How to Customize a Menu QR Code: 6 Easy Steps

Update:  May 29, 2023

Menu QR code became widely used when restaurants and other F&B businesses integrated digital menus into their service operations.

Additionally, QR codes for your restaurant’s menu are customizable according to your restaurant branding. 

Interactive digital menu software like MENU TIGER allows F&B industries to customize the QR code pattern and color, eye shape and color, and even the QR code frame and call to action.

QR code menus are essential to restaurants and other food and beverage businesses as they redirect customers to their digital menus. 

Instead of handling a bulky physical food list or manually typing a link for the restaurant’s digital food list, customers can scan the QR code menu on their table. 

Both an interactive digital menu and a digital menu can use a QR code menu.

Interactive digital menu vs. Digital menu 

An interactive digital menu and a digital menu are nearly the same, but each has a distinct quality.

Interactive digital menu

An interactive digital menu is an upgrade to the traditional view-only digital browsing digital menu table tent menu qr code

It allows customers to order and pay through the menu using their mobile devices. 

Customers don’t need to download a third-party app to scan or order through an interactive digital menu.

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Digital menu

croissant table tent menu qr code
A digital menu is commonly a one-way electronic version of a restaurant menu.

There are three kinds of digital menus: PDF, JPEG, and H5.

In a digital menu, customers can only view the digital menu. Customers can neither order nor pay.

How to customize your menu QR code

Select store.

menu tiger storesOn the MENU TIGER panel, go to Stores and click the store branch where you want to customize the QR code menu. Then click the “Customize QR” icon and the modal view of the QR code customization will appear.

Add your logo to menu QR code.

menu tiger add logo to menu qr code
To place a logo at the center, upload your restaurant’s logo in PNG and JPEG format.

Choose the data and eye patterns.

menu tiger choose data and eye patternsCustomize the appearance of your QR code data and eye pattern to different shapes like squares, circles, diamonds, etc.

Set the colors of your menu QR code

Select the data pattern colors, single or dual color gradient, that best represents your brand and is dark enough to be recognized by QR code scanners.

The default eye color is similar to the color of the data pattern. However, users can enable the eye color and customize the inner and outer eye color.

Lastly, select a color lighter than your pattern color for your background.

You can generate a simple QR code alone, but adding a frame and call-to-action phrases can increase its attractiveness and scannability.

Add a frame.

Choose a frame design and set your frame tiger add frame to menu qr codeFinally, add a frame text or CTA phrase like “Scan Menu,” “Scan for Menu,” “Menu? Scan Me”, etc., to direct or prompt your customers to scan your QR code menu.

Preview and test your menu QR code.

After setting the number of tables, click the preview icon on the left side of the download button of each QR code.Try scanning your customized QR code menu to know if it is scannable and working correctly.

The QR code will redirect you to the online ordering page with its corresponding table number for easy order tracking.

Tips for customizing your menu QR code

Tip #1: Dark pattern on light background

“The foreground color of a QR code is always darker than the background color” is a rule of thumb when customizing a menu QR qr code dark pattern light backgroundLow contrast QR codes may appear faded and fail to distinguish the foreground from the background.

Light colors like yellow, light blue, lime, and pastel colors are discouraged by QR code experts since they can create scanning delays. It is possible that you are generating an unscannable QR code if you disregard this concept. 

Thus, it is better to make the foreground of your QR code darker than its background.

Tip #2: Spacious QR code pattern

Converting a lot of information like a digital food list into a QR code, especially in a static format, might make a QR code pattern look congested, thus it would also result to an unscannable QR code.spacious menu qr code patternMENU TIGER stores restaurant menu data in a dynamic format rather than a static one.

Dynamic menu QR codes are easily editable without changing the generated code, and the pattern looks spacious. 

Tip #3: Print in the proper size 

A menu QR code that is too small can create a scanning qr code proper size

A printed QR code menu should be at least 3 cm by 3 cm (1.18 in x 1.18 in), the standard size for short-range scanning.

Tip #4: High-resolution QR code menu 

A low-resolution QR code may appear blurry, making it more difficult for scanning software to read. It could be due to a format resolution that isn’t compatible.

Hence, if you download a low quality file, then it would be an unscannable QR code. This is because it lack the high quality resolution that allows smartphone devices to easily detect the code.

You can download the created menu QR code in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. 

Tip #5: Avoid over customization 

While customizing a menu QR code is a great way to show that QR codes can be fun and colorful aside from the usual black and white, over-customizing them can lead to scanning issues.over customized menu qr code Inverting QR code colors, picking unscannable QR code patterns, and eye shapes are all examples of over-customizing a menu QR code.

Why choose MENU TIGER?

Aside from customizing your menu QR, here’s how you use MENU TIGER for your digital menu:

Intuitive dashboard 

MENU TIGER’s dashboard is generally straightforward and easy to operate, restaurant personnel may quickly learn how to utilize them.

Mobile-friendly menu

Because most restaurant guests scan QR codes with their smartphones and tablets, MENU TIGER’s digital menu is already set in mobile phone digital menuThis makes ordering via their phones, tablets, or iPads more convenient.

Menu updates reflect in real-time 

One issue with the classic physical menu is its difficulty in keeping the menu up to date.

However, in interactive digital menus, you can add a different set of menus for different occasions and seasons.

You can also update your digital menu based on the availability of items and supplies in your kitchen with changes reflected in real-time. 

MENU TIGER’s menu QR codes are in a dynamic format, hence you can update your digital food list whenever.

Promotes quicker table turnover

Slow table turnover is one reason that contributes to low sales.

With MENU TIGER, customers can order and pay directly from their phones and tablets using an interactive digital menu.Direct interactive menu ordering, along with faster prep and serving times, can result in faster table turnover and pleased guests.

Build and customize a no-code website

MENU TIGER enables restaurants to create and design their own no-code website that represents their branding identity, allowing them to expand their marketing strategy into the digital realm and have an online presence.

No-code websites are not only convenient but also cost-effective, as restaurant owners may avoid employing a web developer.

Ensures contactless transaction

menu qr code contactless transactionThe MENU TIGER end-to-end software solution creates an interactive digital menu so customers can conveniently order and pay.

Restaurant customers can directly order and pay through their mobile devices. 

Depending on their mode of payment choice, they can pay with cash or through MENU TIGER’s mobile payment integration like Stripe, PayPal, and Google Pay.

Boost staff productivity

Restaurant servers won’t have to juggle menus and orders, serving meals and drinks, retrieving the bill, and collecting money.table tent menu qr code staff productivityWith a digital menu, a server’s role will be narrowed to greeting clients, bringing meals and drinks, and, most likely, collecting payment from cash-paying customers.

This will help them get the most out of their time, save energy, and reduce the possibility of human error.

Create an attractive menu QR code with MENU TIGER

Building a complete brand is often challenging for restaurant owners, as many of them seem to focus their attention more on the interior and exterior design. 

Customizing the QR code for your restaurant food list is a minute detail that most restaurants overlook. 

However, customizing your menu QR code can effectively promote and embody your brand even in the slightest detail such as adding your logo.

Customize your restaurant’s QR code menu with MENU TIGER today! 

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