How to make customized QR codes a major part of your branding?

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

Regular and customized QR codes is a way to connect your online brand content directly to your users on offline mobile platforms.

In the marketing scheme, a businessman, entrepreneur, or marketer must exhaust every avenue to attract its potential audience or market to its brand’s web presence.  

Significantly, an increasing number of users also tend to keep track of their favorites using their smartphone devices.

This concludes that an effective and efficient marketing strategy must integrate a way to bring in their customers with their brand presence. Good thing that visual QR codes can be a great way to accomplish this.

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Customized QR code: A fascinating thing or an eyesore?customized qr codes

Not long ago, the magical barcodes that were used as a bridge between online and offline were often criticized. Mostly the reason is because of their black-and-white appearance containing black checker boxes on a white background.

Thankfully, today's QR code can be customized in extraordinary ways while maintaining precision and accuracy in their scannability. Today’s QR codes no longer need to be designed in the checkbox and you can design them according to your brand needs.  

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Design a QR code: How to make your customized QR codes a major part of your branding and what are its best strategies when using QR codes?

QR codes bring innovation and a new tool must still be constantly improved and new ideas must be incorporated to maintain and increase its efficiency.

Here are the lists of some things you should consider before customizing visual QR codes to be included in your marketing campaign.

1. Be Informative on your landing page

Unfortunately, most of the business cards, brochures, even invite, and other material includes visual QR codes without any further information.

You will just see a plain QR code without knowing what is in there. So, new users may not know what they are missing, which results in low scan rates.

Make sure to add enough information to let people know if you’re offering a coupon, discount, promotional code, or further information about your service or product.

2, Add Call-to-Actioncustomized qr codes call to action

Who's interested in scanning a QR code without any idea where it redirects? A good and interesting call-to-action is the key to increase customer curiosity and interest.

A short and concise call-to-action will make people scan your code and see what is your brand offering. Some call-to-action added to QR codes are "Scan to see offers" or "Scan to get a chance to win tickets."

3. Add Value to your Visual QR code

Visual QR codes possess the same concept as other advertising campaigns. Efficient added value to the product is the key to action. Definitely, I will too demand something in return for my precious time while scanning a QR code.

For instance, big brands can add more information about their product, coupons, special discounts, and promotional codes within the visual QR code.

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4. Unique Designcustomized qr codes design

Those black and white QR codes do not attract people as much as customized branded QR codes do. You can even cut rectangular points of your visual QR code – making it round shaped.

Thanks to QR codes error tolerance. For example, remove the center of the code and add your brand’s logo or a particular picture to attract more audience.

You can also change the pixel colors to match your brand color scheme. Clearly, a QR code that matches your brand identity and provides great communication is more likely to be scan than your competition.

Adding this personal touch to your visual QR codes will give out a sense of recognizability to your customers.

5. Use Mobile Content

In case you’re using visual QR codes to drive traffic to the brand's website. Make sure you’re using a mobile version of the website as landing pages.

QR codes are scanned by mobiles, so it is important that people are receiving data optimized for mobile phones; this increases readability thus increasing customer engagement.

The probability of users scanning your code increases when you offer content that is specially tailored for mobile phones.

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6. Testing is Crucialundefined

While our free customized QR code generator creates the best QR codes ever, still you cannot expect some complex designs to be scanned easily.

It's very common to overdo the customizing of your visual QR codes. Some colors might not complement each other. Make sure you add complimenting foreground and background colors.

Therefore, it is recommended to test your QR code on several QR code scanners as you don’t want your customers to try and get a blank page or error.

Not only examine if the code is scanned and readable but also make sure that the content stored in the code is rendered for most frequently used devices. You don’t want an irritated audience, right?

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7. Always examine and change your campaign for better results

You are not bound by rules for your business, especially when you are fiddling with modern technologies. Thus, modifying your QR code information will help you improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

It will let you choose what type of information, design, or strategy works best for your audience – provided you have employed all steps and measurement systems all through.

Dynamic visual QR codes are the best option you can get. With dynamic QR codes, you can track your data embedded.

By taking a look at the demographics, you can reinvent and recalculate strategies and make it more interesting and more customer engaging.

Don’t hesitate before making new decisions; every marketer wants to be one step ahead of its competition. So, your customers will be more likely to forgive you for experimenting. 

QR code for branding: Why choose visual QR codes as your brand identity

customized qr codes free

QR codes are typically used to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, and engage customers, they give customers added value to certain products or services.

This added value can give the users access to exclusive contests, promotional codes, discounts, free giveaways, or coupons.

Moreover, they offer users extra information about your brand and allow them to trust your identity. For instance, if you run a food company, why not give your buyers extensive information about the nutrition of each product using a visual QR code, or give them access to reviews of past customers who bought that product.

In the literal sense, it helps have a better impact on your brand in front of your audience, which in turn, helps boost your credibility in the market, and in turn, increase sales too.

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Here are some more reasons why you should choose a visual and personalized QR code for your brand.

  • Visual QR codes look much more appealing and attractive which allow customers to scan them more as compared to regular QR codes.
  • Visual QR codes also allow you to change information, discount options, promotional codes, and other things at no extra cost.
  • You can create a constant connection with your customers using different information on the same QR code without spending even a single penny.
  • People tend to scan visual QR codes more often which enables you to engage with the audience more easily. It is also a gateway to increase web traffic.
  • What is better than having a cool QR code design on your brochures, business cards, event invites, visiting cards, and menus in case of restaurants? This way, your audience can know more about your brand with ease.

To put it simply, both regular and visual QR codes can lead to extensive information to your buyers, customers, or audience.

But the real question is, “How many people are going to scan your product?” In this condition, brands using visual QR codes have more customer engagement.

According to our investigation, a visual QR code can add more than 48% scans. They can serve as an easy way of targeting lots of smartphone users and it also keeps your company on the evolving edge of technology and marketing.  

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