HubSpot Integration: How to Create QR Codes Directly on HubSpot CRM

Update:  August 11, 2023
HubSpot Integration: How to Create QR Codes Directly on HubSpot CRM

QR TIGER integration enables you to generate & send QR codes directly from HubSpot CRM.

Using our QR code generator online, you can make and customize QR codes in the style of your choice.

You can add your logo to engage your scanners and promote brand awareness.

Setting Up HubSpot QR code integration

Here’s how to use QR TIGER’s Hubspot integration. Before you can start generating and sending QR codes for HubSpot, you need to make sure you’ve installed the QR TIGER HubSpot app in your organization.

1. Install

To install, you can either go to our app’s installation page or you can visit the Hubspot integration page and click Request to connect.

2. Connect Account

Enter your QR TIGER API key and click Continue. You will be redirected to Hubspot. Login and choose your HubSpot account. Click Open. If the connection was successful, you will see the following message:

“Hubspot account successfully linked. You may now close this window.”

Using our Integration: HubSpot QR code generator

1. Go to contacts

To use our QR code integration, go to Contacts, and select the contact you want to send a customized QR code.

2. Click on Send QR Code

In the right-side panel of your contact’s timeline, find the QR TIGER QR Code Generator widget box, then select Send QR Code to open the HubSpot QR Code software.

3. Create and personalize your QR code

A window will pop up. Enter the URL you want your QR code to redirect to. After that, click Generate QR Code. This should open the customization page.

4. Email or Download

You can choose to download your QR code or email it to your contact’s email.

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