QR Codes on PPE Kits: Promoting Safety Health Standard

Update:  August 17, 2023
QR Codes on PPE Kits: Promoting Safety Health Standard

QR codes on PPE kits allow front liners and workers to access important information that could save lives and the people surrounding them.

PPE training involves topics including but not limited to doffing and donning, proper care, maintenance, disposal, and proper inspection of equipment, all of which are essential topics that first responders should know.

However, having easy access to guides and information is critical, considering the many components that make up a PPE. 

Using PPE equipment properly means workers can protect those around them.

If you’re not yet using QR codes, you are losing many opportunities.

In this article, you will learn how to use QR codes on PPE kits and their many components.

QR Codes on PPE Kits

Nowadays, QR codes have become popular because of the increasing amount of smartphone users and fast internet connections.

One of its most significant advantages is that it can be scanned using a smartphone device and link complete information.

And because PPE plays a significant role in protecting COVID-19, WHO has decided to place QR codes on kits.

Manufacturers can use a QR code in PPE kits to store information like the type of clothing, specification, product description, and video instructions on how to use it.

QR Codes on Individual Components of PPE Kits

Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves can help protect you when you handle a conclusively infectious material or a contaminated surface.

By placing QR codes on its packaging, you will know its specifications like its size, protective ability, or quality, whether it’s Vinyl, Latex, or Nitrile gloves.

The manufacturer of these gloves can also create a PDF QR code file that contains instructions on how to use the surgical gloves.

Surgical Gowns

Medical gown QR code

Surgical gowns can also help protect you from being contaminated by a potentially infectious virus.

When you integrate QR codes on a surgical gown’s product packaging, it redirects scanners to a page containing information about the product.

You can also create an instruction video on using and wearing the surgical gown and convert it into a Video QR code.

Shoe and Head Covers

Shoes and headcovers provide a barricade in opposition to possible exposure within a contaminated environment.

Placing QR codes on these products or on their product packaging enables people to easily access and learn more about their specifications and how to use them.

Masks and Respirators

Face mask QR code

The surgical mask can help protect your nose and mouth from an infected fluid, and respirators filtrate the air that you inhale.

QR codes on protective kits allow medical personnel to know their types if it’s disposable, powered air-purifying, or if it’s self-contained breathing apparatus.

Mask and respirator manufacturers can also record a video showing how it is used and convert it into a video QR code.

In this way, medical personnel can save time and effort as they no longer need to search further to know its specifications and instructions.

How to Generate a QR Code for PPE Kits

  • Open the best QR Code Generator Online

First, you need to select the best QR code generator, like QR TIGER QR code generator online. 

QR TIGER is an ad-free QR code generator with a user-friendly interface that enables people to construct QR codes without any interference.

QR TIGER QR code generator has several features that a user must look at; it has the capacity to create utilitarian QR codes and various alternatives for use. 

  • Select the QR Code Solution you want to use

After opening the QR code generator, pick a QR code solution you want to use in your PPE kit.

  • To create your QR code, fill in the required fields.
  • Click on Dynamic QR Code and generate the QR Code.

After you have chosen your preferred QR code solution, you can now generate your QR code.

We recommend you finish it as a dynamic QR code for protected and effective QR code usage.

  • Makeover your QR code design by selecting patterns and eyes, adding a logo, and setting the colors.
  • Conduct a scan test

Always conduct a scan test on your QR codes. In this way, you’ll know if your QR code works well.

  • Download, then display

If your QR code works well, download it, and display it on your PPE kit packaging and its different components.

Types of QR Codes (Static and Dynamic)

There are two types of QR codes, a Static QR Code and a Dynamic QR code.

Static QR Code (Non-Editable and Non-Trackable)

A Static QR code is a free type of QR code, and the data and information on it are permanent. The user can no longer change it.

This QR code does not permit any changes regarding the information that the user stores on it.

The user cannot track the number of scans, and it leads the scanners to only one permanent piece of information.

However, one good thing about a Static QR code is that the number of scans that it provides is unlimited.

PPE kit manufacturers can use a Static QR code in PPE kits to embed details such as type of clothing, specifications, and instruction on how to use it.

Dynamic QR Code (Editable and Trackable)

This type of QR code is trackable and can also be edited. It enables the user to track and edit the data that has been stored on it.

An advantage of using a Dynamic QR code for a PPE kit is that a user can change the data even when the QR code is already printed and placed on the kit.

It can also allow access to scan monitoring; the user can also identify the scanner’s location and the scanner device.

Using a Dynamic QR code is helpful as some QR codes need to be valid for just a specific period.

Create QR codes on PPE kits using the best QR code generator online

A PPE kit is clothing that is worn by a medical frontline for protection against infectious materials or diseases.

If PPE kit manufacturers integrate QR codes on their product packaging, it would be easier for the users to understand how to use it and to know its product description.

To learn more about how QR codes can be used in PPE kits, visit QR TIGER QR code generator now. 

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