QR Codes for Business Cards: Definition, tips, use-cases

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to make business cards? Well, QR codes for business cards or vCard QR code is the way to go!

If that has been a long-running lingering question in your mind, fortunately for you, there is and that is through the help of QR codes.

There are various ways you can use QR codes on business cards. You can make it more convenient for people who receive it or simply make it more attractive and appealing to your recipient.

The options are limitless, but if you don’t know where to begin and what is possible. Let us give you a complete rundown of everything you need to know about QR codes for business cards.

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How to create your own QR code for business cards?

  • Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com
  • Click on the vCard section
  • Fill out the details of your business card QR code
  • Click “generate Dynamic QR code”
  • Make your business QR code fancy! 
  • Do a scan test of your QR code!
  • Download and print your business QR code
  • Track the scans of your business QR codes

What is a QR Code Digital Business Card?

qr codes for business cardsThe problem with business cards is that they are completely manual. You hand those printed materials to a client or an acquaintance and they would still need to type the information on their phone.

Imagine yourself being the receiver of a business card, how many times have you placed it inside your pocket and forgot about it? Most of the time, business cards end up in the trash bin without being actually used. 

You can’t really blame people. We all have been in that position wherein we are so attentive during the moment but when we get home, we get a little bit lazy and don’t even bother to take a look at that business card again.

How can we solve this dilemma? This is where business cards with QR codes get in the picture. What if there is a way to immediately transfer all the information from the business card to a client’s mobile phone?

qr code for business cards

With the help of a QR code on business cards, a person can simply scan the image and all the information can be effortlessly brought to the screen of a mobile phone. It is only then a matter of saving it as a contact.

Once inside the phone, the more likely the QR code is going to be given attention. It is equivalent to immortalizing your contact details to a client, allowing you to be reachable with a click of a button when they finally need your service.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your business card getting lost and wonder why you are not being contacted by an acquaintance or client. 

The overall concept of QR codes business cards is as straightforward as it can get. No complex process or formula, simply an effortless way to transfer information from printed material to a digital platform. 

QR Codes on Business Cards Good or Bad? Definitely Good! Here’s Why

While the word QR code for business cards sounds technical, it really isn’t. To generate one is just a matter of a few clicks here and there, but we would understand if you are a little bit hesitant.

However, the small learning curve is easily outweighed by the numerous benefits of QR codes for business cards.

Conversation starter

Having QR codes for business cards makes it unique. It delivers a sense of modernness to it which in turn makes it attractive and appealing to your audience. 

The more people you attract with your business card translates to more opportunities. You never know, the attention you caught through your business card is somebody who is actually in need of your service.

It Makes Your Business Card Stand Out

When making business cards, you don’t simply print your contact details on a piece of paper. Design plays a role in making you stand out, more credible, and a much better prospect for clients.

The design translates to quality. Just imagine how you would feel towards a person if their business card is plainly printed? 

With QR codes for business cards, you can give a unique look to it. Depending on the QR code business card creator, you can change the color, pixel design, and even add a logo to it. 

Convenience Translates to Opportunities

Your QR code is not only for the show. Other than attracting the attention of your audience, its application provides massive benefits. 

As mentioned earlier, QR codes make it more convenient for your clients and acquaintances. Instead of just giving them your business card, you can have them scan the QR code right there and then.

You have taken the burden of having to manually save your contact details into their phones out of their hands, and that results in a long-lasting impression. 

Since your contact information is on their phones, there is no way for them to lose it. When the time finally comes that they have to reach you, they can, thus opening a lot of future opportunities.

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Benefits of QR codes on business cards

The benefits of a QR code business card contact info are already promising but don’t get too excited just yet, there is still a lot more to learn.

As a matter of fact, there is more than one way you can use QR codes for business cards.

Direct Them to A LinkedIn Account

vcard qr codeYou can use your QR codes to provide more information about yourself. Business cards are quite small and you might find that space limiting, so simply put a QR code and have your audience find your LinkedIn account where they can learn more about you.

What’s the use of your contact details if your clients are not convinced that you are the one fit for their needs? However, that easily changes if they see your LinkedIn profile.

Deliver An Online Resume or Portfolio

qr code digital business card
If you think that a LinkedIn account is not the best way to emphasize your capabilities, then simply direct your audience to either an online resume or portfolio.

These types of information are impossible to fit on your business card but the game changes with the help of QR codes.

Your clients will appreciate how easy you make it for them to know more about you. No more manual asking and sending. They just have to scan the QR code and navigate to their heart’s content until they finally make a decision.

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Presentation Beyond Words

qr code business card iphoneTrying to win a client or landing a job is all about standing out and creating a lasting impression. If you can stir away from the conventional written material, then why not?

Make them watch and listen instead through a video presentation by linking your QR code to a youtube URL.

Static vs Dynamic QR codes for business cards

qr code for business cards dynamic
If you managed to stumble upon the words static and dynamic, they are the two kinds of QR codes that you can get.

When talking about static QR codes, they are the ones that cannot be updated. This means that when they have been created and printed, where they will direct scanners can no longer be changed.

For dynamic, it is the opposite. The content that scanners will be directed to can be changed without limits. That is not the only benefit, data such as the number of scans, location, and time can also be tracked.

If you are wondering which of the two is the most applicable to use for your QR code business card maker, the answer would be dynamic. While static may suffice to a certain extent, you are going to want your old business cards to function in the event that you do change your LinkedIn account.

Imagine if you have a static QR code on your business cards and you gave them away a month ago, but recently changed your LinkedIn account, your online resume, or anything else. It’s the same as saying goodbye to opportunities.

In addition, if you are able to track scanning activity, you can have a glimpse of the people that are checking you out. This will allow you to set expectations or know what to improve next on your QR code business card.

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How to Create Your Own QR Code For Business Cards? Here is a step-by-step QR code business card generator with a photo guide.

Step 1. Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com 

qr code for business cards generatorHow to generate a QR code for the business cards is not that hard. There is no formula or artistic expertise needed. It is just as simple as a few clicks of a button. To generate your business QR code, you need to use a QR code generator online, for that, just simply go to QRTiger and click the uppermost portion, click the “Vcard” button.

If you want to create your QR codes in bulk, you can also contact us for more details. 

Step 2. Fill out the details of your business card QR code

qr codes for business cardsThere is a wide array of information you can choose to enter into your business card QR code. From your organization’s name, email, social media profiles like LinkedIn, your website, zipcode, photo, Google Plus, Instagram, Twiter, and more! 

Step 3. Click “generate Dynamic QR code”

qr codes for business cardsBusiness card QR codes are dynamic in nature. Click on the “generate Dynamic QR code” to start generating your QR code and edit the data at any time!

Step 4. Make your business QR code fancy!

qr codes for business cards with logoYou can personalize your business QR code by setting the colors, adding unique features and edges to make it more appealing and eye-catchy to your prospective clients and business partners!

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Step 5 Test your QR code!

Always test your business QR code before downloading or printing them. Check if you have entered the correct details. If you have already printed them do not worry.

Business QR codes are dynamic and you cannot re-correct or edit the data you have entered. Your information is securely stored in the QR code generator online where you can do a quick update anytime. 

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Step 6. Download and print your business QR code

If you are already satisfied with the data you enter. Download your QR code and you can now start printing it along with your business cards!

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Step 7. Track the scans of your business QR codes

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people scanned your QR codes? With your business card QR code, you are able to do this! Just click on the “track data” button to see the statistics of your QR code scans! 

In 7 easy steps, you are able to create your own QR code for your business card. With how easy it is, the benefits definitely outweigh the struggle in starting out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy and straightforward as it is, we know that there are still a lot of things lingering in your mind. So, let us tell you more about QR codes for business cards through some commonly asked questions.

Should QR codes be of a certain size?

The only thing you need to remember when putting QR codes on your business cards is that as long as it can be visibly scanned, it will function. It doesn’t have to be of a specific size or orientation. Therefore, you can put them on the corner or even at the center of your business card to give it the spotlight.

Is there a possibility of malfunction?

Despite being electronically generated, there is a small window of possible error in QR codes. So always make sure to test them out first before creating mass copies of your business cards.
Even if the chances are quite low, there is nothing wrong with making sure. It is always better to practice prevention than regretting it in the end.

Do they function with every phone?

If you are talking about smartphones then they are definitely going to work. Some phones, especially older models, are first going to need to download a QR reader.

However, most modern mobile devices, especially iOS 12 and beyond, have an integrated QR code reader in the camera app.

How long do QR codes last?

In the digital aspect, technically forever. If you don’t change anything, it is going to stay the way it is. However, physically, your business card is going to degrade over time. Whether it may be getting wet or being crumpled, it could potentially affect the QR code image and make it almost impossible to be visibly scanned by a mobile device. 

How long do scans take?

The best part about QR codes is that they scan instantaneously. The image doesn’t have to be completely straight or be held on a certain orientation.

Even if it is scanned from a distance, a QR code reader will be able to read it in a split second.

Can I put my logo on my QR code?

Absolutely. QR Tiger is able to work as a QR code generator business card with a logo. It allows you to put your logo at the center, allowing you to have a personalized QR code.

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Are QR Code Stickers for business cards possible?

It doesn’t matter where you print them or how you use them, a QR code will function based on how you programmed it. With that being said, QR code stickers are not just possible but are actually a great idea. 

Generate your business cards digital now! 

The purpose of technology is to make lives easier and more convenient. QR codes are no exemption to that and it can be seen through the versatility in functionality that they provide in business cards. 

Using QR codes on your business cards opens a lot of opportunities and you shouldn’t be missing in any of that.

As times are changing, so should you. Modernize the way you do business and interactions to stay at the top of the game.

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