is an excellent way to make various redirections of your campaign using the same QR code. 

Using a URL QR code in a dynamic form, you can redirect your target audience to different landing pages at any time of the day when they scan your QR code.

But how does it work? Let’s find out!

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How to make a dynamic URL QR code

  • Click on the URL QR code category and paste your URL
  • Switch from static to dynamic
  • Click generate QR code
  • Customize
  • Scan test
  • Download and deploy

How does generating a URL to a dynamic QR code work?

When you convert your URL into a QR code using a QR code generator online, you can create a URL QR code image that redirects your scanners to the landing page that you have embedded in your QR once they scan it on their smartphone device. 

This could be a website, webpage or any landing page that you are trying to promote. It will automatically open the link for your target audience without having to type the URL manually.  

To scan the QR code, users need to point their smartphone camera towards the QR code and wait for 2-3 seconds to open the URL that links to it.

If your camera can’t detect QR codes, you can also download QR code scanners.

What is the difference between a static URL QR code and a dynamic URL QR

A URL QR code is just one of the many QR code types of solutions a QR code generator provides. Once you generate a certain QR code solution, there can only be two types of it and it’s either a: static or dynamic QR code.

Static URL QR code embeds a permanent URL or data that you cannot change and does not allow you to track your URL QR scans.

Meanwhile, when you generate your URL QR code solution in a Dynamic form or a dynamic URL QR code, you can edit your dynamic URL QR code to another URL and even track your QR scans.

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Editing your dynamic URL QR code to another URL 

QR codes are known as a multi-channel marketing tool as it allows you to edit your URL to another URL even though it has been printed or displayed online.

Therefore, you can conduct different types of campaigns using 1 QR code just by updating it to a different material.

With that being said, if you’re using and printing QR codes for your offline campaign materials, you can save money from all the printing costs without having to generate another QR code for your dynamic URL QR code, in case you need to retarget your audience to a different campaign.

To edit your URL to another URL, just click on the track data button, click the URL category, click the edit data button, replace your URL and then save your data.

Once updated, this will automatically redirect your scanner to the new landing page you have provided.

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Tracking the scans of your dynamic URL QR code

When you generate your URL QR code into a dynamic QR code, you can also track your QR code scans in real-time.

This allows you to gauge the success of your marketing campaign and adjust your QR marketing strategy if needed.

QR code analytics reveal data such as the time when you get the most scans of your campaign, the location where you get the most scans, and the device used by your scanners to scan your URL dynamic QR code.

You can also view these data analytics in real-time.

Generating URL QR code in bulk

If you have many unique URLs and you need to generate them in bulk or you need to create multiple URL QR codes in one go, you should use a Bulk URL QR code solution.

A Bulk URL solution allows you to create multiple unique QR codes for a URL at one time without having to generate them individually making them handy to use. 

Why use dynamic URL QR code

Multichannel marketing in one QR code

As what we have mentioned, dynamic URL QR allows you to have multiple campaign in one QR by its ability to be edited within the same QR code.

So for example, if you have an online shop, today you can redirect your scanners to your website and the next day you can edit your QR code and replace your URL to your sales page.

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Dual platform marketing in both online and offline campaign

Your dynamic URL QR code is both scannable in print and when displayed in online marketing, allowing you to do a dual marketing platform marketing campaign.

Editing and tracking of QR codes

As what we have mentioned, dynamic QR codes are editable and trackable in nature, making them ideal to use in the long term for marketing, business, and advertisement.

Customization of QR

You can customize your QR code and add your brand logo to make it more branded and professional-looking. A customized QR code, attract 80% more scans!

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Best practices when generating your dynamic URL QR code

Do not invert your dynamic URL QR code color

Although you can customize your QR code according to your brand and purpose, it is very important to remember not to make your QR codes inverted in color.

Otherwise, QR code scanners will have a hard time detecting your QR code. Always make sure that the foreground color of your dynamic URL QR code is darker than the background.

Moreover, observing the right color contrast in your QR code is important. Do away from using pastel colors such as light yellow.

Put a call to action

It is very important to put a call to action in your URL QR code, otherwise, how will your scanners know what they are supposed to do with your QR code marketing campaign?

It is a crucial element to add a CTA in your QR code such as “scan to get discount” or “scan to shop.” This will make your scanners take action and scan your QR code.

Observe the right size

From what point or distance your scanners will be scanning your QR? Do you plan to attach your QR code to your product packaging? Larger posters or billboards?

Depending on your QR marketing goal, always adjust the size of your QR code based on the scanning environment.

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Uses of Dynamic URL QR codes

Redirect them to your online shop or online restaurants 

In your product tags, flyers, magazines, and even posters, you can attach your URL QR code and redirect your customers to your online shop or order in your online restaurant for delivery or pick up.

In this way, it makes it easier for your customers to purchase goods online just by scanning the QR code.

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Lead them to your business review page

Business review impacts sales and it helps you understand the needs and demands of your customers. Moreover, online reviews also help you rank on the search engine results page.

If you have a yelp review page on Yelp, Facebook business review, Google business review, or anywhere else, you can generate a URL QR code for your review page link.

You can also use a URL shortener to shorten your link and convert it into a QR code.

Encourage people to like, follow and subscribe on your social media

Any business without an online presence is good as dead! If you want to boost your business presence online, generating a QR code that redirects to your social media platform is an excellent way to maximize your followers, likes, and subscribers. 

You can put a call to action in your QR code that says “scan me” or “follow our store for updates”

Or better yet, you can also generate a social media QR code that links all of your social media in a scan! Therefore, you can grow all of your social media platforms together!

Boost your website traffic

If you own a business website for your products, services, or shops, using a URL QR code is the most effortless way to drive traffic to your site and let your business be known to people and promote your website!

For your consumer-packaged goods

To make your packaging more valuable for your consumers, you can attach a QR code and redirect them to a blog post that has all the information about your product.

Furthermore, you can also include recipes that they can do out of the goods that they have purchased. Not only were you able to give them valuable information, but you can also promote your website!

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How to change the URL in a dynamic QR code?

To change the URL in a dynamic QR code, click on the track data button, select the URL QR code, choose the campaign,  and click on the “edit button.”

Related terms

QR code that redirects to the website

A QR code that redirects to a website is called a URL QR code solution.

Free multiple URL QR code generator

To generate multiple URL QR code within the same QR,  you can generate a Multi URL QR where you can add multiple URLs within the same QR code.

Editable QR code

The type of QR codes that are editable is also called dynamic QR codes. When you generate your QR solution in a dynamic QR, you can edit the information of your QR code to another information and track your QR scans.