BitPay Wallet Uses QR Codes for Bitcoin Transactions

Update:  September 15, 2023
BitPay Wallet Uses QR Codes for Bitcoin Transactions

BitPay Wallet, formerly Copay, now integrates QR code technology for its cryptocurrency transactions.

You can now send and receive Bitcoin currencies and pay BitPay invoices using their in-app QR codes.

What is BitPay Wallet

BitPay Wallet is an application software established in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

It is intended for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency services such as paying, receiving, sending, and storing. Now, merchants can make cashless payments via QR codes.

You can access your BitPay account using the internet browser or through their app available for Android and iPhone users.

This app also allows you to organize and store a wide range of cryptocurrencies in wallets such as Ethereum, Binance, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, and more.

Using the BitPay app, cryptocurrency traders can conveniently deposit their coins to their bank accounts and pay for purchases in stores accepting crypto coins as payments.

What’s beneficial about using BitPay for this type of transaction is that it charges less than credit and debit cards.

While credit card processing fees range from 1.5% to 3.5% per transaction, BitPay charges only 1%, allowing merchants to save and enjoy their profit.

And the best part is that the app follows tight security.

There is two-factor authentication, and they also provide you with 12 random words that you should note and store somewhere for security purposes.

Online businesses that accept cryptocurrency can also take payments from their customers across borders.

BitPay allows a borderless payment method that connects merchants and customers.

Bitcoin payments are received using mobile devices or the computer, making the app a very convenient tool for businesses.

How to send Bitcoin using the BitPay QR code

If you want to send Bitcoin balances, follow these steps:

1. Launch the BitPay app.

Bitpay app

2. Choose the wallet you wish to use for sending the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin walletYou can use your Bitcoin wallet or the shared or multisignature (multisig) wallet.

3. Tap the Send button.

Send amount

4. Enter the receiver’s Bitcoin Wallet address or scan the receiver’s QR code.

Bitpay QR code

To use the receiver’s address, ask them to manually copy-paste the address and send it to you via SMS, email, or other online messaging platforms.

Now you may wonder "how do I scan a BitPay QR code?" It's easy. 

Just make sure that your BitPay QR code scanner is synced with your phone camera. Hover your phone’s rear camera on the receiver’s QR code.

5. Input the amount you want to send. Slide the function key to the right to confirm.

Confirm transactionYour screen will display all your current transactions. Once the payment is done, a popup confirmation will appear on your screen.

How to use BitPay QR code to pay BitPay invoice

Paying your BitPay invoices is the same as sending Bitcoin to other merchants.

You first choose the wallet and cryptocurrency you want to use for your payment.

Then, fill out the payment details in your preferred wallet.

You can either use your receiver’s wallet address or a QR code to pay.

To finish the invoice payment, confirm the transaction on your BitPay homepage.

How to receive Bitcoin on the BitPay app

Here’s how you can receive a Bitcoin balance using BitPay:

1. Login to your BitPay Wallet account.

2. Choose a wallet that will receive the cryptocurrency transaction.

Bitpay walletDepending on your preference, you can choose between your personal or shared Bitcoin Wallet.

Your chosen wallet is where you’ll be storing or receiving your Bitcoin currency.

3. A security reminder will pop up on the screen. Tap ‘I understand’ to proceed.

4. The QR code and your wallet address will appear on the screen. You can use both to complete the transaction.

Scan bitpay QR code

You can use the QR code or your Bitcoin wallet link address as a mode of transaction.

To use and scan the QR code, the sender must use the BitPay QR code scanner on the screen’s upper right corner.

If the QR code scanner or phone camera is not working, they can use your wallet link address instead.

You can copy-paste and manually send your wallet address through SMS, email, or other messaging platforms.

Your sender can then manually input your wallet address to send you a Bitcoin balance.

5. Check your Bitcoin Wallet balance on the homepage.

Bitcoin homepage

Make sure that the exact balance is reflected or added to your wallet.

You can check this on your BitPay homepage.

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