How to Scan QR Codes With an Android Phone

Update:  March 28, 2024
How to Scan QR Codes With an Android Phone

Learn how to effortlessly scan QR code on Android devices in this comprehensive guide—it’s not just a simple convenience—it’s a gateway to a world of information, deals, and experiences. 

In a digital age where quick access to information is paramount, knowing how to scan a QR code on your Android device can be a game-changer. 

However, not all Android devices have built-in QR code scanning capabilities, which may necessitate other apps. 

Whether your device lacks this feature or you’re searching for a QR code reader app that includes a QR code generator, we’ve got you covered. 

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Does your Android device have a built-in QR reader?

QR code scan

Generally, Android devices have a built-in QR code scanner. Android versions 8 and 9 can automatically scan QR codes without an app.

However, some older Android versions have yet to receive the latest update. In that case, how to scan QR codes on Android?

To check if your smartphone device can scan QR codes natively, here are the steps you should do:

  • Open your camera app 
  • Point it towards the QR code for 2-3 seconds
  • Click on the notification that appears to view the content

If nothing happens when you scan the QR code, it’s time to explore your camera settings. Look for an option related to QR code scanning. If you find it, you’re in luck – your Android device can indeed scan QR codes natively without using another app to scan QR codes. 

When your Android device does support a QR code reader, you’ll see a convenient pop-up notification on your smartphone screen as soon as you point the camera at the QR code. Click on it to effortlessly access the content contained within the QR code. 

Whether your device has native support or not, rest assured that there are convenient solutions available to help you make the most of QR codes in your digital experience.

How to scan QR codes with Android 8 and up

For Android 8 and up, scanning QR codes is a breeze, thanks to the built-in functionality of Google Lens. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your camera app and point it at the QR code.
  2. Click the link that pops up to access the content.

How to scan QR codes in Samsung Galaxy

  • Open your camera app and click Bixby Vision
  • Make sure you have enabled permission to proceed
  • If you have not, go to the settings to enable it
  • Use the camera to scan the QR Code and tap “Go” to access the content of a QR Code

How to scan QR codes with Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

  • Open the camera app
  • Point it to the QR code for 2-3 seconds to scan it
  • Tap on the notification that appears to view content.

Recommended free third-party apps on Google Play Store

For Android 7 and below, you can explore a handpicked selection of exceptional third-party applications available for free on the Google Play Store. 

Here’s a curated list of a sundry must-have app to scan QR codes and enhance your QR code experience without costing you a dime:

QR TIGER scanner and QR code generator app

QR code scanner

QR TIGER scanner app is a versatile and user-friendly QR code app that offers both generation and scanning capabilities. 

One standout feature of this app is that it comes completely free of intrusive ads, ensuring an uninterrupted and hassle-free experience for its users. 

With QR TIGER, you can scan QR codes swiftly and effortlessly. This app delivers rapid and accurate results, making it a convenient tool for anyone needing to access QR code content on the go.

Beyond scanning, QR TIGER empowers you to create custom-designed QR codes free of charge with its built-in QR code generator. Whether for personal use, business branding, or marketing purposes, you can quickly generate QR codes with your unique touch.

Having earned an impressive overall rating of 4.8, QR TIGER has garnered the trust and satisfaction of its users.

“What an advanced QR Code reader and generator rolled into one! It provides you with multiple options when generating your QR Code. The features available here are not found with the other QR code app. Definitely switching into this!”
-Sawyer Stafford

Barcode scanner app

The Barcode Scanner app offers a cost-effective solution for scanning barcodes and QR codes on Android or smartphone devices. 

It’s available as a free download, making it accessible to many users. However, it’s worth noting that the free version of the app comes with displayed ads, which can occasionally interrupt your scanning experience.

If you prefer an ad-free experience or plan to use the app for professional purposes, the Barcode Scanner offers two convenient options:

Remove Ads for $0.99: You can eliminate the ads from the app for a nominal fee of just $0.99. It ensures a smoother and uninterrupted scanning process, making it ideal for personal use.

Professional version for $3.99: If you require advanced features or intend to use the app extensively for professional or business-related tasks, you can opt for the professional version, available at around $3.99. This version meets the users’ needs, relying on barcode scanning for more robust purposes.

“I love this scanner, but it gives a flash in n’ out that doesn’t let me hit the scan button. Sometimes, the scans get deleted if there is a way to store the barcodes automatically until you manually delete them. That would be awesome!!!”
-Leo Diaz

QR Reader

QR reader is a convenient and cost-effective QR code reader application for free download. 

One of the noteworthy aspects of a QR reader is its accessibility. It’s readily available for download without any associated costs, making it an attractive choice for Android users looking for a no-frills QR code scanning solution.

QR reader has garnered an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. This rating reflects the feedback and experiences of users. 

It’s worth emphasizing that the QR reader is specifically for Android devices only. 

Unfortunately, it’s not available for iPhone users. This limitation is essential to consider when choosing a QR code reader, as compatibility with your device is crucial in ensuring a seamless experience.

“QR READER Works great. Simple to use. I use it at the Staten Island Mall all the time.”
-Jim Stevenson

How to scan QR codes on Android using popular apps

These popular apps not only enrich your daily digital experience but also provide handy QR code scanning capabilities. 

Unlocking the potential of QR codes on your Android device can be a game-changer, especially when you discover that some of your everyday apps can do much more than you might have realized.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest, known for its visual inspiration, offers a fantastic feature called Lens Visual Discovery. 

With this feature, you can scan QR codes to unlock a world of valuable actions. Point your camera at the QR code, and Pinterest will provide relevant and inspiring content.

2. Shazam

Shazam, the renowned music identification app, goes beyond its primary function. 

It allows you to read QR codes and interact with engaging, extensive, and exclusive content or offers. 

Additionally, you can use Shazam to make purchases and easily share exciting finds with friends using QR codes.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat, with over 108 million users, is a powerhouse in the world of social media. But did you know that the Android version of Snapchat can scan QR codes? 

It’s a convenient feature that opens up new possibilities. Point your camera at the QR code, and you’ll receive a pop-up notification. Click on it to explore and access the content contained within the QR code.

Lists of some of the most used QR code types

URL QR code

The URL QR code, undoubtedly one of the most widely adopted types of QR code solutions in marketing and business, opens up a world of online engagement and promotion possibilities. 

This QR code feature gives you the power to effortlessly generate a URL or website QR code for any specific landing page you desire. This code becomes a virtual gateway, directing your target audience to your chosen destination.

File QR code

When users scan the File QR code, it grants them immediate access to PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, MP3s, or MP4s directly on their smartphone devices.

Moreover, it allows them to promptly save this information to their smartphones, providing a seamless and efficient experience. 

With a reliable file QR code generator, you can provide highly convenient cataloging purposes and be an ideal tool for effortlessly sharing a wide range of information with your targeted customers.

vCard QR code

A vCard QR Code is a more professional type of business card that lets you conveniently share more valuable information about yourself with your targeted clients.

It maximizes your chances for future contacts as it allows you to include multiple details using a vCard QR code such as:

  • Name, organization, title
  • Phone (work, private, mobile)
  • Fax, Email, Website
  • Street, City, Zipcode
  • State, Country
  • Profile picture
  • Personal Description
  • Social media links

When your vCard QR code is scanned, users can immediately download your information or data to their smartphones! 

WiFi QR Code

A WiFi QR code is a clever and convenient solution that simplifies connecting to a wireless network, eliminating the need to manually enter lengthy and often complex passwords. 

With this QR code solution, users can effortlessly access the internet by scanning the code with their mobile device’s camera.

Multi URL QR code

If you want to expand your marketing and business campaign on an international scale, a Multi URL QR code is the perfect solution!

This QR code feature caters to different audiences with different languages. The user will be redirected to a specific website based on his country, time, location, and device.

 If you run an international company or online store, you can expand your reach even more with a Multi URL QR code.

App Store QR code

The App Store QR code is a dynamic tool that streamlines the process of getting your app into the hands of potential users. 

This QR code directly links to app marketplaces, such as the Apple App Store, Android Play Store, or Amazon App Store, depending on the user’s smartphone device.

Scanning the App Store QR code instantly redirects users to the app store corresponding to their specific device, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience while eliminating any guesswork or confusion.

Social Media QR code

When scanning the social media QR code, it displays all of the user’s social media channels, such as:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • URL
  • Quora
  • Snapchat
  • Yelp and many more!

This QR code solution is useful for social media influencers or digital marketers who want to boost their social media presence and further their reach.

Using a social media QR code will make it easy for your followers to follow you instantly on your social media platforms.

Landing Page QR code

Landing Page QR code or the webpage QR code is suitable for any type of business or service that wants to make an instant straight web page about their products or services.

Simply put, finding necessary and detailed information about your business is more accessible through the Landing page QR code.

Furthermore, you can easily set it up and change the content of your Landing Page QR code anytime there’s an update.

Scanning QR codes: A gateway to seamless digital information

With the knowledge of how to effortlessly scan QR codes on your Android device, you can now access the digital world at your fingertips.

Most Android apps designed for QR code detection will readily respond to these straightforward steps, ensuring that scanning your QR code is a breeze.

But what if you want to do more than scan? Do you want to create customized QR codes for free, adding your unique touch to the digital landscape? 

Look no further than QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator. With QR TIGER, you can easily craft personalized QR codes, tailoring them to your specific needs and creative ideas.

Explore, create, and connect with the power of QR codes using QR TIGER today.


How do I scan a QR code with my Android phone?

To scan a QR code with your Android phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your camera app.
  • Point your camera to the QR code you want to scan, ensuring it’s well-framed within the viewfinder.
  • Wait for your phone to recognize the QR code automatically. 
  • Once recognized, you’ll typically receive a pop-up notification with relevant information or a link associated with the QR code.
  • Tap on the notification to access the content or follow the linkbrands using QR codes
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