How to create a bulk QR code serial number

Last updated:   June 24, 2022

There are 5 QR code solutions you can generate in bulk and one of that is generating QR codes for serial numbers. 

Using the bulk QR solution for numbers, you don't need to generate individual serial number QRs for your tags, tickets, products etc. 

But how do you do this? Let's find out! 

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What is a bulk QR code serial number?

bulk qr code serial number

A QR code serial number is a QR code solution that stores set of numbers. 

This kind of QR code solution is also associated with the text QR code where a user can copy/enter and paste their serial number in there.

However, when you generate a bulk QR code for serial numbers,  you can create unique number QR codes for each item without having to generate them manually.

How to generate a bulk QR code serial number for each of your unique items or products using a serial number QR code generator?

Bulk QR code serial numbers are generated using a QR code generator online. If you are a small business owner or event organizer, you can generate these kinds of codes in 9 simple steps.

1. Go to and click the Bulk QR

qrtiger bulk qr code

2. Download the bulk QR code number template

bulk qr code number

Download the bulk QR code number template. After that, edit it and saved it as a CSV file. Just enter your serial number in the field provided.

And since the number QR code belongs in the text category, the qrCategory you should enter is "text". 

The qrType should remain as it is: qr2

3. Go back again to the Bulk QR and upload your CSV file 

upload bulk qr code template

4. Click “static" and generate bulk QR 

5. Customize your bulk QR code according to your brand and aim.

Customize your bulk QR code

6. Click download and your bulk QR code will be downloaded in a zip file.

Your bulk QR code will be downloaded in zip file in your computer. Extract it to see your unique codes.  

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How to use the QR code serial number?

1. Contestant’s QR code serial number

Contestant’s qr code serial number

You can use a QR code number to place it to a contestant and determine the participant's number. 

2. Product Inventory/Product serial number

product inventory qr code

Barcodes are used to keep track of the products or accessories manufactured. But as the need for faster scanning can leave the traditional barcodes behind, manufacturers are integrating the use of QR codes serial numbers. 

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3. Integrating manufacturing accessories

QR codes are invented in 1994 to fasten Toyota’s car production. Because of that, they can accelerate their automotive production without messing the parts up.

As the years pass by, more and more automotive companies are adapting the use of it.

Why use serial number QR codes? 

Can be scanned with smartphone devices 

When it comes to scanning a QR code, the devices that you can use can range from the typical infrared scanners to smartphones with QR code scanning apps.

scanning qr code on product

Because of that, retailers and manufacturers can scan their product’s serial number on the go without the need to carry the bulky infrared QR code scanners.

Generating a QR code for serial numbers is free in nature are easy to generate and fund-saving.

Not only that, but thanks to its ability to be scanned by any smartphone device, retailers and manufacturers won’t have to spend more on purchasing an infrared QR code scanner.

In this way, small manufacturing businesses can continue their businesses without the need of paying extra.

Scans faster

Unlike the traditional barcodes, the scanning duration of QR codes tops at an average of 15 seconds.

With its 2D scanning orientation, retailers and manufacturers can accelerate their product inventory check and ship them up. Because of that, they can have a smooth manufacturing system with the QR code serial number.

scan faster qr code on a box

Low risk of data errors

To avoid any scanning errors, QR codes are the best information storage that retailers and manufacturers can use. With its error correction feature, the risk of any data error lowers.

This means that retailers can still scan the QR code even if it gets slightly damaged or worn-out. Through this, they can still secure the serial number without the need of printing new ones.

Stores more numbers

As serial numbers increase their content over time, the use of traditional barcodes becomes obsolete. Since traditional barcodes can hold only up to 20 characters, the need for a serial number code that can store more numbers elevates.

Thanks to its ability to store more numbers, retailers can integrate the modern serial number system into their products. Because of that, QR codes are the best serial number code that retailers can use.

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