How to Generate Your Twitter QR Code in 5 Steps

Last updated:   February 17, 2023

With 152 million monetizable daily users globally, how can a twitter QR code increase your followers? What are the tips for making one?.

With its unique ways of getting in touch with other users, the microblogging social media network can garner more than 100 million users around the world.

In the business industry, businesses and companies use Twitter to promote the products and services by creating tweets and retweets from other users with the same interest.

Because of that, they can increase their followers and customers at the same time.

If you are starting your way with Twitter and is looking for a faster way to gain more followers, then the use of the Twitter QR code generator will help you do so.

By carefully learning the basic concepts in making one, you can reap the benefits it holds.

What is a Twitter QR code?

Twitter QR code

A Twitter QR code is a QR code solution that embeds a Twitter profile link inside a QR code.

This solution is useful to let other people who are or not on Twitter know the trending tweet or your Twitter profile.

Through the use of it, users can let their followers from other social media platforms know more about your latest Twitter update.

This kind of QR code is also great for increasing one’s Twitter followers by placing them in their other social media posts, and their product’s packaging or advertisements.

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How to use a Twitter QR code generator

Before you increase your Twitter followers with QR codes, you must create a Twitter QR code generator, here are the 6 simple steps. 

1. Open a Twitter QR code generator online

Firstly, you must open a Twitter QR code generator. To open one, you must first look for a reputable and reliable QR code generator like QRTIGER.

QRTIGER has an ad-free and easy-to-create QR code generation interface. By using it, people can easily create their QR codes with ease and convenience.

2. Select the URL category, paste your Twitter link, then generate in dynamic

Twitter QR code generator After you have opened the QR code generator, select the URL category, and paste your Twitter profile link. 

For greater access with your QR code, QR code experts recommend you to generate your QR code in a dynamic state.

In this way, you can unlock more features.

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3. Personalize your QR code

Customizable twitter QR code

When you create a Twitter QR code, make sure it is customized. 

To get more QR code scans, QR code experts recommend personalizing and customizing your QR code. By customizing your QR code you can choose a set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors or tryout some design templates.

For a more professional look, adding your logo and call to action to the design can yield reliability. 

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4. Test your QR code

Before you proceed in downloading and posting your QR code, run a QR code test scan to ensure that the link you are embedding is correct.

In this way, you will detect any issues with the QR code you are generating.

5. Download and post

Download QR code svgOnce you are satisfied with your QR code tests, you can proceed in downloading your QR code and post them in your social media and or product packaging.

To ensure that your Twitter QR code is not blurry or pixelated when printed, downloading it in a vector format like SVG is highly recommended.

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Why you should go with a dynamic Twitter QR code when you generate it using a Twitter QR code generator?

For brands and marketers who want to make the most out of their Twitter QR code, going dynamic is the right way to go.

Where they can reap more features than the traditional static QR codes, here are 4 reasons why you should go with dynamic Twitter QR code.


Editable dynamic QR codeOne of the reasons why marketers and brands should use dynamic QR codes is because of their ability to change the data it contains, even after it is generated and printed.

Because of that, they can correct any content mistake without the need of replacing the QR codes in their existing placements.

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Trackable dynamic QR codeOne way to ensure that you are getting positive results from your QR codes is by tracking them.

This is one of the reasons why marketers and brands should use dynamic QR codes is because of their ability to measure the effectiveness of their dynamic Twitter QR code.

The data that you can track with these types of QR codes are the following:

The number of scans made – these are the total number of the scans made in your QR code.

Timeline of the scans made – the timeline can be the number of scans made by day, week, month, or year.

The device used in scanning – the device used in scanning the QR code can be categorized by its operating system: IOS, Android, or PC.

Location of the scan – the location of the scan is identified by region, country, and city.

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Dynamic QR code cost efficientDynamic QR codes are cost-efficient. Thanks to its ability to edit and change content, brands, and marketers can use their QR codes without the need for producing and printing new ones.

Through this, they can save money and resources for their marketing campaigns and as well as in their social media campaigns. You can look at the pricing here. 

Great for long-term usage

QR code sustainable long time

Businesses always think of ways to keep their operations afloat for a long time. Because of that, they need a tool that can provide them long-term usage.

With the use of dynamic QR codes, they can always update their content and use them for seasonal social media campaigns.

In this way, they can increase use them in the long run as they can be edited and have a high error correction level.

Use cases of Twitter QR codes

Twitter is one of the great ways to connect with people online. For marketers and businesses, Twitter is used by them to engage with its customers and to announce the latest product teasers and releases.

As they can be useful to increase your Twitter engagements and followings, here are 5 use cases of Twitter QR codes that you can follow through.

Real Estate

Twitter QR code real estate

Realtors today are using Twitter to post new properties on sale to users. It is their way to increase their engagement with their existing and future clients.

As the competition between realtors has come online, the need for a faster new way to acquire more Twitter followers intensifies.

By adding Twitter QR codes in their posters, standees, and brochures, people can automatically follow them and not miss out on any best property deals.

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Twitter QR code restaurants

One great way to announce a restaurant’s new delicacies is by using social media. As restaurants gain recognition from restaurant reviews and social media, the use of Twitter QR codes is a great means of increasing the number of followers and customers.


Museums love to throw historical facts of the things they exhibit on Twitter. Because of that, many of them are applying new means of increasing their Twitter followers. By embedding Twitter QR codes in their leaflets, visitors can engage and connect with them online. 


Twitter QR codes can be placed in your business’ product packaging and prompt them to follow you on this platform. By placing them in the right packaging area, people will follow through your business Twitter and let them engage with your latest tweets.


Event QR code

One way to announce upcoming events and collaborations is through tweeting them. As social media is one of their ways to increase the number of customers, the use of Twitter QR codes can be a great way to increase their Twitter followers.

Benefits of Twitter QR codes

By properly placing and utilizing the use of QR codes, marketers and businesses can reap 5 notable benefits from it. And the benefits you can get are as follows.

Increases engagement with people

QR code increase engagementTwitter is made to bring people with similar interests to start an interaction.

Even if you are an established icon on Twitter or just started to get the hang of it, the use of Twitter QR codes allows people to easily communicate with you and exchange ideas.

In this way, you can automatically let them engage with you without the need of searching your username on Twitter.

Increase follower count

QR code increase followersThe use of QR codes can easily let people automatically go to your profile and interact with you by following and engaging in your tweets. Because of this convenience, you can increase your number of followers.

Easy and convenient

For easy and convenient Twitter plugs, the use of QR codes is the best tool to use them.

With its scan, view, and follow prompt, people can easily go through your Twitter feed and follow you for more updates.


QR code cost efficientQR codes are cost-efficient. As they require minimum spending's in creating and printing them, you can increase your followers and engagements.

In this way, you can save more funds and make room for other users.

Works anywhere

Even if your customers don’t have the Twitter app installed on their phones, Twitter QR codes still allow them to view your Twitter profile through the use of a browser.

Because of that, they can always be updated by your latest tweets by following and engaging with you.

Tips in making the most out of your Twitter QR code when creating with a Twitter QR code generator

When using the Twitter QR codes in your social media promotions or campaigns, QR code experts recommend their users to follow tips on how to make the most out of their QR codes.

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1. Check if you are linking a correct Twitter profile

To get the most out of your Twitter QR code, embedding the right content is important as it can make a difference to people’s scanning experience.

Because of that, QR code experts always prompt their users to run a scan test on their QR codes and check if they are linking the right content. 

Directing them to the wrong content can cause a great problem with other users.

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2. Match your QR code with your brand

QR code with logoOne way to make your Twitter QR code get more scans is by matching its QR code design to your brand.

By using the QR code generators customization tools, you can make your QR code more scannable and look professional by choosing a QR code design, and add your logo and call to action.

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3. Consider the right QR code size

QR code minimum size
If you are planning to print your QR code on paper or have it posted on billboards and advertising posts, the QR code’s size plays an important role in maintaining its scannability.

Because of that, QR code experts recommend the QR code dimension of 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 in x 0.8 in) as the minimum QR code size for print papers such as magazines, flyers, and brochures.

For QR codes that require a scanning distance of more than 10 feet, the QR code size formula is the recommended formula for you to follow.

The scanning formula states, ” distance of the QR code from the scanner divided by 10."

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4. Choose the right QR code placement

After you have set the right QR code size, the next thing you need to do is to consider its placement.

As some QR codes are placed in areas where people will have a hard time scanning them, QR experts are discouraging other users to place these codes in these areas.

To maintain the QR code’s scannability, the QR code experts recommend you place your QR code on a flat surface and away from areas that can have creases or folds.

Also, placing them at eye level can easily let the scanner recognize the QR code without any hassle.

5. Print your QR code in high quality

QR code svg format

As you will be deploying some of your QR codes in print paper and packagings, printing them in high quality is a must.

To have a high quality printed QR codes, QR code experts recommend users to download their QR codes in SVG format.

In this way, you can maintain your QR codes scannability and avoid any blurry or pixelated printed design.

Create a Twitter QR code with QRTIGER today

You can create your Twitter QR code today if you use an online QR code generator like QRTIGER.

With a QR code, users can try the best possible means to upgrade their customer’s social media interaction and unlock more possibilities along their QR code journey.

Connect to other users via QR codes for Twitter today. 

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Related terms

Twitter QR code generator

A Twitter QR code generator is a software that allows you to generate QR code for Twitter with ease and convenience.

To choose a reputable and reliable QR code generator, you have to consider various factors like a user-friendly QR code generation interface and an option to make dynamic or editable QR codes. 

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