QR TIGER vs. Top-Rated QR Code Generators: Compare and Decide

Update:  August 19, 2023
QR TIGER vs. Top-Rated QR Code Generators: Compare and Decide

If you’ve been searching for software for your digital campaigns and are uncertain between QR TIGER and top-rated QR code generators, then you’re at the right place.

It’s normal to get confused with all the QR code generators in the market now.

You’d ask, “Which one has the best price and features for your business? Which is the best choice?”

We did a deep dive to provide you with a factual comparison between QR TIGER and top-rated QR code generators worldwide.

We highlight their software features, QR code solutions, brand integration, plans, and pricing.

So, instead of giving you a marketing-based comparative analysis, we will give you the complete data to show which top-ranking QR code software provides the most advanced tools for your business and marketing campaigns.

QR TIGER vs. the top-rated QR code generators: The metrics

There are many ways to tell if a QR code generator is best for your business and marketing purposes or not. However, the majority of those criteria and comparison articles are technical.

This article will give you a complete, research-based comparative analysis to help you better decide which is best: QR TIGER or the five other QR code software?

In no particular order, they are Beaconstac, QR Code Generator Pro, Flowcode, GoQR, and Me-QR.

Static and Dynamic QR code solutions

When choosing a QR code generator, the availability of static and dynamic QR code solutions is one of the most important factors.

Just remember that Static QR codes are neither trackable nor editable.

This is perfect for when you need to establish a permanent QR code campaign. It’s also important to note that it never expires.

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes can track your campaign’s scan data and edit embedded content, among other professional features.

This is your best bet for marketing.

QR TIGER’s Dynamic QR code solution gives you an effective marketing tool for whatever QR code campaigns you want to set up.

This is crucial when looking for the finest QR code generator online. 

See more product features down below to know more.

Static and dynamic

While most QR code generators support static and dynamic QR code generation, only Flowcode failed to provide a flexible feature.

On the other hand, QR TIGER and the other four QR code software provide both static and dynamic QR code solutions.

This makes it possible to generate codes for different digital marketing needs.

With the free trial versions, these QR code generators grant you access to a certain number of functional QR code solutions for a given time.

Free trial

Plus, here’s the good part: out of the six mentioned software, only QR TIGER does not require a sign-up to access its free trial offers.

Yes, no registrations or sign up needed to use our free QR code solutions. There’s no need to leave your credit card information either.

You’ll just need to leave your email address, so we can safely send you a copy of your free trial QR codes. That’s it.

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Compare the best QR code solutions

The QR code generator you use must have a wide range of highly effective QR code solutions tailored to your needs.

Marketing campaigns change constantly, and you need reliable QR code software to keep up with your needs.

One important thing to know is this: how often do QR code generators update their software?

Always review a QR code generator’s best feature to fully use your monthly or annual payments and create a more effective QR code marketing campaign.

This way, you’ll know just how far the software will support you in your business. Is it worth it?

See the complete comparison of QR code solutions below.

QR code solutions

Looking at the table above, these top-rated QR code generators lag behind QR TIGER. 

Though Beaconstac and QR Code Generator Pro offers far more competitive QR code solutions from Flowcode, GoQR, and MeQR, they still lack specific and advanced solutions that only QR TIGER has—and that is our most sought-after multi-URL and social media QR code solutions.

With the surge of social media users and e-commerce, QR TIGER sees this as a great opportunity to effectively help our clients through our dynamic social media QR code solution.

Grow your market, generate leads, boost conversion rates, and even open stronger possibilities through these in-demand features.

Moreover, the Multi-URL QR code is an enterprise-level QR code that allows its users to embed multiple URLs that can redirect scanners according to their locations, language, time of scanning, and after a certain number of scans.

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QR code security certifications and measures

Like every other technology in use today, QR codes are subject to fraudsters phishing for your personal details.

Does your QR code generator come with security certificates and other updated safety precautions to protect your business, customers, and sensitive data?

Let’s have a look.

QR code security

Out of the six software, only QR TIGER and Beaconstac have clear and legitimate security features in their software.

QR TIGER is the only software with an SSL and an ISO 27001 certification. 

ISO 27001 is the most well-known form of security certification, and it is required for any IT organization or institution.

This is composed of international guidelines that help businesses manage the safety and security of their assets more effectively.

Of all the top-rated QR code generators, QR TIGER is the only one that has received an ISO Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification.

QR TIGER’s ISO 27001 certification protects the system from cyber-attacks, malware, and other cyber scams.

On the other hand, the 5 QR code generators show a few basic security certificates.

This may be enough for some businesses, but it still concerns how well they want to protect their customers’ data and business.

Brand integrations for QR code generators

Before searching for a QR code generator, it always pays to look at the available integrations for your CRM and software.

QR code generators should assist end-users in easily managing workflows and monitoring acquired leads, especially in enterprise plans, for a centralized web-based application and third-party system integration.

Regarding integrations, you’re probably looking into Google Analytics, Zapier, and HubSpot. But will they make it easier to use QR codes?

Zapier can link up to 2,000 different apps to create an automated process.

Instead of performing several activities from various programs separately, Zapier helps you to handle multiple jobs more efficiently.

On the other hand, Google Analytics is a data tracking service that gives QR code generator users access to track the details of QR code scanners and viewers.

HubSpot is an email marketing tool that is quite popular with marketers. 

These are just some tools that can help you track and improve your marketing campaigns. Does your QR code generator support any of these?

How does QR TIGER compare to the top-rated QR code generators regarding brand integrations? Let’s see.

QR code integration

Enterprise-level software features

Your professional business strategy calls for professional, premium-level features.

Of course, you want nothing but the best experience when establishing your marketing strategy. But you can only achieve that if you find the software with the most advanced features.

The QR code generator should provide tools for smooth QR code handling.

Advance software features

In this case, QR TIGER, Beaconstac, and QR Code Generator Pro guarantee your business a seamless QR code campaign.

Valuable bulk QR code generation features

Small-scale and large-scale companies need the benefit of generating their QR codes in bulk.

To know which software stands out, let’s have a look:

Bulk QR code solution

Only Beaconstac and QR TIGER show transparency in the number of QR code solutions available for bulk generation.

However, only QR TIGER’s software supports a feature specific to product verification.

At QR TIGER, we see the increasing number of cases of counterfeit products as a clear threat to businesses.

To protect your IP rights, we’ve programmed a product authentication QR code tool that you can generate in bulk.

And this is one thing that even the famous top-rated QR code generators do not offer.

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User-friendly and convenient site

It’s not enough that QR code software offers a multitude of features. Their website also has to be customer-friendly.

Try checking out the homepage of the six QR code generators mentioned and ask yourself these questions:

Are you having trouble accessing the main page? Are the information available at a glance, or do you still need to click a couple of extra buttons to get there? Do you experience difficulties accessing the site via phone?

If it’s all a “Yes”, then you’ve probably landed at the wrong software.

QR code generator interface

Only three of the six software ticked all the boxes.

While Beaconstac, Flowcode, and GoQR developed a minimalistic webpage, they also have many tabs, buttons, and even pop-up menus.

Instead of confusing our consumers with many tabs and pop-up menus, QR TIGER, along with QR Code Generator Pro and MeQR, prominently display anything our clients would be interested in on the homepage. One example is our wide array of easy-to-use QR code solutions.

There are no pop-up menu tabs or buttons to confuse you. QR TIGER has a user-friendly website that is simple to access.

24/7 customer support availability

We all know that providing a competent customer support team is a top-tier requirement.

The best QR code software’s customer support team should be responsive 24/7.

Time is gold, and an unresponsive customer assistant could lose your business a lot of money.

QR TIGER vs. top-rated QR code generators made a disparity here.

You can contact our customer support here

Customer service

Who has the best pricing among QR TIGER vs. top-rated QR code generators?

QR code generators generally offer four subscription plans for their QR code solutions, features, software integrations, and costs.

In line with this, you might want to take a closer look at each tier and software and analyze which one is best for you.

Starter/Regular Plan

Let’s take a look at how the top-rated QR code generators stack up against QR TIGER’s Starter plan:

Regular plan

Advanced/Lite Plan

Here’s how QR TIGER compares to the five top-rated QR code generators in the second-tier subscription plan:

Advanced plan

Premium/PRO Plan

Premium plan

In line with the Premium plan, this is how QR TIGER sets the differences against the other QR code software:

While most software is cheaper than others, comparing these plans side-by-side may reveal that you are paying more than what you’re getting.

To know more about their subscription plans, especially for the enterprise level, you can simply contact their customer support team and learn more about the difference in pricing.

QR TIGER vs. top-rated QR code generators: Which is best for your business?

While it’s true that the more popular QR code generators have been in the business for years now, it can’t be denied that the sudden rise of QR TIGER in the market is a competitive addition to the list. 

Serving over 850,000 companies in 147 countries since our launch, QR TIGER has constantly proven that its software is reliable and worth considering, regardless of its tenure.

As presented in this comparison article, our QR code generator provides numerous QR code solutions, features, integrations, and a very professional pricing range compared to the top-rated ones. And we’re only getting started.

Want to experience what it’s like working with QR TIGER? You can start your free trial or immediately try our plans.

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