Adding Choices and Add-ons to Your Online Menu Using MENU TIGER

Update:  May 29, 2023
Adding Choices and Add-ons to Your Online Menu Using MENU TIGER

You can upsell your food items by adding choices and add-ons to your online menu using MENU TIGER.

Most customers want to have options to adjust their orders according to their tastes and preferences.

However, too many choices may lead to choice overload, according to researchers from Columbia and Stanford University.

They found that it overwhelms a customer and makes it more difficult for them to decide.

Instead of adding a lot of food items, why not improve your food items by creating add-ons and modifiers? 

Add-ons and food modifiers list are a great way to help your customers create more customized dine-in menu orders.

The menu hierarchy

These are the levels you can create to organize your online menu:

Food category and food item

A food category is a group containing all the food and beverage items on your tiger food category click Salad, Appetizers, Soup, Dessert, etc., are food categories.

On the other hand, food and drink items on your digital menu are collectively called food items.

For instance, in a Salad category, the possible food items you can add are Chicken salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, etc.

Modifier group 

A modifier group is a personalization category you can use to organize your choices and add-ons (modifiers).menu tiger modifier group

Additionally, a modifier group can be categorized as optional or required.

An optional modifier group contains modifiers that customers can choose to add or skip upon ordering. 

On the other hand, a required modifier group contains modifiers that customers must include to complete and place their orders.

Customers must select an option from the required modifiers group to proceed with their orders. Therefore, required modifiers increase the value of a customer’s order and boost the restaurant’s revenue.

Steak doneness, Drinks add-ons, Choice of salad dressings, and Choice of cheese, among others, are modifier groups that restaurants can opt for as optional or required.

These modifiers make browsing and editing the digital menu easier since it is already sorted out.

Suppose all food items can use the same modifier group. In that case, you can directly add a modifier category to a food category. Otherwise, individually add a food modifiers list to specific food items.


Modifiers are choices and add-ons that customers can customize their orders according to their preferences.

There are two types of modifiers—choices/options and add-ons/extras.

1. Choices and options

Choices and options are required choices customers must pick before placing an order. They may or may not have a tiger modifier choices optionsFor instance, in steak doneness, you can add rare, medium-rare, medium-well, and well-done choices. 

2. Add-ons and extras

menu tiger modifier add-ons Add-ons and extras are additional ingredients or items customers can add to customize their orders. Most of the time, this modifier includes an additional fee.

An example is an extra coleslaw or add-on fries to a double patty cheeseburger.

How to add choices and add-ons to your online menu

Create a modifier group

First, establish the modifier groups for your choices and add-ons before adding them to food categories or food tiger create modifier group On the MENU TIGER admin panel, go to Menu, then proceed to Modifiers.

Click on Add and name your add-ons group.

Select a modifier group type

Choose between an optional or a required modifier group. 

For optional modifier groups:

Select the Optional button for non-compulsory items

For required modifier groups:

Select the Required button for necessary modifiers.

Then, input the force minimum and force maximum values per order.

The force minimum value must be at least 1, while the force maximum value depends on the type of modifiers you plan on adding to the group.

For example, if you want to allow customers to add up to 2 sauces to their orders, then input 1 as force minimum value and 2 as force maximum value.

For options that require only 1 response per order, like upsizing drinks or selecting steak doneness, input a force minimum value of 1 and a force maximum value of 1.

Enable/disable adding the same choice multiple times

Tick the Allow adding same choice multiple times checkbox to enable customers to choose a modifier from the optional or required modifier groups more than once per order.

List choices and add-ons

menu tiger add-ons list
Then, after creating a name for your food modifiers list, click Add and input all modifiers or choices and add-ons. You can add as much as you want.

Set the price 

menu tiger add-ons price and unitFinally, set the price. 

Click Save

menu tiger click saveWhen everything is set, click Save.

Double check modifiers 

Check if your modifiers are functioning correctly on your customer app. 

Click the customer app view on the upper right corner of your MENU TIGER admin dashboard.

Note: Localize your add-ons and modifiers to different languages to accommodate foreign customers. To choose the languages of your modifiers, go to the Website section and then proceed to General settings.

Also, the indicator beside each modifier/add-on indicates the item’s availability. Swipe the indicator on and off according to the availability.

Adding choices and add-ons to a food category

Click Menu, then go to Foods.

Next, choose a food category, then click the edit icon beside it.adding add-ons to food categoryThen select the modifier group you want to add to the selected food category. Click Save.

The modifier group you have selected and all its add-ons and choices will automatically reflect all items in the selected food list.

If you want to be more exact, add a food modifiers list containing add-ons and choices for a specific food item.

Adding choices and add-ons to a food item

Go to Menu, then select the Food category to which the food item belongs.adding add-ons to food itemNext, click the edit icon beside the selected food item.

Then, select the modifier or add-ons group you want to add. Click Save.

MENU TIGER: A multi-feature online menu maker

No user training period required

With its instinctive dashboard, restaurants may not need to train their staff on how to use the MENU TIGER dashboard.

staff checking orders menu tiger

It’s easy and fun to use. Anyone with a basic understanding of technology can use MENU TIGER to create a digital menu, no-code website, and fulfill digital orders from customers.

Most people can use it

Apart from restaurant staff, MENU TIGER’s interactive restaurant menu is user-friendly for customers, too.old people ordering online menu tiger Hence, most customers can use its intuitive digital menu regardless of their age and background.

Mobile optimized for convenience 

Customers can use MENU TIGER’s digital menu for digital menu ordering through their mobile ordering menu tiger table tent On the other hand, the restaurant staff can configure their digital menu anytime and anywhere through their mobile and computer devices.

Customizable digital menu and menu QR code

MENU TIGER helps restaurants create a customized digital menu according to their laptop editing menu tiger qr logoAlso, restaurants can create a branded menu QR code with their logo. 

Related: How to customize a menu QR code: a step-by-step guide 

Promotes contactless restaurant transaction

menu tiger stripe payment integrationCustomers can fully transact through their mobile devices. They can order and pay online through MENU TIGER’s PayPal and stripe payment integration using their mobile phones.

Make a digital menu with choices and add-ons online with MENU TIGER

Different customers have different tastes and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for creating the perfect dish that all customers will love. 

However, you can always create add-ons and choices to help your customers customize their orders according to their preferences.

Create your best digital menu with add-ons and choices today with MENU TIGER and get 14 days on us to any paid subscription plan! No credit card needed.

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