Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrades Camera App: Scan QR Codes Now

Update:  February 17, 2024
Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrades Camera App: Scan QR Codes Now

Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 26052 in the Canary and Dev Channels with an upgraded Camera app that can scan Wi-Fi QR Codes

Insiders on the Canary and Dev channels have just received the Windows 11 Build 26052 preview update from Microsoft. 

This latest version incorporates a lot of improved features and offers consumers a more polished and user-friendly computer experience.

It includes the Camera app’s QR scanning feature that allows users to scan a Wi-Fi QR code to connect to a network easily.

The recent upgrade further improves their main operating system and enhances their app’s Settings, Bluetooth, and Graphics.

What’s new in Windows 11 Build 26052

The recent upgrade of Microsoft Windows 11 brought about many changes.

They released build 26052.1000 for those devices in the Canary Channel and build 26052.1100 for those in the Dev Channel.

Similar to other software updates, Windows 11 Build 26052 incorporates several performance optimizations and bug fixes to enhance the user experience and improve its dependability. 

Among the features introduced is the redesigned start menu in which the start menu is now situated in the center—giving a clean, sleek, and modern look with quick power option access. 

The update also included great improvements on the multitasking capabilities of the software to make it easier for users to manage multiple applications and windows with efficiency at the same time. 

Another notable new feature they introduced is the integration of the Linux “sudo” command function, making administrative tasks easier and bringing significant improvements in catering to users with hearing impairments by enhancing accessibility features. 

In addition, they also introduced new customization options that enables the users to personalize their desktop according to their preferences and enhance the snap layouts feature to provide a more flexible desktop when it comes to organizing.

As Microsoft continues to refine and evolve Windows 11, users can expect upgrades that will further enhance the software’s capabilities and performance. 

Microsoft’s Windows 11 takes QR code scanning to the next level with their new camera feature

Windows 11 scanner

Windows 11 has made great strides in user-friendliness by including QR code scanning capabilities, meeting the evolving needs of users in an increasingly digitally dependent world.

The ability to scan QR codes quickly using your phone’s camera greatly enhances user comfort and efficiency, especially as they grow more common in many areas including restaurant industry, ticketing, information exchange, retail, and marketing.

With this function, it is now possible to quickly connect to a network using the camera app and a QR code that contains Wi-Fi credentials.

Users can create a unique Wi-Fi QR code that allows them to easily share their network. To help with that, it is better to use an advanced QR code generator online.

Easy QR code scanning on Microsoft Windows 11

The Microsoft Windows 11 update made it easier for users to scan Wi-Fi QR codes using the built-in camera app.

As an added bonus, this function works with any iOS or Android smartphone that can scan Wi-Fi QR codes.

The users can now easily scan Wi-Fi networks by opening their Windows Camera app and switching them to camera mode since camera apps are, by default, in photo mode.

The scanning will then take place by positioning the QR code within the camera’s viewfinder and making sure that the QR code is well-lit and clear.

After it detects and recognizes the QR code, click on the camera app so it can trigger the associated action and information encoded in the QR code 

Users can now then follow the on-screen prompts to proceed and that’s it! A successful wifi QR code scan on the Windows 11 camera app.

By following these steps, it’s now easy to harness the power of QR codes in Windows 11, further improving users’ computer experience.

Wi-Fi QR code generator: Redefining technological convenience

The rise of QR codes is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. 

QR codes are now widely used across various industries, offering innovative solutions and streamlining operations. They were initially designed to track vehicle parts however, their potential for a wider range of applications became apparent.

From retail and marketing to facilitating medication management and public transportation services. Even educational institutions use QR codes for student attendance tracking and resource access.

The Microsoft company is also on with the trend of QR code usage as their latest upgrade included easy Wi-Fi scanning on their camera app.

Do you encounter inconvenience when attempting to connect to Wi-Fi networks, particularly when certain networks fail to appear? You can now access them with ease while you’re in your seat, letting it do the work for you.

QR codes have now firmly entrenched themselves as a cornerstone of modern technological convenience, and their significance is likely to grow even further in the years to come.

Brands using QR codes

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