Best QR Menu Maker for 2024

Update:  December 13, 2023
Best QR Menu Maker for 2024

The restaurant industry is leaning towards an innovative measure in running their business with a QR menu.

QR technology supports the innovation of a digital menu in restaurants. Since the surge of QR technology in the market, there is a vast variety of industries that benefited from it.

As a matter of fact, 59% of the United States respondents say that QR codes will be a permanent part of smartphone technology from now on. It will prosper in the next coming years.

One of the beneficiary industries of QR technology is the restaurant and food industry.

They already integrated QR codes as their mode of payment, digital menu, and redirecting customers to a restaurant website.

As a restaurant trend, the use of a QR menu creator is rampant amongst resourceful restaurants in running their management and kitchen operations while creating a QR menu for their restaurants.

It is like hitting two birds with one stone since the restaurant industry can do so much with just one software.

Benefits of using QR menu software for restaurants

QR menu software has significant benefits in running a restaurant business. It promotes safer, easy, and cost-efficient restaurant operations.

Here are some advantages of using QR menu software.

Safer and customer-friendly online menus

It promotes safer and customer-friendly online menus for diners. An online menu guarantees a contactless transaction of orders between customers and restaurant staff.Restaurant menu table tent

A contactless online menu is the big leap of a restaurant’s future in engaging with customers through a digital platform.

Easy to update and change digital menus

Table tent menu QR code
A QR menu software lets you to update and change your digital menus anytime. In this way, you can update your unique QR menu with your new menu concepts as you upgrade your restaurant.

Efficient ordering process

QR code menuThe software lets you run restaurant operations seamlessly and provide an efficient ordering process to your potential customers.

It improves your restaurant’s ordering systems with the use of a QR-powered menu.

Data-driven and smart business decisions

Order management platform
Your restaurant can collect data analytics from customers. This will let your restaurant make smart business decisions that will help your business prosper.

Thus, it can also let you monitor your sales and revenue. Run strategic analysis to power up the growth of your business.

Integrates with existing POS systems

POS integration
It is essential to choose a QR menu software that can easily integrate with your existing POS systems. This will motivate your restaurant operations to save more time and energy, reduce order mistakes and avoid failures in speeding up the ordering process.

Best QR menu makers you shouldn’t miss

There are different QR menu makers in the market. It may be a QR code generator where it can generate a dynamic menu QR code for a restaurant or a QR menu software that has all integrations a restaurant need in running business operations.

To name some, here is the best QR menu creator in the market.

MENU TIGER: The QR menu software

MENU TIGER provides an easy and cost-effective way in creating a restaurant’s QR menu and website. It increases your restaurant’s online presence with a custom-built website.

Moreover, MENU TIGER also helps restaurants run their operations efficiently with less manpower. It maximizes restaurant productivity even without hiring a number of staff working in your restaurant.

This software is reliable and easy to use. You no longer need to hire a separate developer to create your online ordering page. MENU TIGER is an easy-to-understand software even for restaurateurs.

MENU TIGER QR menu software allows you to create a customized QR menu. Customers will only scan the menu QR codes to order and pay. MENU TIGER brings a taste of indulgence with affordable pricing. MENU TIGER offers a forever Freemium plan - where you can enjoy limited best features - and other paid subscription plans that range from 38 USD to 119 USD.

Your restaurant no longer needs to spend finances on building a website and paying monthly fees with other software.

Minimal Menu

Minimal menu Minimal menu is a digital menu software that lets restaurant create and modify menu from their computer, tablet, or any smartphone device.
It generates and prints a simple QR code that can be displayed in restaurant establishments for customers to quickly scan.
Moreover, the generated menu QR code can be scanned by customers using their smartphone devices which redirects to the Minimal Menu web without installing any applications.


Scan it menu ScanIt.Menu offers the restaurant industry the easiest way to get their menu online. It has a fast and efficient way in creating a digital menu online for restaurant.
The software lets diners access the restaurant digital menu from any web. On the other hand, the diners’ placed orders can get through the software system or on your WhatsApp account.


Menu techMenutech offers an automated menu preparation process for the restaurant industry. It lets restaurants create a menu QR code which provides a contactless transaction to diners.

Moreover, Menutech enables an order fulfillment system which monitors and track diners’ orders and settle bills through their system.

Qualities and factors to consider when choosing the best QR menu maker

It is better to know the qualities of a QR menu creator your restaurant should use. These qualities will help improve your business operation while also doing other jobs simultaneously.

For instance, a QR code software for menu can help you run business operations while also creating and generating a QR-powered digital menu. It can also help you boost an online presence for your restaurant. Basically, you should choose the QR menu maker where it can do a lot of things in one software.

These are some qualities you should look for in choosing the best QR code menu for restaurants.

Customized QR codes with logo

It should be able to customize digital menu QR codes with logo. In this way, you can be consistent with your restaurant branding with a logo and QR code customization.customized menu QR codesCustomizing one can be a good marketing strategy in building a well-designed digital menu that complements your restaurant’s brand identity. You can change the QR code’s pattern, eye, and frame.

Moreover, you can also select the color you want for your QR menu. Be sure to choose colors that complements each other and easy-to-scan for customers. Add a call-to-action statement to interact with customers even with a QR code.

This improves your restaurant branding and creating a personality to your brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Interactive online ordering page with easy navigation

Building an online presence for your restaurant is a good marketing strategy for your restaurant to gain more customers. However, you do not want to pay up another software developer to create a website just for you.Online menu ordering systemLuckily, one of the qualities of a QR menu creator is to custom build a restaurant website.

It is essential that your chosen software can create a restaurant website where you can truly express what your concept is about, grow your sales with easy-to-spot restaurant widgets, and make it easy for your customers to navigate to order.

Customizable restaurant website for branding

The branding and personality of your restaurant can be projected through a website. It is important to customize it with by choosing the right font that suits your restaurant concept.

You can design your own restaurant website with a software.Restaurant QR codeMoreover, you can also change the color palette of your restaurant’s website. The color palette should complement each other so it will be pleasing to the eyes of potential customers.

The overall look of your restaurant website with the top favorites of your restaurant will be fitting to a high-standard restaurant with branding and personality.

Sales-optimized ordering page for you to cross-sell and upsell

Cross-selling and upselling your restaurant meals is a self-optimizing feature of your restaurant ordering page.

You can integrate in your restaurant website the promotions section where you can feature your most popular and best-selling food deals. In this way, you are upselling your customers’ favorite meals to other diners.

Additionally, you can also present meal suggestions to pair with best-selling meals as a cross-selling strategy for your restaurant.

It can cross-sell and upsell your restaurant meals to fully grasp the optimization of your sales.

Offers mobile payment integrations

Most customers opt to pay orders through e-banking. It is essential that you offer mobile payment integrations which provides convenient way of receiving payments from customers.Menu QR code paymentYour restaurant can choose any mode of payment to integrate with your QR menu. Giving more options to customers in paying up orders is a big factor in creating an impression to customers.

Thus, providing another mode of payment is convenient and efficient for you as a restaurateur and also for your potential customers.

Has detailed sales, revenue, and customer analytics

To fully grasp and monitor your restaurant sales and revenue, a QR menu maker should be able to provide these analytics.

It should also give you data on the most sold food items so you’ll be able to promote these dishes along with the least sellable items. This way, you’ll also know which menu items you can do without and have enough room for any new menu items.

Your restaurant may download the reports and pile it up for next transactions. It can also send out automated emails to users by setting up a scheduler for these send outs.

The sales and revenue analytics collected from the dashboard will help restaurants identify trends and strategize for the next business days.

Manage multiple store branches in one account

Multiple store management
If you are a restaurant investor or restaurateur in general which owns different food stores, a QR menu maker that manages different stores in one account can be convenient for you.

You no longer need to create multiple accounts for your different stores since you can already manage every store in one account.

Moreover, you can also assign admins and users in every store you create with that account.

Unlimited ordering system

By unlimited ordering system, your restaurant can fully maximize its revenue since a QR menu maker no longer gets commissions from every order a customer has made.Unlimited ordering systemFor instance, if a customer orders different kinds of meals, the original price set up by your restaurant will only be the price customers get to pay.

Thus, it should be cost-efficient to restaurant industry.

QR menu ordering fulfillment system

In choosing a QR menu maker, it should have an accessible and easy to understand ordering fulfillment system.

By such, QR code redirects diners to the online menu of your restaurant after scanning it.

The diner can then place their orders and choose their mode of payment.

Furthermore, the placed order will be reflected on the software’s dashboard in real-time.

Customers can track the status of their orders right from their smartphone screens.

The restaurant owner can assign the placed order to a staff to track and fulfill such.

This is a systematic and organized way of fulfilling meal orders of diners in a restaurant.

Quick and easy integration with POS systems

In choosing a QR menu creator, make sure that it has a quick and easy integration with POS systems.

The POS systems ensure an increase on your restaurant’s turnover.

It makes shorter waiting time for customers while your restaurant efficiently manage orders by using an online ordering page.

Clover and Revel POS integrations are the most trusted POS systems your restaurant software can use.

Ability to get customer feedbacks and generate the report

Customer feedbacks are essential to a restaurant growth. It is important to consider a software where it has the ability to get customer feedbacks with its software.Feedback report menu QR code

In this way, the collected feedbacks will be mentioned during strategical reports to look for alternatives on how to project your restaurant concept.

The generated customer feedback report will be the tool for your restaurant to prosper since it coincides with the preferences of your diners.

Customer profiling for more personalized service

To have an edge in a more personalized restaurant service, you should consider a QR menu maker that has customer profiling features.

This feature allows you to save the customer details such as their email address, mobile number, and their order history and preferences.Restaurant customer profileThis will help your restaurant run retargeting campaigns, offer loyalty programs, and give a more personalized service to new and returning customers.

Know the best QR menu makers in today’s market

The surge of QR menu in restaurant industry has left a long-lasting impression to diners who have experienced convenience with such. It is vital to cater to customers’ preferences in dining in a restaurant.

As an innovative measure, it can be created using different generators and software.

However, you do not want to spend much budget in creating a digital menu while at the same time building an online ordering page for your restaurant.

Luckily, the best QR code menu for restaurants in today’s market offer different features for you to enjoy.

It should be accessible, simple, and optimizable.

Additionally, you do not need to look for a single generator just to create menus since you can build your own online ordering page while integrating the QR code menu ordering featuring using the software.

Thus, MENU TIGER not only offers you simple ways in generating QR menus but it also offers you limitless features in running your business operation efficiently.

MENU TIGER is the best QR code menu for restaurants in the market today since it has the best qualities and features in making digital menus, website, and run a business operation in one software.

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