How to create a customized interactive restaurant menu

Last updated:   June 29, 2022

Have a hard time making your interactive restaurant menu on-brand and professional-looking? There are tips and ways to make your QR code-powered digital menu aligned to your restaurant branding.

Presenting a consistent look of your digital menu sets you apart from your competitors and drives customer loyalty. 

Furthermore, you can increase customer interactions by properly designing your menu QR codes.

In this article, let's take a look on how to create your restaurant menu using an interactive menu QR code software.

Interactive Restaurant Menu QR Code Software: A technological innovation

The food business industry can run business operations smoothly with an interactive restaurant menu QR code software. It provides an end-to-end service provider solution that offers seamless operations while creating a customized digital menu.

This digital menu is scannable or accessed via QR customized codes by potential customers.Girl at cafe with menu qr code This software also helps your restaurant build an online presence and cater to your customers’ needs with today’s innovation.

You can make a scannable restaurant menu, monitor orders in the dashboard, receive customer feedback, and accept payments through online payment integrations, all in just one platform.

It also gives you access to a digital platform that fulfills your restaurant’s best offers of ordering system features. Thus, it helps you to provide the best customer experience with an digital menu generated by this software.

So, what is the best interactive restaurant menu QR code software in the digital market that provides these services?

MENU TIGER is an interactive restaurant menu QR code software that offers affordable and advanced restaurant menu systems that upscale your restaurant operations.

Essential features offered by MENU TIGER can provide modernized operations to your restaurant, which upscales your competitive digital menu and order fulfillment system features.

Customizing digital menu QR codes with a logo can help your restaurant maximize its branding capacity by personalizing the menu QR code with the color palette, logo, and a call-to-action statement. It also lets you design and custom-build your website with this software.

MENU TIGER also offers online payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal. It allows you to create multiple stores in one account and manage a complete ordering system since the software does not commission its offered services.

Moreover, it can also make you assign specific and distinct workload access to your staff.

As an advantage, MENU TIGER also lets you run retargeting campaigns to set up promotion upselling for your business.

Aside from the seamless order fulfillment system features, it also helps your restaurant build an online presence and branding. Thus, the MENU TIGER software assists your restaurant in making a website and a customized digital menu.

Before diving into how to customize the your digital menu, let us first create an account for your restaurant business. Here are the steps on how to create a restaurant menu using MENU TIGER.

1. Go to and create an account for your restaurant business.

sign up in menu tiger

2. Go to Stores section and proceed creating your store.

add store menu tiger admin panel3.Customize your menu QR code first. Then set the number of tables and download each unique QR code.

customize menu qr code menu tiger

4. Then click the Users tab beside the Tables tab to add users or admin to each of your store.

add users and admins in menu tiger

5. Set up the digital menu by adding categories and its respective food list. You can add food description, set its prices, include ingredient warnings, and upload images.  

set up digital menu in menu tiger

6. Go to Modifiers subsection to add modifier groups for the categories or food list. Then go back to Menu so you can edit which category or food list you'll add the modifiers. 

add modifier groups digital menu

7. Custom-built the restaurant’s website to build an online presence.custom-built the restaurant’s website

8. Set up the payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and Cash.

setup payment integration in menu tiger

9. Track orders in the MENU TIGER software dashboard and fulfill your customers’ meal orders.

track orders menu tiger order panel

MENU TIGER lets you create a custom menu restaurant from its software and customize QR codes befitting your restaurant’s branding. By customizing, you can add a logo, switch up the color scheme, and add a call-to-action statement engaging your potential customers.

In other words, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software is the future of the restaurant industry. It provides a seamless order fulfillment system, customizable digital menu and helps you build an online presence for your restaurant to boost more customer engagements.

MENU TIGER helps you spice up your digital menu, and here are the steps to guide you.

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Steps in customizing your interactive restaurant menus with MENU TIGER

Customizing an digital menu reinforces the branding identity of your restaurant. MENU TIGER can customize menu QR codes with QRTIGER and personalize your digital menu. Moreover, this brings innovation and a new medium to improve restaurant operations and customer service.

It also showcases new concepts and ideas regarding your restaurant to increase its efficiency and customer engagement. It helps your business stand out from the generic brick-and-mortar restaurants that offer traditional menus.

Your restaurant can be the epitome of a brighter future that incorporates technological innovation in your restaurant operations. It does not just make you create a brand of your restaurant and attracts a broader scope of target customers to dine in your restaurant.

Here are the steps in customizing your digital menu:

  1. Open your existing MENU TIGER account.
  2. Go to the Stores section on the left side of your dashboard.
  3. Select the store you want to customize your interactive restaurant menu QR code.
  4. Click the QR code customization icon on the right side of your screen.
  5. Upload an image for your restaurant logo.
  6. Choose your interactive restaurant menu QR code’s pattern, eye, and frame.
  7. Select the color you want to incorporate in your digital menu QR code to match your restaurant’s color scheme.
  8. Add a Call-to-Action.
  9. Set the number of tables. Then generate the respective interactive restaurant menu QR code per table.
  10. Download each QR code and display it on your restaurant table.

Since you already customized and generated your interactive restaurant menu QR code for your business, you can now open your restaurant to potential customers and offer seamless transactions with the MENU TIGER’s order fulfillment system.

However, there are a few things you need to consider in customizing your interactive restaurant menu QR code.

Rules in creating customized interactive restaurant menu QR code

Incorporating an interactive restaurant menu QR code can be overwhelming. You might mixed up incompatible colors or make errors in generating a menu QR code.

However, MENU TIGER gives you some tips on creating a customized interactive restaurant menu QR code.

Be Informative

Your interactive restaurant menu QR code can confuse your customers. It is necessary to add enough information to let your customers know what it is for.waiter fixing forks with a menu qr code at table You may incorporate some promotions or compelling and striking information about your restaurant inside your interactive restaurant menu QR code. Your online menu is a reflection of your restaurant’s reputation, thus make it as professional and on-brand as much as possible.

Add a Call-to-Action

It may sound cliché, but your restaurant needs to incorporate a call-to-action on the generated interactive restaurant menu QR code. This will guide your potential customers to scan the code directly and not wait for a staff to take their orders.waiter cleaning with menu qr code at table The call-to-action statement must be short. This will make your customers scan the code and know what the QR code is meant for.

Create a brand design

Gone are those days with the traditional menu or even black and white QR codes. With MENU TIGER’s new integration, you can customize your interactive restaurant menu QR code consistent with your brand identity. 

Some color palettes might not complement each other, so make sure to customize your QR code with complimenting foreground and background colors to avoid scanning errors.

table with menu qr code Remember that an interactive restaurant menu QR code that matches your restaurant’s brand provides an identity and helps you stand out from your restaurant competitors.

Moreover, this also paves a way to offer excellent communication and restaurant strategy in engaging more customers.

Test your code

It is essential to do a test drive before deploying your interactive restaurant menu QR code. This way, you'll be able to know if you have properly assigned the QR codes to your restaurant tables.

man scanning qr code

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Create your customized interactive restaurant menu QR code today

The restaurant industry has adapted to the technological innovation today, which provides seamless and effective restaurant operations while also boosting its online presence to reach more customers.

However, the dull and bland digital menu is not attractive and engaging to potential customers.

That is MENU TIGER, interactive restaurant menu QR code software that offers services that help your restaurant expand its online presence while also running efficient restaurant operations with less human resources.

By that, a customized interactive restaurant menu QR code can contribute to your restaurant’s branding. It lets you stand out from your competitors while also providing seamless customer transactions.

So what are you waiting for? Create your customized interactive restaurant menu QR code with MENU TIGER today.