Adobe QR Code vs. QR TIGER QR Code: Which is Better?

Update:  May 13, 2024
Adobe QR Code vs. QR TIGER QR Code: Which is Better?

Are you a QR code aficionado torn between Adobe QR code vs. QR TIGER QR code for the best generator choice?

Since both generators vary in features and offerings, we understand the struggle of users when deciding which one to choose.

Sometimes, the lack of a generator benchmark also contributes to wrong decision-making when choosing.

So, to save you from such a dilemma and help you choose the best software for you and your business, here’s a comparison guide you can look at.

Keep reading and check out the important factors that make the best QR code generator choice. 

QR code from Adobe generator: How does it work?

How do QR codes work and how do you generate one? 

QR codes are smartphone-scannable 2D barcodes that can store a range of information, from URLs and text to contact information and custom landing pages. You can create a QR code using a free or paid QR code software online. 

Adobe Express also has its own free QR code maker. You can access this through the Adobe Express website, where you can transform any link into a QR code and make a few modifications using its limited customization offers.

But the question is: Is this enough to call Adobe the best QR code-maker choice when there are other QR code makers like QR TIGER, which offer cutting-edge QR code technology?

Let’s get to know these QR code generators better.

Generator feature comparison guide: Adobe QR code vs. QR TIGER QR code

QR tiger and adobe comparison

In choosing a QR code software, there are five things you should first look at to ensure failsafe, quality QR codes.

Availability of both static and dynamic QR codes

A QR code generator must offer both static and dynamic QR codes. This flexibility allows users to pick the right QR code for a specific purpose.

Static ones are fit for permanently embedded data—those that do not need editing or updates and are free. Do free QR codes expire? They don’t; they last forever.

Meanwhile, dynamic QR codes have more advanced features that make them preferable for marketing and advertising campaigns. 

How do dynamic QR codes work? These QR codes allow you to edit, track, add a password, and set expiry on them. 

QR TIGER lets you create both static and dynamic codes. A QR code from Adobe’s generator, unfortunately, offers only the static kind.

Offered QR code solutions

A QR code maker must provide a wide array of tools and solutions. We’re talking about specific destination links that lead to digital business cards, links, social media, video, and landing pages.

Having the ability to create various types of QR codes with a single subscription gives more value for your money.

Between Adobe QR code vs. QR TIGER QR code, QR TIGER offers more QR code solutions. It has a total of 20 QR code solutions, letting you create a video QR code for ads or a Link in Bio QR code for your social media handles.  

With Adobe, you can only use a URL QR code solution and nothing more.

Customization features

Typical black-and-white QR codes are everywhere, so go for a QR code software that lets your code stand out. Consider a generator that enables you to modify the colors, style, shape, and overall look of the QR.

With these features, you can create differently themed QR codes to match certain campaigns or events, giving them an edge over other codes.

While Adobe offers a few QR code customization options, it’s only limited to three pattern and frame choices, two eye styles, and five solid colors.

With QR TIGER, you can do more. There are lots of templates to use, or you can make a custom one from scratch.

Software review sites ProductHunt, Sourceforge, and G2 have, in fact, named QR TIGER as the top performer and most innovative QR code software with logo customization for its features and comprehensive customization tools.

Free account inclusions

Most users would sign up for a free account before upgrading to a paid subscription. Ideally, a free account should allow one to explore and discover what a QR code generator can truly offer. 

It should allow you to give different QR code solutions and QR code types a try. Otherwise, you don’t get a clear picture of how a software can help you achieve your personal or business goals. 

Even though Adobe’s generator is free, it has nothing else to offer aside from a static QR code.

With QR TIGER’s freemium version, you can already enjoy unlimited static QR code generation and scans plus three dynamic QR codes that are good for up to 500 scans each, enough for you to explore some of the best solutions without paying a cent.

Advanced QR code features

It’s also important that your QR codes have advanced features, like retargeting, translation, and analytics—all in one.

A QR code software must be language-flexible to cater to different users worldwide, which makes translation a must.

Between Adobe QR code generator vs. QR TIGER QR code generator, only the latter has a retargeting feature to specifically help businesses in converting previously attracted customers to complete their purchases.

This retargeting works through Facebook Pixel ID and Google Tag Manager. You can also monitor the performance of your QR code via Google Analytics integration.

Plus, the GPS QR code feature lets you get the precise location details of your scanners and even set the scanning proximity of your QR codes.

Adobe QR codes, on the other hand, lack all of these advanced features.

How to create a QR code with QR TIGER

  1. Go to the QR TIGER website. Sign in to your account. You can sign up for the freemium version if you don’t have an account yet.
  2. Choose any QR code solution you wish to use.
  3. Provide the required details and fill out the information box.
  4. Click on the generate QR code button.
  5. Customize your QR code using the available features: colors, eyes, frames, patterns, logo, and call to action
  6. Run a test scan to check if your QR code works properly.
  7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

Why go for QR TIGER QR Code Generator?

QR code generator

Clearly, QR TIGER is packed with all the features you need to create well-rounded and quality QR codes, as the comparison above shows. But did you know that QR TIGER has more to offer?

Check out the points below that would justify more why QR TIGER should be your best choice.

Security and safety

Secured QR code generator

QR TIGER is an SSL and ISO 27001-certified platform, as well as CCPA and GDPR-compliant.

This means that QR TIGER strictly follows and conforms to the standards set by the international authorities in handling and protecting customers’ data privacy.

You can ensure that your data and your customers’ is safe and protected when using QR TIGER.

Bulk generation

QR TIGER allows you to create QR codes in bulk to save you from the hassle of generating codes one by one. Through the bulk generator, you can produce up to 3,000 QR codes with a single file upload.

However, this is not applicable to all QR code solutions; you can only produce bulk codes when using URL, vCard, and text QR code solutions.

You need to create a CSV file first with the needed details, then go to QR TIGER’s bulk generator, and voila! Multiple QR codes in one press.

Responsive customer service

Customers on websites like Trustpilot have praised QR TIGER’s customer service, which is very evident in its commitment to providing round-the-clock support.

Their Customer Success team makes sure they answer queries in a timely manner.

Integrations with other software

QR code integrations

A great QR code software is one with integrations with multiple software. This helps you manage through other tasks without jumping from one tab to another.

In QR TIGER, there’s Canva, Zapier, Google Analytics,, and HubSpot integration.

For instance, when you enable the integration between QR TIGER and Canva, it will allow you to add QR codes on your designs immediately—you no longer have to open a new tab and sign in to your QR TIGER account. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Plan pricing flexibility

In total, QR TIGER offers three plans: Regular, Advanced, and Premium. Each plan varies in inclusions and is tailored to match your QR code requirements at a reasonable price. 

For as low as $7 a month, you get to enjoy a number of dynamic QR codes, scans, and integrations.

Having a flexible pricing plan allows customers from all walks of life to still experience and enjoy the convenience of QR code technology.

The best QR code generator

It’s not enough that your QR code software can generate a QR code. A QR code’s job does not end with the generation itself; it still has to serve its purpose of attracting users and converting leads.

That’s why a software must have sufficient features to achieve these. This makes your personal and business goals easier to achieve.

When comparing Adobe QR code generator vs. QR TIGER QR code generator, the difference in features and offerings is highly evident.

QR TIGER’s flexibility allows users to explore more of the QR code technology—which is a must in order to create effective campaigns. It is a combination of technology and compassion for users.

For the best QR code generator choice, subscribe to QR TIGER now and discover the endless possibilities that come with each code.

Frequently asked questions

Are all QR code generators the same?

No, QR generators vary in many ways. Different generators offer different services and solutions.

Some generators offer enough solutions but lack customization, and some have enough customization but lack advanced features. 

Only a few of them offer full bundles that you can greatly benefit from; that’s why choosing the best one is tricky.

Do Adobe QR codes expire?

No. Adobe only generates static QR codes—the kind of QR code that does not expire. However, the features are only limited, and compared to dynamic, static QR codes have no room for editing or tracking.

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