QR Code SVG Format: Resize Your QR Codes With QR TIGER

Update:  July 23, 2023
QR Code SVG Format: Resize Your QR Codes With QR TIGER

If you’re planning to resize your QR code as larger as you need it to be, then downloading and printing your QR code in SVG format using a QR code generator for SVG formatted QR code images is your best option.

QR codes in SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics) format allow you to adjust your QR code to different sizes without affecting the image’s original quality.

However, not all QR code software gives you the option to download your QR code in SVG format.

Using QR TIGER can generate your QR code, download it, and print it in SVG format. Here’s how you can do it.

How to create a QR code in SVG format? (Resize your QR code online)

  • Go to the best QR code generator for SVG QR codes online
  • Click the type of QR code solution you need
  • Select dynamic instead of static
  • Customize your QR code
  • Do a scan test
  • Click “Download SVG.”
  • Resize your QR code
  • Print and distribute

Note: You need to create an account first so you can download your QR code in an SVG file.

How to create a QR code in SVG format? A step-by-step guide

1. Go to QR TIGER SVG QR code generator online and click the type of QR code solution you need

2. Click the type of QR code solution you need

QR tiger QR code generator

There are multiple QR code types or solutions you can generate for your need. Choose from the options in the box shown above.

3. Select dynamic instead of static

As we have discussed, there are two types of QR codes you can generate.

It’s either you choose to generate it in static or dynamic QR code.

However, with dynamic QR codes, you can set up a QR code tracking system and trace your QR code scans and edit your QR code to another information or landing page if necessary.

You can do this even if your QR has been printed.

You’ll have access to your own dashboard at QR TIGER QR code database software, where you can view in-depth analytics of your QR code performance.

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4. Personalize your QR code

You can also make creative QR codes and personalize your QR code in SVG formats, such as adding a logo, image, or icon to your QR code.

You can also choose the layout patterns for your QR code, set the colors, add a customizable frame with a call to action, and more!

5. Do a scan test

Before your download your QR code SVG, it is always best to do a scan test first if your QR code reads and redirects you to the correct information you have encrypted.

6. Click “download SVG”

Download your QR code in SVG format and resize it according to your wants and needs.

7. Print and distribute

After you have done a scan test, you are now ready to print and distribute your QR code.

Use cases of QR codes in SVG format

Billboards and Posters

Billboards QR code

Image source

One of the most notable uses of a billboard QR code is when the marketing campaign of Calvin Klein surfaces on public streets.

A huge billboard QR code with the name of their brand attached to it with a very suggestive call-to-action “Get it uncensored,” where people can scan it from afar.

Window store

Zara, one of the most popular fashion and apparel brands, has taken its marketing initiative to the next level.

They put a huge QR code in their window store that allows the passer-by to scan the QR code, which will lead them to shop online for their brand.

Delivery Boxes/ Product Boxes

Printing a larger QR code size for your delivery boxes is better so that your recipient will notice the QR code. You can generate a QR code that will lead them to the product details!


Vehicle QR code

QR code on marketing vehicles has also become a common sight used by marketers. Usually, this QR code on vehicles leads the scanners to the contact information of the marketing company.


Tshirt QR code

Viral QR code t-shirt design for the QR Code Campaign in Boulder, Co, for the band SoundRabbit, was designed and printed on t-shirts to allow scanners to download free music.

They incorporated a custom stylized windmill vector graphic to tie into the song topic, wherein they made a slightly larger QR code size and printed it on t-shirts.

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The basics of QR code

Any QR code solution you create can either be generated in static or dynamic QR code. So what are these, and what is the difference between the two?

Static QR code

Once you generate your QR code in static mode, you cannot modify or change your QR code’s content, and you cannot track your QR code scans.

Dynamic QR code

When you generate your QR code solution in a dynamic model, you can change your QR code’s content to another landing page even when your QR code has been printed.

The integration of dynamic QR code analytics is vital data for marketing campaigns, and that’s why it’s the best option to choose if you want to save money in the long run.

Best practices when you create your QR code in SVG format

Do not mix light colors.

The background of your QR code should always be lighter than the foreground color.

QR code scanners are set to scan QR codes with a darker foreground and a lighter background color.

Also, avoid colors such as pastel and yellow colors and create enough contrast of your QR code colors.

Sizing matters

QR code size matters. Before you print and distribute your QR code, always make sure that you have printed it in the right size according to its advertising environment.

The recommended QR code dimension is 32 x 32 millimeters but you can also resize it in your SVG format that will be scannable depending on your QR’s advertising environment.

Put a customizable frame with a call to action in your QR code.

Your QR code won’t serve any purpose if your scanners don’t do what to do with your QR code. Thus, it is crucial to put a call to action in your QR code like “Scan Me” or “Scan to watch a video!”

Make your landing page mobile-friendly

Your scans will most likely get from smartphone gadgets, making your landing page mobile-friendly and easy to load.

Only implement the action you are promoting in your QR codes

When implementing QR codes, one common mistake marketers make is that they tend to over-analyze and complicate their QR code campaigns.

One of the rules that need to be understood is that make your landing page concise and simple.

If your landing page leads scanners to a video, then put a call to action that says “scan to watch a video” and nothing else.

Do not create confusion among your scanners with unnecessary add-ons.

QR code SVG format: The perfect option when it comes to resizing your QR codes

Resizing your QR code does not merely limit the above-mentioned use cases.

You can resize your QR code even if you only attached them to a magazine, a flyer, or to your business card or vCard QR code.

The bigger the view, the better.

However, the further you will place your QR code, especially if you want the public to scan it, the bigger the size should be for good visibility and better scan.

If you have more questions about QR codes, you can also contact us now.


How to enlarge a QR code?

If you need to make your QR code larger to any size without affecting its image quality, download your QR code to SVG format and resize it.

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