QR TIGER Product Updates for Q1 2024 You Shouldn’t Miss

Update:  January 15, 2024
QR TIGER Product Updates for Q1 2024 You Shouldn’t Miss

Always on the move towards constant innovation, QR TIGER has launched a bunch of product upgrades this year to help customers run effective QR code-powered campaigns even better.

As a way to further improve its overall performance, QR TIGER released new upgrades that customers can enjoy, like GPS QR code, URL QR code built-in UTM code generator, new QR code solutions, and more!

The new product features and functionality enhance user experience and help businesses create tailored and more engaging QR code marketing campaigns.

Read on to stay up-to-date with the latest QR TIGER product updates so you’ll know how to access the best possible product version and maximize the results of your campaigns.

QR TIGER product upgrades you should try in 2024

Since its rise, QR TIGER continues to be the leading QR code software online with the most advanced solutions and enterprise-level performance, making it the best QR code generator in the market.

Check out QR TIGER’s newest product updates and how they can help maximize your campaigns this year and beyond.

Here are the things you can now enjoy using the software:

Link in Bio QR code for social media 

QR code for social media

QR TIGER’s social media QR code now has a new product name: Link in Bio QR code.

Currently, this solution can store 30+ social media links in one QR code.

You can also upload a primary photo. The image needs to be 300 x 300 pixels with a 72 dpi limit. It’s the perfect size to make your profile picture or logo visible enough on your scanners’ mobile phones.

But there’s more. You can add header text, description text, customized background, select a theme, and add a popular widget (video, meta tags, or store hours).

Multi URL QR code geofencing

Multi URL QR code solution also had an upgrade. Before, users could only lead scanners to four scan redirections: time, location, language, and number of scans.

Now, multi URL QR code users can also lead scanners to different landing pages based on their specific scan area using the geofencing feature.

With this feature, you can add multiple links with different specific area accessibility. Hence, each link will have a specific area scan limit or scan boundary.

Landing page QR code

QR TIGER’s HTML or H5 editor QR code solution also got a new name: Landing page QR code.

A landing page QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that lets you create a fully customized mobile-optimized webpage or landing page without a website builder or buying a domain name.

You can also select from the pre-designed templates. This solution is brilliant for marketing or business use as users can add links, images, galleries, audio, video, and files.

New QR code solutions

QR TIGER has integrated new static QR codes into their website: SMS QR code, Event QR code, and Location QR code.

Before, these solutions were available only on their QR TIGER app. Now, users can create them on the QR TIGER website.

Here’s how they work:

  • SMS QR code. Stores a mobile phone number and pre-filled text message. Once scanned, the code leads them to the message app with the embedded information.
  • Event QR code. Stores event information like event title, venue, and duration (start and end time).
  • Location QR code. This static solution can store a specific geographical area based on longitude and latitude. Once scanned, it will open the Google Maps app or mapping service app to display the exact location.

New digital business card templates

Digital business card templates

Before, users could only use the default vCard QR code template. Now, users can choose a pre-design digital business card template.

And since the vCard QR code solution is dynamic, you can always change the business card template based on your desired design whenever you want.

vCard QR code Apple Wallet & Google Wallet integration

In addition to the vCard template, vCard QR code users can now directly integrate their customized digital business cards on Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Storing their vCard QR on Apple Wallet or Google Wallet allows users to instantly share their contact details, which ultimately helps expand their network whenever and wherever they go.

New QR code design elements

QR code art

QR TIGER is known for its impressive QR code customization tool and high-definition creative QR code designs. They recently added new QR code design elements: round QR code and eyes.

The round QR code frame and eyes aim to provide an alternative design option for QR codes and make them stand out more, especially for marketing campaigns.

The frame can be in any shape or design, and it is not necessarily related to the form or structure of the QR code itself.

Marketers can use it to add branding or other visual elements to the code, making it more appealing to users as it stands out from the typical square QR codes we see daily.

Edit QR code design

Aside from the new QR code design elements, you can now edit your existing QR code design or QR code template even after you generate it.

Introducing QR TIGER's new feature: Edit QR code design.

This newly-added feature lets you adjust and make changes to your generated QR code design. It's now easy to adjust your QR according to your campaign needs or campaign aesthetics.

Or, if you encounter any design-related QR code issues, you can easily fix them using this feature.

More QR code formats + resolution adjustments

To make your QR code creation experience better, you can now save your customized QR codes instantly in PNG, SVG, PDF, or EPS.

After selecting the QR code format you want, you can also adjust your QR code's resolution. There are five available options: 256px, 512px, 1024px, 2048px, 4k.

When generating the highest customized QR code quality, QR TIGER is the only way to go.

GPS QR code

GPS QR code is one of QR TIGER’s newly-added advanced dynamic QR code features. This feature allows users to track accurate scan locations.

By enabling GPS tracking, users can monitor which QR campaign or area generates the most scans and engagement.

However, this only works when the scanner permits the system to access the device’s GPS. Hence, you can only track the geolocation of each scan if they allow it.

Considering the safety and security concerns, scanners have the option to accept or decline the GPS tracking.

URL QR code built-in UTM code builder

Utm builder

QR TIGER recently added a new built-in dynamic URL QR code feature—the UTM builder or UTM code generator.

This feature lets you generate UTM codes for your links for a highly-precise campaign tracking on Google Analytics (GA4) or other analytics tools.

Since it’s built-in, you no longer have to use a third-party UTM tracking link generator for your campaigns.

What makes it even better? It’s editable. You can always modify, edit, or update your link and add or remove UTM parameters anytime.

Clone QR code

Dynamic QR code users can now duplicate their existing QR codes without a hassle using QR TIGER’s clone QR code feature.

Select a specific QR code from your account dashboard and simply click the Settings button, then click Clone QR code.

You can specify how many clones of your QR code you want. You can then assign each of them with different QR code settings. This feature is useful for uniform marketing campaigns or A/B testing.

Customized QR code link or short domain (white label)

One of the most effective ways to reach maximum QR code scans is to boost your QR codes’ credibility.

To do this, it’s better to reflect your branding in your QR codes. With QR TIGER’s QR code white label feature, your branded QR codes can have customized short links.

Instead of the default link, you’ll have qr.yourdomain.tld

White labeling doesn’t just give your QR codes identity; it also boosts credibility, ultimately helping you gain more scans.

3,000 bulk QR

Before, QR TIGER bulk QR users could only generate a maximum of 100 customized QR codes with logos in one go.

With the latest QR TIGER’s bulk QR code solution upgrade, users can now generate up to 3,000 custom QR codes—the most a QR code generator can create in just a few seconds in one QR batch.

QR TIGER is the way to go if we talk about speed and efficiency.

Templates Tiger

Free templates

QR TIGER goes beyond just QR code generation. QR TIGER launched a new platform—Templates Tiger.

Templates Tiger is a free template platform for digital business cards, A-frame, coasters, flyers, menus, posters, stickers, and more.

On its super intuitive website, you can also manually search for a template or filter them out based on format or category.

Once you select your desired template, you can easily customize the texts, images, and QR code. You can also choose a size before downloading your customized template for free.

QR TIGER Enterprise for teams

QR TIGER Enterprise users can now remove and add team members to one Enterprise account.

On the Settings, go to Team, and simply add users. You can assign each team member as Admin, Editor, or Viewer.

You can also assign each team member to a different custom domain you have. If you’re an Admin or Editor, you can modify each member’s settings, like edit or remove their details as a team member.

In addition, users can now manage their QR code campaigns hassle-free. They can now organize them into different folders.

Wi-Fi QR codes with empty passwords

Previously, the Wi-Fi QR codes could only be generated if the users entered all the required data in the QR code generator interface, such as the type of Wi-Fi security protocol, SSID, and Wi-Fi password.

This means that users can’t generate a Wi-Fi QR code if one data is lacking, especially the password.

But with the new feature update, QR TIGER allows users to create a Wi-Fi QR code without a password.

Monday.com QR code integration

Monday.com users can now enjoy using the QR TIGER QR Code Generator on the platform. This way, it’s so much easier for the users to convert their links into a scannable QR code.

With just a scan, team members can instantly access resources via smartphones.

Team members within your Monday boards and easily turn resource links to a QR code within the board. This way, they can instantly share and access mobile-accessible resources from the Monday board.

QR TIGER two-factor authentication

QR code security

Aside from using an email and password to log in, you can add two-factor authentication to ensure no one’s trying to use your account.

Once 2FA is activated, QR TIGER will send a 6-digit verification code to your mobile number via SMS or phone call every time you log in.

Here’s how you can activate two-factor authentication in QR TIGER:

  • On the QR TIGER homepage, click on My Account.
  • Choose Settings, then click Security.
  • Enable the two-factor authentication.

Get on top of your game with QR TIGER now

QR TIGER recognizes the importance of regular software updates to keep our customers happy.

With the new features, integrations, and security measures, QR TIGER helps businesses establish a stable, effective, and high-performing QR code campaign.

You’re sure to make the most of your subscription plan with the number of available QR code software features you can’t find anywhere else. Check out QR TIGER’s subscription plans and features today.

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