7-Step Guide to Create and Add a QR Code on Lamp Posts

Update:  October 12, 2023
7-Step Guide to Create and Add a QR Code on Lamp Posts

Adding a QR code on a lamp post gives this outdoor light source a digital dimension. This tech tool serves as a portal to various information, creating a new interactive experience for people.

This modern approach reveals how versatile QR codes are. Now that they’ve become more advanced, their application goes beyond identification and inventory tracking. 

Business owners can do this to promote their products and services. Local authorities can use it to guide locals and visitors to key points in town. Organizations can raise awareness of certain causes through this tech tool.

People only have to scan the QR code with their smartphone to access its embedded information—it’s that quick and easy.

At the end of this article, you’ll learn how to create a custom QR code using a QR code generator and add it to lamp posts. We’ll also explore seven creative ways to use them to make light posts interactive.

7 steps to create and add a QR code on a lamp post

1. Log in to QR TIGER and select a QR code solution.

2. Add all the required information.

3. Choose between Static QR or Dynamic QR. Then click Generate QR code.

4. Customize the QR code. Choose eyes, patterns, frames, and colors, and add a logo.

5. Scan the QR code to test it out. Click Download once done.

6. Print your custom QR code on a sticker or any printable material.

7. Simply place or stick the QR code to the lamp post bar or signage material attached to the lamp post.

Bonus: Pro tips on adding QR codes to lamp posts

Lamp post QR code tips
Adding QR codes to light posts is as easy as pie. But there are essential things you should consider before doing so to make them effective. Keep these in mind:

Provide purposeful content

Ensure your QR code serves a clear purpose and directs scanners to something valuable. It could be a website, event details, or contact information that people can use.

Use a reliable QR code generator

This one’s a non-negotiable. Choose a reliable QR code platform to create only high-quality customized QR codes. This way, they’re easier to scan, especially when you put them outdoors on lamp posts.

Another reason is to guarantee that your QR codes have trusty error correction that works. With this feature, your QR codes will remain scannable even with scratches or tearing.

Choose a strategic placement

First, you must look for lamp posts in places where many people will pass or walk by.

Then, select a spot on the lamp post where you’ll attach the QR code sticker or sign. It should be easy for people to reach without straining, and they should see it clearly from a distance.

Make sure your QR code is big enough

People won’t easily notice your QR code if it’s too small, and even if they do, its size may make it hard to scan. You must make your QR codes as huge as possible.

It’s a good thing QR TIGER lets you download your QR codes in SVG or scalable vector graphics format. This allows you to stretch your QR code without affecting its quality.

Use weatherproof materials

Lamp posts are exposed to all kinds of weather. That’s why it’s crucial to use weatherproof materials to stay high-quality, whatever the weather may bring—whether sunshine, rain, or even hail.

Waterproof stickers or laminated signs will help your QR code stay in good condition despite being placed on a lamp post address sign or bar.

Add clear instructions

Lamp post QR code cta
One essential element to include in your QR code is a call-to-action like a simple “Scan Me.” This gives a clear direction to people on how the QR code works or what they’ll find once they scan it.

Keep things fresh

Use dynamic QR codes to always provide up-to-date content or information in your QR code on lamp posts.

A dynamic QR code is an advanced QR type with advanced features like editability. With this feature, you can change or edit the stored information anytime; no need to create or print a new one.

Run a QR code test scan first

You must run a test scan on your QR codes before sticking them onto lamp posts to guarantee that they work. And once you’ve placed them, you must regularly check them now and then.

This lets you check whether they work or lead to the right information or target page. And if you see a code that doesn’t work anymore, replace it immediately to keep it working as intended.

7 ways to make lamp posts interactive with QR TIGER QR Code Generator solutions

1. Share historical information

QR code on lamp post
Attach QR codes to offer a glimpse into the past. You can use the landing page QR code, a dynamic solution that lets you create a custom mobile-optimized page with multimedia content.

Fill the page with informational media, such as photos and videos explaining the area’s historical importance.

By scanning these codes, people can access fascinating insights into the region’s heritage and learn about its significant events, figures, and developments.

2. Promote your business

Light pole QR codes can create opportunities for business owners to promote their products and services. These codes can store engaging campaigns, special discounts, and other promotions.

You can explore various QR code types to use for your promotions.

The landing page QR code lets you create a custom webpage to showcase your brand and offerings without a domain or a website builder. You can add videos and images to make it more engaging.

Another to consider is the multi URL QR code. It can store multiple links and redirect scanners to different pages or data. This advanced solution allows you to run various campaigns using one QR code.

It can redirect people to different promos or offers depending on the time they scanned the code. You can also have one multi URL QR code that leads to various links depending on the scanner’s location.

3. Give instant access to emergency contacts

Lamp post QR code

Using QR codes, emergency information is much easier to access. This initiative ensures that residents and visitors are well-prepared to respond to unexpected situations.

These QR codes can be invaluable during emergencies. It can provide instant access to emergency hotlines. People only have to scan the code and tap the contact details, and they can immediately call for help.

With a vCard QR code, scanners can instantly access, save, and reach out to the local rescue teams, nearby hospitals or clinics, and police stations.

4. Provide guides to key locations

QR TIGER QR Code Generator offers a location QR code solution that can store the exact location of a place or establishment.

Local authorities can use this to enhance navigational ease around their cities or towns. Locals and tourists alike will surely find this gesture helpful.

For instance, when individuals scan a QR code on a park lamp post, they can access detailed maps pinpointing picnic areas, restrooms, walking trails, and other amenities.

This promotes outdoor enjoyment and simplifies the exploration of public spaces.

5. Distribute transportation information

Lamp post QR code uses
Use QR codes to streamline access to public transit information, including schedules, routes, real-time updates on fare rates, nearby transit stops, or a guide to buying tickets and passes.

This is extremely helpful to tourists and commuters, making their journeys more efficient and hassle-free.

The multi URL QR code is perfect for this. With this solution, you can have one QR code that redirects to different information depending on specific factors, like the time a user scanned it.

With this time-based redirection, authorities can keep people updated with information that may change depending on the time of day.

6. Send people on scavenger hunts

QR codes are an excellent tool to hide clues for scavenger hunts. You can attach text QR codes to lamp posts, leading to riddles, puzzles, or clues directing people to the next location.

Since QR codes can come in small sizes, they make scavenger hunts more challenging. Participants must sharpen their eyes to find the QR codes they must scan.

It’s best to follow a theme for your customized QR codes so players won’t confuse them with other codes not part of the hunt.

7. Raise environmental awareness

Promote environmental consciousness using file QR codes. You can attach them to lamp posts near parks or natural landmarks like beaches and riversides.

Scanners can then access information about ongoing conservation initiatives, good environmental practices, sustainable living tips, and more.

This encourages people to appreciate and safeguard the environment, fostering a greener, more sustainable community.

Why use QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code software to create a lamp post QR code

Edit the QR code anytime

A dynamic QR code stores a short URL, redirecting scanners to the actual data you embedded. This unique feature is why dynamic QR codes are editable.

You heard that right; you can easily change or update the details without creating a new QR code. These changes will also reflect immediately after saving.

This allows you to keep the information up-to-date with ease. There’s no need to replace the QR codes you’ve placed on lamp posts and replace them with new ones.

Monitor QR code performance

QR TIGER is a highly-rated dynamic QR code platform on G2 with next-gen QR code tracking. This feature provides valuable data on your QR code’s engagement, which can help you analyze or improve its effectiveness.

On your dashboard, you can see the performance overview of each QR code based on the number of scans, the time and location of the scans, and the devices used.

You can also see a GPS heat map showing where all scans occur. It uses colors as a device duration indicator on a particular area. Red and orange mean they spent more time there, while blue and purple indicate they spent a short time.

Meanwhile, the map chart shows a visual representation of the number of scans based on geographical regions.

Access to advanced dynamic QR features

Aside from editing and tracking, QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes have special features like QR code password, expiry, GPS-based tracking, retargeting, and email scan notification.

When you use a dynamic QR code software, you can use various dynamic QR code solutions available anytime.

Here are the advanced dynamic QR code features you can enjoy:

  • Add a password to your dynamic QR code

You can restrict access to your lamp post QR codes by adding a unique password. Only authorized scanners can access the QR code information.

This one’s useful for running scavenger hunts. Players must solve a puzzle or answer a riddle first to determine the password needed to access the QR code.

  • Set QR code expiry

Set your dynamic QR code to expire on a certain date or upon reaching a specified number of scans. You can also allow one-time scanning for each IP address.

Once the QR code expires, scanners won’t be able to access the information. You can use this feature for time-sensitive public announcements.

You can also reactivate your expired QR codes.

  • Enable GPS tracking & geofencing

With QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes, you can track the scanner’s location with precision only if they allow access to their GPS location.

You can also enable QR code geofencing to limit QR accessibility based on a specific area. Authorities can use this feature for isolated public announcements.

  • Activate email scan notifications

To simplify QR code monitoring, you can turn on the email scan notification of your dynamic QR codes. You can choose a frequency: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Activating this feature helps you monitor the QR code performance hassle-free.

Manage multiple QR codes on lamp posts with ease

Using dynamic QR codes gives you access to the dashboard, where you can easily manage all your active QR code campaigns.

This centralized data management system lets you track and handle various QR codes effortlessly. You can even create folders to keep everything organized.

Use QR codes to add a digital upgrade to lamp posts

Placing a QR code on a lamp post turns ordinary street lights into hubs of information or entertainment, creating an interactive and convenient experience for everyone.

Let your lamp posts become sources of information, inviting people to explore, interact, and connect in ways once unimaginable.

To guarantee QR code quality, choose QR TIGER. Whether you want to give quick access to various information, share contact details, or provide an immersive virtual experience, QR TIGER makes it simple.

This ISO-certified QR code generator has earned the trust of over 850,000 global brands like Disney, McDonald’s, and TikTok. Be one of them and sign up for our subscription plans today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do QR codes work on posters?

Yes, QR codes work on posters. The best thing about using QR codes is that they give a digital dimension to printed mediums.

They can work on digital and print mediums like posters, flyers, billboards, and magazines.

How do I add a QR code to my poster?

To add a QR code to a poster, you must create a QR code first using a generator for QR codes. 

To create one, simply go to QR TIGER > Select a QR code solution > Add information > Generate QR code > Customize > Test scan > Download.

Once you have a QR code, you can add it to your poster template and print it.

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