How to create a password-protected QR code

Last updated:   November 24, 2021

The QR technology offers a convenient way to share content, but how can you regulate and restrict access to the confidential contents of your QR code? If you want to share a confidential report or just want to regulate people who can access your QR code, the password-protected QR code is the best option for you.

QR technology in our daily lives

We are now in a digital age, and a lot of innovative technologies are now invented that enable people to work more efficiently and conveniently.

One of the great technologies that were invented and are widely used today is the QR (quick response) technology.

Quick response code or QR code was created back in 1994 by Masahiro Hara, an employee from the Japanese company Denso Wave.


These QR codes were initially used to replace the traditional barcodes in tracking manufactured car parts with a fast-reading code.

QR codes nowadays are used in a much larger context. They are used in tracking commercial products, marketing campaigns, and other convenience-oriented processes that target smartphone users.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that store complex data. Unlike the traditional barcodes that can only store and display alphanumeric data, QR codes can display a website, file, or social media accounts.

These QR codes are now used in cashless payments, easy access menus, for a more engaging marketing campaign, and many more. With these QR code features, we can truly say that QR codes have limitless potential.

The content that is stored in the QR code can be accessed by just scanning these QR codes using smartphones. Making the QR code content and the information easily accessible by all.

But how about the content and information that you only want to share with specific people? How can you limit the accessibility of the QR code and allow specific people to access the QR code content?

You can regulate your QR code viewers and allow only your target viewers to access your QR code by integrating a password on your QR code.

What is a password-protected QR code and how does it work?

Password-protected QR codes are QR codes in which the content or information stored in the QR code can only be accessed and viewed after the scanners entered the right password.


When people scan a password-protected QR code, they will be redirected first to a webpage where they have to enter the password of the QR code.

After submitting the password, the scanners will be able to access and view the content stored on the QR code.

The password feature can also be disabled allowing a larger audience to access the QR code content whenever you want.

Why do you need a password-protected QR code?

Password-protected QR code allows you to display a QR code in a public area while being able to regulate and restrict other scanners except for the authorized ones.

You can share your QR code password with those people whom you want to share the content with, making them the only ones who can access and view the content of your QR code.

This QR code is great for sharing confidential documents or exclusive content.

How to use a password-protected QR code

Share confidential documents

 Do you want to submit and share an analysis report for your company, but you are afraid that the data and other information may leak out?


Handing a physical report personally or sending these reports through email may not be safe enough.

Failure to protect and secure the confidentiality of these reports may allow competitors to misuse the report’s information that will eventually cause you to lose clients or business.

Share these reports and other important documents using a password-protected QR code.

With a password-protected QR code, even if other people may have scanned the QR code they will not be able to see the information that is embedded in the QR code.

The information on your documents will only be accessed by the people with whom you shared the QR code password.

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Regulate the contest participants

Do you want to run a contest for your patrons using QR codes? Conducting a contest using QR codes is easy and convenient.


But these QR codes are easily accessible using smartphones, making them available for everyone who sees and scans the QR code. Therefore, how can you regulate the participants in your contest?

If you want to run a regulated participant contest using QR codes, the QR code content must only be shared with specific people. To do this, you can protect the QR code content with a password.

You can then share the password with specific people.

For example, if you want that only the customers who buy more than $50 worth of purchase can participate in your contest, you can create a password-protected QR code.

You can then give the QR code password to those customers who purchase more than $50 worth of items. This way only your target customers can access the content of your QR code and participate in your contest.

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Paid and exclusive access to contents

There are fans who are willing to pay for exclusive content.  But sending the paying supporters your exclusive contents individually can be tiring and time-consuming.

You can overcome this tiring process with a password-protected QR code. You can display a password-protected QR code that contains your exclusive content on your social media platforms.

Then share with the patron the QR code password after they paid. This way only paying patrons can easily access your content even if the QR code is displayed publicly.

To protect that data on inventory tags

One of the things that are often used in inventory management is QR codes. These QR codes are durable and can hold more information than barcodes. 

QR codes are also fast reading codes and scannable using mobile phones therefore you do not need to buy expensive scanner devices.

For a faster inventory process, inventory tags need to be affixed where they can be easily scanned and checked by the clerk. Meaning these tags can also be seen and scanned by others.

You can make that data and information in your QR code inventory tags inaccessible to others by using a password-protected QR code.

With this QR code, only the clerk who knows the password can access the data that is on the inventory tag.

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Pre-release of marketing materials

Marketing campaigns especially the campaigns that are on printed material need to be deployed ahead of time. But what if the content on the QR code that is on the material is not supposed to be made public yet. 

How can you prevent people to access the information on the QR code?

You can restrict people from accessing the QR code content or website by enabling the password feature in your QR code. You can then disable this feature when the QR code content is ready for public release.

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Beta access to mobile games


If you are a game developer who wants to pitch a mobile game to a company, you can also use these QR codes to conduct a sample game test after your presentation.

Print a password-protected QR code on your printed presentation materials.

After your presentation reveals the QR code password to the people that are present at the event and let them have beta access to your mobile game.

This way people can only access the beta version of the game after your presentation.

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Treasure hunting activity in public places


A fun way to conduct a treasure hunting activity is by using QR codes.

These QR codes allow you to store various information making it a good tool for giving hints.

They can also access using mobile phones making them convenient to use. But how can you regulate the people who can access the QR code?

You can use a password-protected QR code to restrict nonparticipants to access the hints that are on the QR code.

How to create a QR code with a password? 

To make a password-protected QR code you need to do two things. First, you need to generate a QR code then enable the password feature on the QR code.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a password-protected QR code.

Generate a QR code

 Generate your QR code by following these steps.

  • Visit QRTiger QR code generator website
  • Choose the QR code solution that you want to generate
  • Fill in the needed information and content for your QR code
  • Generate and customize the QR code
  • Test the QR code scannability
  • Download and display the QR code

Enable the password feature on generated QR code

Enable the password feature in your generated QR code and protect the content of your QR code by following these steps

  • Log in to your QR code generator account – In order to enable the password feature of your generated QR code, the first thing that you need to do is log in to your QR code generator account.
  • Click ‘Track data’ – After logging in to your QR code generator account, click ‘Track data’ that is located on the top of the software webpage. This will then lead you to a webpage that stores your generated dynamic QR code.
  • Select the QR code solution – On the left side of the Track data page, you will see the QR code solutions categories. Click the category of the QR code that you want to put a password on. The QR code solutions in which you can activate the password are the URL or website QR code, file QR code, and H5 QR code.
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  • Find the QR code image – On the page you will see all your generated QR code for that solution, find the specific code image in which you want to activate the password feature.
  • Tap the Lock Icon – Beside the image of the QR code you want to input the password, there is a lock icon. Click the lock icon. This icon will prompt you to a field that allows you to enable the password for that QR code.
  • Uncheck the disabled password box – After you click the lock icon, click the disable your password box to uncheck and activate the password.
  • Set your desired password – When you already uncheck the box, you can now set your desired password for your QR code.
  • Click save – After setting the password, you can now finally click ‘save’ to complete the password activation process.

Free password protected QR code generator 

To generate a QR code with a password for free, you can try to avail QRTiger's free trial version of the dynamic QR code to enable the QR code with a password feature. 

Protect your QR code content using a password-protected QR code

QR Technology offers a lot of innovative ways to conveniently share information.

The information embedded on the QR code can be easily viewed by just scanning the QR code using smartphones, making it easily accessible to all.

But what if you want to share the QR code content with selected people, how can you protect the information on the QR code and prevent other people to see it?

QRTiger QR code generator has incorporated a password feature on your generated QR code.

With this feature, you will be able to share the contents of your QR code with authorized people without worrying about others being able to access the content.


What QR code contents or QR code solutions can restrict by using a password?

The QR code password feature can only be activated on a QR code that redirects to a website (URL QR) code, a QR code that redirects to an H5 webpage (H5 QR code), and a QR code that contains files such as pdf, audio, videos, and images (File QR code).

Is the password feature on QR code available for free?

No, only the advanced and premium users can integrate a password on their generated QR code.

Can I put a password on a Static QR code?

The password feature can only be integrated on Dynamic QR codes. Dynamic QR codes also have features that allow you to track your QR code data and allows you to edit the contents of your QR code.

Can I integrate a password on QR codes that were already printed and displayed?

If you are an advanced or a premium user and if the QR code is a URL, File, or H5 QR code, you will be able to activate and set a password for your printed QR codes.

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