How to create a bulk QR Code in 6 steps!

Last updated:   November 24, 2021

Using a bulk QR code, you can generate hundreds of QR codes ALL AT ONCE  without having to generate them one by one!

So if you need to generate more QR codes in one go, What are you going to do about it? Worry no more! That’s where bulk QR codes will serve you the right purpose for this. 

What is a Bulk QR code? 

bulk qr code

What if you need to generate multiple QR codes at a time? Supposed,  you need to generate multiple unique URLs in one go, or have multiple vCard QR codes for your employees? 

Or maybe you’re organizing an event and you want all participants to have specific and unique QR codes in their name tags. 

You might also need unique information for a group of products you are marketing.

Probably you also want to add various and unique QR codes to various brochures and pamphlets that you will be giving out! 

This is now how a bulk QR code will come in handy! Using a bulk QR code, you can generate hundreds of unique QR codes at the same time! 

But wait, before you generate your bulk QR codes hastily, let us first discuss first what are the types of QR code solutions you can generate in bulk!

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What are the types of Bulk QR codes can you generate  with a Batch QR code generator from Excel ?

URL (dynamic QR)

This is used to generate unique URL QR codes in bulk. Download sample template here.

vCard (dynamic QR)

This is used to generate unique vCard QR codes in bulk. Download the template vCard QR code here.

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URL with the number and log-in authentication (dynamic QR)

This is used to generate unique URL QR codes with the number and log-in authentication codes in bulk. Download the template here.

Number (static QR)

This is used to generate unique number QR codes in bulk. Download sample template here.

Text (static QR)

This is used to generate unique text QR codes in bulk. Download sample template here.

After downloading the template for your needed solution, edit it to your own information and make sure to save it as a CSV file and upload it to the bulk QR code solution. 

Static QR code vs Dynamic QR code

While text and number QR code are static QR code, this means you can create your QR code in bulk for both solutions for free.

However, you cannot track your QR code scans and edit your information in the static form.

On the other hand, URL, vCard and URL with the number and log-in authentication bulk QR, only allows you to generate your bulk QR for these solutions in a dynamic mode, as this allows for a heavy file storage, editing and tracking your QR codes.

Using the dynamic QR for your QR codes in bulk, your information is also stored in the QR code generator dashboard where you can edit your bulk QR information (just click on the “track data” button, > “bulk campaign data” > select which bulk campaign > go to details > click edit and replaced data). 

How to create a bulk QR Code with logo

  • go to
  • click to Bulk QR 
  • upload the CSV file of your desired solution
  • click generate bulk QR code and enter the desired amount
  • customize your QR code and add a logo
  • download and deploy

You can also contact us for further assistance for the type of bulk QR code you want to generate.

Video: How does Bulk QR code work? 

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Best practices you should follow when generating your Bulk QR code

1. Call-to-Actionbulk qr codes call to action

People need to know what something will do in order to spark interest. So instead of just having your QR code image displayed, add something that will catch their attention.

Common call-to-action is “scan to know more” or “scan to win”. Those few words set the difference between boring and engaging.

In addition to that, a call-to-action make sure it’s brief and concise but sparks interest at the same time. 

2. Put It Where It Matters


Always place them in strategic locations. If it can’t be seen, it can’t be scanned.

The most common mistake by business owners is having them really small at the corner of posters or printed mediums, giving the impression that it is insignificant.

Breakaway from this common practice and instead treat QR codes as the highlight of your mediums. Make them big enough and put them where they can be easily seen.

3. Design Always Mattersbulk qr codes design

With QR codes usually coming in black and white and in a formal manner, it is easy for people to treat these complex figures like barcodes, simply there for technical purposes and beyond the use of the average person.

Especially when you’re printing bulk QR codes, the tendency is that you will forget the design and aesthetic of these helpful tools.

With the right QR code generator, you will be able to stir away from this problem.

With QRTiger you will be able  to add your logo, change color, and so much more, allowing your image to stand out and spark immediate interest. 

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Bulk QR code: Generating multiple unique QR codes in one go!

Generating QR codes one by one tends to become very difficult and very hectic. Yes, we understand. It’ll give you the worst headache.

Large companies sometimes even need to hire people just to generate QR codes separately for each individual product, website page, or service, right?

But with the advent of bulk QR code solution it has been made possible to create multiple and unique QR codes in one go.

Users can easily generate hundreds of QR codes at once all embedded with appropriate information.

With that being said, it is important to choose a bulk QR code generator that can generate hundreds or maybe thousands of QR codes; a generator that doesn’t compromise quality and won’t dive into mass production problems.

How to Create QR Codes in Bulk? A step-by-step guide

Use a credible QR code generator online

There are a few QR code generators out there that provide you the accessibility to import QR codes using a CSV file in an appropriate format.

The CSV file might contain the QR code URL, services, product/services name, pricing, contact, etc. Note that a bulk QR code generator might need you to compile CSV in an appropriate format.

Here’s how you can make QR codes in bulk. 

1. Go to


Although you need a subscription account to access the bulk QR code generator, trust us, it’s definitely worth it.

2. Create a List

Create a list in excel with URLs, save as a CSV file, and upload or choose an ‘amount’ of unique QR codes you want to generate. Or you can just download the template provided above change it to your information.

3. Click

Click “Bulk QR code”

4. Customize your QR codes

bulk qr codes custom qr codesChange the design of your QR code, personalize a bit, and hit download. You can choose patterns, change the eyes, add a logo, and change colors in the customizing portion of the bulk QR code generator.

5. Zipped File Now In Your Hands

Your QR codes will be downloaded in a .zip file. Extract it, print them or add them to wherever you need them to be and you’re good to go.

Generating QR codes in bulk also saves you a lot of time while providing a bridge between the online and offline world to your consumers.

The best thing is that you can track data of all your QR codes in Bulk and that you can update your URL anytime to any other URL using dynamic QR codes.

(Your bulk QR code is saved in .zip folder in your computer and QR code generator online)

Generate your bulk QR codes with QRTiger QR code generator today!

Today, QR codes are incorporated everywhere including tickets, passes, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers, etc. Even some well-known organizations and multinational companies are making use of QR codes on their packaging.

A QR code might only seem a set of black-and-white squares with a few lines of information, but modern QR code generators let you keep track of the scanners.

A QR code generator with a logo can help you track the device type, location, time, date, and other statistics when scanned.

It’s easy with QRTiger to create QR codes in bulk. 

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Related terms

Batch QR code generator from Excel

A batch QR code generator from Excel allows you to create QR codes in bulk. It eliminates the hassle of creating QR codes individually.

Using the most advanced QR code software that can generate QR codes in bulk, you can save a lot of time and resources. 

Bulk QR code generator Excel

The most advanced bulk QR code generator from Excel allows you to create URL QR code, vCard, Text, Number, and URL QR code with authentication login and serial number in bulk.

This means that even if you have a lot of URLs to convert into a QR code, you don't have to generate it one by one.