How to use social media QR code generator

Last updated:   January 24, 2022

A social media QR code generator is a tool used to generate a social media QR code that connects all of your social media channels together in a QR.

By scanning the social media QR using a smartphone gadget, your social media profiles will display directly to the user's mobile screen. 

As the number of social media active users increases to 4.41 billion by 2025, how can social media QR codes help you increase and grow your social media circle of followers?

With the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the number of virtual interactions increases.  

Because of that, these social media networks have become one of the most go-to sites. Through these interactions, we are able to connect the western and eastern hemispheres. 

Along with its lustrous success, social media give rise to the birth of social media influencers and technopreneurs.

Because of that, these people are able to make a living out of entertaining their followers in their social media posts. 

For the technopreneurs side, they are able to share their success stories and help people grow their brands. Through this, they are able to build a community where success and happiness are their key goals.

Because of its extraordinary success in the digital realm, QR code experts formulate a new QR code solution that can help to start influencers to expand its community. 

By deploying the use of social media QR code generators, starting influencers can unlock a new achievement and increase their family. 

If you are interested in this QR code solution, here are the basic concepts and mechanisms on how a social media QR code generator works.

What is a social media QR code generator?

A social media QR code generator is a type of QR code generator that generates social media QR codes. This type of QR code solution houses different social media platforms into one QR code. 

This allows users to scroll through the owner’s social media handles and follow or subscribe to them. In this way, they can easily follow their daily lives without the need to individually search for them.

This type of QR code generator creates dynamic QR codes that allow users to edit their content even after they have downloaded it and place it on paper.

Also, it has a tracking feature that allows them to track pertinent scan data in real-time. Scan data like the timeline of the scans made, the device used in scanning, location of the scan, and the number of scans.

What social media sites can a social media QR code handle?

social media qr code While you can also create an individual QR code for each and one of your social media, a social media QR code is handier to use.

The sites this QR code can handle can range from Facebook to China’s renowned social media sites like QQ and Weibo.

These social media sites have unique critical roles that an individual is looking up to. Because of this, more users engage in these different platforms to keep up with people’s different engagements.

Through this, users are able to connect with people with different and the same convictions.

To further elaborate on the sites social media QR codes can handle, here is the following list:


Facebook is the most popular social media site today. As most of the social media users use Facebook, connecting yourself with these users can help you widen your community.


Instagram is popular for its simple yet interactive photo-sharing interface and it has a built-in photo editing tool.


youtube qr code

Youtube is a famous video-sharing platform that has 2 billion active users. It is one of the fast-growing community that allows users to become an influencer with its video contents. 


It is a social media platform for the business community. Here, you can interact with other businesses and create great impressions by uploading your content. 

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A social media platform that pins ideas right into your boards. This pin and board platform allows DIYers and other planning individuals to get ideas from other users.


WhatsApp is Facebook’s instant messaging app that has a whopping two billion users to date. This app allows users to send messages, voice clips, files to other users, and groups to have intensive discussions.


Just like WhatsApp, Line offers an interactive messaging platform. But the thing that makes Line unique from WhatsApp is its ability to host mini-games for users to play and compete with their friends.


Twitter is a social networking platform that uses short text styles called “tweets”. It is used to let users disseminate information by tweeting or retweeting them and engage with the latest trends.


Originally a telecommunications application with its ability to provide video chats and voice calls between computers.

Nowadays, thanks to its instant messaging integration, Skype has become one of the go-to applications of businesses online.


Snapchat is a social media platform that uses different lenses to capture moments and share them via Snapchat stories or chats.

This social media app is an instant messaging app that lets users share their creative clips with their friends.


Yelp is not your typical social media platform but the main focus of connecting with people is present.

This platform works through gathering reviews of restaurants, and food delivery services from other users and comparing these reviews.

Through these reviews, people are able to interact with each other and start a healthy discussion on the food places they’ve reviewed.

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As there are tons of social media sites out there, sometimes the QR code generator is having a hard time including them.

This is the reason why the URL category exists in the social media QR code generator. Through this, you can either attach your other social media handling or your website.


Reddit is a social media platform where users share content with their communities through the use of subreddits. This social media platform runs through a system where another user upvotes or downvotes your content.


Medium is an online platform that specializes in publishing stories that can spark interest to people.


Quora is a question-and-answer platform where users exchange their thoughts and ideas about a certain topic.


QQ is China’s multi-integrated instant messaging app developed by Tencent. This app integrates the use of online services such as games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and group and voice chat messaging. 


Meetup is an online service used by online groups to plan an in-person event with similar interests. It is the digital version of event organizing.


Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing app where users are showcasing their creative skills in editing videos on this platform. It is one of the most used social media platforms today with 800 million active users.

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How to generate a social media QR code?

1. Open a QR code generator.

social media qr code QRTIGER is a trusted and reliable QR code generator that also offers the use of social media QR code generator software. 

This QR code generator has a simple, straightforward, and intuitive generation interface where people aging 10-70 years old can easily generate their QR codes.

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2. Select the Social media category and fill in your social media accounts.

social media qr code generator

After you have opened a QR code generator, you can then proceed in selecting the social media category. From that point on, you can then fill in all your social media accounts from Facebook to Reddit.

3. Generate and customize your QR code.

Once you are done filling up the required fields, you can now generate and customize your QR code.

Through customizing your QR code, you can create brand awareness for people and increase its scanning rate by 30%. You can customize your QR code by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

Also, you can add your logo and call-to-action tags.

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4. Test your QR code.

After you have generated and personalized your social media QR code, you must run a series of scanning tests to ensure its scannability.

In this way, you can detect any scanning errors and correct them before deploying them in print and digital platforms.

5. Download and Post your QR code.

qr code generator with logo

Once you are done with testing and correcting any errors with your QR code, you can proceed in downloading and posting them on your print and digital platforms. 

To ensure its scanning capability works at 100%, download your QR code in a vector format like the SVG format.

When posting your social media QR code on the print platform, you should always consider the correct printing guidelines to ensure the increasing number of scans.

Use Cases of Social media QR code


qr code on social media postWith the surge of social media usage today, restaurants from established to rookie ones gain their shares of impressions from their customers on social media.

Because of that, restauranteurs are integrating the use of social media in promoting their business.

Through this, businesses become popular in their area. With the use of social media QR codes, their social media customer magnet strategy increases.



It’s no secret that businesses use QR codes in their business operations. Because of that, they are able to save enough funds with less development cost.

By integrating its various QR code solutions including social media QR code, they establish their reputation and pioneer the future of business engagements. 


Educators of today use social media to inspire more people. Because of that, influencers in the education sector are finding new means of increasing their teaching scope in social media. One of these solutions is through the use of social media QR codes.

Real Estate

undefinedReal estate agencies establish their connections through the use of social media sites. Because of that, many realtors are using social media QR codes in promoting their agency and increase the chance of getting their properties sold.

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undefinedTourist spots have become popular thanks to social media. Because of that, tourism in areas featured in social media has a flourishing economy and is now maintaining it.

By incorporating the use of social media QR codes in sharing their experience with the world by posting it on the place’s social media pages.

Through this, tourists can directly go to the place’s social media page without the need of typing it in the social media search bar.

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Benefits of Social Media QR code

Social media QR code in Poster: more room for design

Social media QR codes are great in making a poster with a minimalistic design. Because of that, users can create their posters that don’t have to flood their follow section with numerous social media usernames.

Through this, poster designers can make room for more creative sections with less wordy sections.

Connect more people from different social media platforms


Social media QR codes are a great portal in connecting more people from different social media platforms.

By just letting them scan your social media QR code, they can automatically open the social media platforms that they are associated with and add you. 

This way, the time spent in individual searching you on different social media sites lessen and go straight to interacting with you. 

Track data that keeps you ahead of others

qr code tracking Social media QR codes are dynamic. Since it is a dynamic QR code, it allows users to track data that they can use to be ahead of others.

Because of that, users can take advantage of its usage by tracking the number of scans made, the device used in scanning, location, and date of the scans in real-time.

Thus, giving QR codes a more competitive edge against others. 

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Simplify adding processes

Adding one person to different social media platforms can be tiresome, the use of social media QR codes simplifies them. Because of that, experts are recommending the use of it to social media influencers.

Through scanning these QR codes, people can automatically go to your social media profile without the need for individually searching you on social media.

Through this, people won’t have to go spend more time searching for your social media profiles.

Can be scanned in digital and print platform

One great thing about social media QR codes is that it is available in two platforms, digital and print.

With its advantages, you can increase the chance of growing your social media circle and gather more audiences from print to digital platforms.

Use a Social media generator of QR code to accelerate your social media presence! 

QR code solutions like social media QR codes are a great tool in accelerating your social media growth.

With the help of the best QR code generator like QRTIGER, the possibilities with social media QR codes are limitless. 

To start your journey with QR codes, and unlock more solutions with them, you can generate it here.

If you have more questions about QR codes, you can contact us directly now! 

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