QR Code Expiry Feature: Give Limited-Time Offers to Customers

By:  Christine
Update:  August 17, 2023
 QR Code Expiry Feature: Give Limited-Time Offers to Customers

QR codes have existed for a while now.

Although retailers practiced a little longer to see its actual benefit, most businesses worldwide now extensively use merchandise promotion based on QR codes.

With such a massive increase in smartphone users worldwide, marketers should optimize their marketing tactics, acknowledging the QR codes.

By integrating a QR code into the list, businesses will grow closer to it. 

The most reliable way to utilize QR codes is by offering QR code discounts in a marketer’s eCommerce business.

What are Discount QR Codes?

Discount QR code

A Discount QR code is a QR code that drives digital coupons for customers to redeem the discounts offered.

Whether you are managing a cafe, striving to gain more patrons in a gym, or initiating a new shop, discount QR code marketing can be a helpful tool to get new clients and entice existing ones.

Generally, discount codes are printed on marketing materials, but it’s not easy to memorize them, or it’s up to clients if they will use them.

With QR codes, there are several efficient ways to provide coupons.

Using a banner, flyer, or other print media for a discount QR code contains all the information like your store’s situation, the link to a website, and the discount code.

QR codes boost the chances of a customer redeeming the discount code and increasing your sales.

Why Use QR Codes for Discounts?

QR codes for discounts allow your customers to purchase your store’s discounted offers by just scanning the QR code.

Customers no longer need to look for vouchers. All they need is your store QR code that gives discounts.

Isn’t that a great way to get your customers to keep coming back to your store? But how are you going to do that?

If you are still unsatisfied, a discount QR code helps you increase your store sales.

Discount QR Code with the Expiry Feature

The expiry feature applies only to three Dynamic QR Code solutions.


If you want your clients to quickly redeem their discount online when scanning the QR code to a URL, it is best to use a URL QR code.

File QR Code

If you want your clients to download and print a discount card, uploading a discount file into a QR code is an excellent way.

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Landing page QR code 

If you want to work for a mini-program for your clients and you need to set up a quick landing page before they can redeem the discount card, using the landing page QR solution is the best.

How to create a Discount QR code

  • Open QR TIGER QR Code Generator with Logo.

Firstly, you need an online QR Code Generator like QR TIGER.

QR TIGER  is a practical QR code generator with an ad-free user interface that enables people to create their QR codes without obstructions.

This QR code generator has essential parts that a user must look at when partnering with; its plausibility to create legit QR codes and various alternatives. 

  • Select the QR Code Solution you want to use on your Discount QR Code

After opening the QR code generator, select a QR code solution you want to use.

To generate your QR code, fill in the required fields.

  • Click on Dynamic QR Code and generate the QR Code.

After you have selected the proper QR code classification for your discount cards, you can create your QR code. 

We suggest finishing it as a dynamic QR code for more safety and increased QR code usage.

  • Customize your QR code design by choosing patterns and eyes, adding a logo, and setting colors.
  • Scan a test to make sure it works properly, then download.

How to Set up the QR Code’s Expiry

After generating the QR Code, the user can set its expiration for a limited-time offer discount.

There are two ways to create a limited-time offer discount with the expiry feature. You can use either the number of scans’ expiry type or the expiration date type.

Number of Scans

This type of expiration allows the user to set the number of scans before it expires.

For example, a marketer wants to give discounts to 50 people who scan the QR Code. After 50 scans, the discount QR Code expires automatically.

How to Set the Number of Scans

QR code expiry

After creating the QR Code, click on the “Track Data” located on the top part of the page.

Then look for the clock icon, choose “Scans,” input the number of scans, then save.

Expiration Date

Using the expiration date option of the expiry feature of QR Codes enables the user to give a discount to as many people as long as a discount QR Code hasn’t expired yet.

The user can set an expiration date for the discount QR Code.

How to Set the Expiration Date

QR code expiry date

Click on “Track Data” on the top part of the page.

Look for the clock icon, select “Date,” then enter your desired expiry date.

Use Cases of Discount QR Codes

Giving discounts is one way for clients to save money when buying something. Listed below are the discount QR code use cases.

Limited-Time Discount

This type of discount is one of the most well-known ones. Some of the discounts have a day up to 1-week efficacy.

QR codes can help businesses boost sales by letting time-limited deals secure their customers.

Restaurants and Bars

Aside from the delightful foods customers enjoy when dining, they also prefer to eat at a certain percentage of their love. Because of that, restaurants and bars offer discount QR codes for their loyal diners.

An excellent way to thank loyal restaurant diners is to give them a loyalty card QR code with discounts and special promos. 

Retail Shops

Limited time discount

People prefer to buy at a shop that gives freebies and discounts for them.

To improve the retail and large-scale stores’ product sales, placing freebies or deals for every item they purchase at a particular number is one way to put up.

By putting discount QR codes in their products, they can allow their buyers to hunt for the best deals at their shop.

Consumer Goods

Marketers made discount cards to deliver discounts to buyers in purchasing essential consumer goods. As technology advances, marketers add discount QR codes to their paper packages to scan and redeem.

Because of this technological innovation, several consumable brands can sell their products fast and quickly.

Advantages of Using Discount QR Codes

Optimized for Smartphone Use

Developers optimize discount QR codes for mobile use.

As most consumers own a smartphone, using a discount QR code is great for them to use and redeem.

Supports Dual-Platform Marketing

QR codes can link two powerful marketing platforms, printed and digitalized.

With QR codes in their selling promos, marketers can enlarge their business to digital media.


Unlike physical discount cards, generating a QR code for it costs less.

It can help you save enough funds for your next launch. Creating one for your sale is excellent.

Editable and Trackable

Discount QR codes are excellent for businesses because they are editable, trackable, and measurable. As measuring the performance of the sales made is significant, QR codes are great to use.

You can quickly track your QR code with dynamic QR codes and know which area takes the most scans.

Discount QR codes – digitizing discount cards using QR codes

Since the discounting arrangement has turned towards the digital world, QR codes have become one of the businesses’ ways to make their discount cards.

Because of its usefulness, they can give a new way to share their gratitude with their customers.

With the help of the QR TIGER QR code generator, online businesses can digitize their discount cards and start a new way to redeem their surprises.

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