How to Create a QR Code for Google Drive Folder

Update:  May 04, 2024
How to Create a QR Code for Google Drive Folder

You can now instantly lead people to your Google Drive using a QR code. By linking a QR code to Google Drive, resource-sharing from online storage is super easy and convenient.

A QR code for the Google Drive folder lets you access a digital folder by simply scanning the QR code with your smartphone device.

A cloud storage service like Google Drive lets you store backup copies of your files in a safe, off-site location.

Small businesses and professionals using Google Drive as their file storage can benefit the most from QR codes.

It’s useful for sharing a whole folder, like a set of marketing tools, free templates, or a single Google Drive file. With QR code technology, you can convert the Google Drive shareable link into a QR code for effortless access to the folder.

Learn the crucial role of a reliable Google Drive QR code generator in transforming digital folder-sharing and how you can create one for seamless workflow.

How to create QR code for Google Drive folder using the best QR code generator for free

With constant technological advancement, you can now easily link your own QR code to Google Drive and create a fully-customized QR code for your digital folder with a logo. Using QR TIGER, you can also unlock advanced QR code features.

Here's how you can make a custom QR code for your Google Drive folder in 7 easy steps:

  • Copy the shareable link of your Google Drive folder.
  • Go to a Google Drive QR code generator like QR TIGER and select the URL QR code solution.
  • Paste the Google Drive folder link into the empty field.
  • Select between Static QR or Dynamic QR. Choose Dynamic QR code so you can edit and track your QR code anytime.
  • Click Generate QR code.
  • Make your QR code unique using the customization tool.
  • Make sure the QR code directs to your Google Drive folder by scanning it. Once all is set, click Download.

Why use a dynamic QR code file sharing for Google Drive?

The limited functionality of static QR codes can make them less than ideal, even though it won’t cost you money.

Dynamic QR codes, however, have advantages, but you need to avail of a subscription to unlock its features.

A dynamic QR code is the best choice over a static one because the information entered by the user can be changed even after the QR code has been printed.

Users can also keep track of the number of scans, where the scanners are, and what kind they are.

The benefits when you create QR code for Google Drive folder are as follows:

Edit the URL

Google drive QR code

Linking a dynamic QR code to Google Drive is much more advantageous, especially in the long run. Dynamic QR lets you edit and replace the stored Google Drive link whenever you want.

Editing and updating the Google Drive folder embedded in the QR code will be hassle-free.

This way, users can save time, resources, and energy by not having to generate and print unique QR codes for each content they wish to distribute.

Password protection

Password protect QR code

Did you know that you can add passwords to dynamic QR codes?

Upon scanning a password-protected QR code for your Google Drive folder, users must enter the correct password before proceeding to the folder.

This can help limit access to certain folders, especially those containing confidential or sensitive data.

This feature is highly useful in workplaces and offices.

Expiry feature

Suppose you want to use a Google Drive folder QR code for a limited time. You can’t do this with static QR codes since they’re permanent, but this is possible with dynamic ones.

You can set dynamic QR codes to expire after a specific date or after accumulating a particular number of scans.

Scan notifications via email

Users can opt to receive emails on the scans of their dynamic QR codes. They can also choose the notification frequency — hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

How to generate bulk URL QR codes for Google Drive folders

QR code to google drive

To download this template for bulk URL conversion, take the file to the most advanced QR code generator with a logo to have it converted.

To use QR TIGER’s bulk generator feature, you must have an Advanced or Premium plan, and because it’s easy to use, you will have your money’s worth.

But with the help of a bulk QR code generator, you can create multiple unique QR codes at once.

This innovation can help save time and effort.

You can follow this guide to make a QR code for Google Drive in bulk once you subscribe to any of those plans:

  • Go to the QR TIGER homepage and click Bulk QR code
  • Select and download the template for URL.
  • Open the CSV file and add the necessary information.
  • Once all done, upload the CSV file containing all the information.
  • Choose Static QR or Dynamic QR.
  • Click Generate QR code.
  • Customize your QR code according to your preferences.
  • Select a print output format.
  • Download your bulk Google Drive folder QR code.

Ways to use a QR for a Google Drive folder

Workplace file sharing

Google drive folder QR code

You can make it more accessible by integrating QR codes for each folder in Google Drive for employees to scan.

This enables your team to make changes as needed while preventing the document from accidentally being changed by someone outside your company.

Easy access to digital learning resources

Google Drive is important in learning institutions because it lets you store files of all shapes and sizes; this way, students can share their homework and digital projects with others and save them directly to a Google Drive folder using QR codes.

Entry submissions in competitions

Furthermore, with the help of Google Drive QR codes, you can avoid the hassle of submitting competition pieces on-site.

Photography and videography services

Google drive QR code for photos

Google Drive can be useful for photographers and videographers in their line of work due to its flexibility in sharing different document formats.

They can use Google Drive QR code’s massive processing power to direct to the folder quickly and easily share their outputs, and even clients who don’t have Google Drive accounts can access the file when they scan the QR code and get redirected to the webpage.

Centralized folder for webinar e-certificates

And since a Google Drive folder is accessible via various devices, participants can access it and locate their certificates by scanning a QR code.

It's the most convenient way to access resources. Once they scan the folder QR code, they can instantly access and download their e-certificates on their device.

Why is it important to share a Google Drive QR code file folder path

When you share a Google Drive folder’s QR code, the person who gets it has the same access as when they click the link, and before creating a QR code, you must determine how it is shared and limit who can make copies or changes to your document after scanning the QR code.

To change these settings, open Google Drive, go to the folder you want to share, and then click the Share icon on the upper right portion of the web page.

The folder can be viewed as a web page even if the user does not have the Google Drive app.

Creating QR codes for other Google Workspaces

In addition to Google Drive, users can access the full suite of Google Workspaces, which includes a wide variety of document, spreadsheet, presentation, and form-creation tools.

You can also create a QR code out of these by copying the link and pasting it into a QR code generator.

Understanding how to make a QR code for a Google Form or any other document created in a Google Workspace will make sharing with coworkers a breeze.

Create QR codes automatically when you upload a new folder to Google Drive

Did you know that a QR Code is automatically made whenever you add a new video file to Google Drive?

You don’t have to go back to the control panel.

Automation is used in the business of nearly 65% of Americans with a side hustle, with nearly 48% using it for half or more of their business processes and 14% using it for all of them.

An automation platform links your work apps together and automates tasks that you repeatedly do.

It makes your work easier by connecting your apps and moving information between them based on the rules you set.

To achieve this, connect QR TIGER and Google Drive using Zapier.

  • Go to the Zapier website
  • Search for QR TIGER QR code generator
  • Connect QR TIGER with Zapier
  • Create a zap
  • Find an app you can use as your trigger event.
  • Set up a QR TIGER QR code generator to act as one of your middlemen and make a QR code for you.

You can put information about where you want people to go after they scan your QR code inside that code. You must make an account, link it, and fill out the necessary information.

  • Send an outbound email, along with a QR code you created that, when scanned, directs users to Google Drive.
  • Depending on your process, you can add other actions that may help automate the workflow the way you want.

Use the best QR code generator online to create a QR code for your Google Drive folder

QR codes for Google Drive are essential for folder sharing and editing.

You can access your files and make changes to them at any time by scanning the QR code.

Google Drive is a powerful tool for storing files, and you can get the most out of it by adding a QR code to the Google Drive folder, which will make the experience seamless.

You can use the QR TIGER QR code generator to create and customize your QR code to track and edit embedded data with confidence in its quality and efficiency.

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