How to Make a Custom QR Code Landing Page in 7 Steps

Update:  February 08, 2024
How to Make a Custom QR Code Landing Page in 7 Steps

Using the custom landing page QR code solution, you can make your own custom webpage optimized for mobile users.

You don’t need to pay for a domain or hosting, which saves you more time and money.

So how does this work? Let’s find out!

With 3.8 billion people in the world owning a smartphone device, it is no longer surprising that most of the online searches are coming from smartphone devices more than desktop computers.

But with most landing pages and websites not well-optimized for smartphone devices, it can take a little longer for a page to load.

This problem ends up frustrating most of the searchers, letting them bounce back from their search query. 

Unless you have perfected the web designing course and you already are an expert, the web page QR is something you should consider first.

With billions of people having access to the internet, a fast and easy to load landing page makes a huge and positive impact on your online business to attract more customers. 

What is a custom QR code landing page?

Landing page QR code

Instead of purchasing for a domain or hosting, custom QR code landing page is an alternative to making your own landing page using the QR code technology. 

A web page QR code or the landing page QR code allows you to create a QR code landing page, and this is generated using a QR code generator software online.

This solution is mostly used in real-estate, business showcases, online menus, catalogs, and many more.

Using a QR code web page, you can accelerate the loading period of the landing page as it is optimized to be scanned by mobile users.

How to make a custom QR code landing page in QR TIGER

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR TIGER, the best dynamic QR code generator online offers you to generate your free QR code landing page QR code.

If you are still planning to go about this but is hesitant to purchase without trying it first, you can also avail of the free dynamic QR code trial and test the solution for yourself to experience how it works. 

2. Select the Landing Page QR code solution

The custom QR landing page can be generated using the landing page QR code solution. Simply click it. 

3. Add the title of your landing page

Once you have opened QR TIGER’s landing page QR code generator, a set of fields are given for you to enter it with its corresponding data. 

In the first part, you will be asked to add a title page of your web page QR code to let your scanners know what your free QR code landing page is all about or what type of promotion you are running. 

Are you doing an event promotion? Product promotion or a business showcase? It’s up to you.

4. Add a short description of your custom QR code landing page

After adding your landing page title, the next step is to add a short description of your web page QR code.

By adding your brief description, you can let your scanners know what your campaign is all about.

5. Add web designing elements

Now that you already have your title and title description of your free QR code landing page, the next procedure is creating your web page QR code using the available web designing elements. 

Add the design and information you want to present to your target audience once they scan your custom QR code landing page.

You can select your font, add images, video, text, links, and more.

6. Switch to the code view setting if you are planning to add or run a mini-program to your QR code landing page

If you are planning to add or run a mini-program to your web page QR code, switching it to code view is a great way to do so.

With the landing page QR code’s ability to add mini-programs such as interactive content, companies, businesses, and marketers can create an immersive relationship between them and their customers.  

7. Test out your webpage QR code after you are done generating it

After you have generated your landing page QR code, you can go on and run a test by scanning it on your smartphone and with other smartphone devices.

Make sure your landing page has all the correct information and scans easily before deploying it. 

What are the benefits of a customized QR code landing page? 

Editable in content even after printed or distributed online

A landing page QR code is editable in content because it is a dynamic type of QR code solution. 

You can generate your QR code solution in two types, and they can either be static or dynamic. 

In the landing page QR code case, this is a dynamic type of QR in nature that allows you to edit and update your customized landing page’s content.

You don’t need to print out another web page QR code.

You can do a quick update in your QR code generator, saved the changes, and the information or the content of your QR will automatically be updated when scanned.

Optimized for mobile devices 

QR codes were designed to be scanned by smartphone devices which makes them a convenient tool for marketing and business.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the turtle-like loading page of your customized webpage. 

The scans of your webpage QR code are trackable 

For businesses and serious marketers who are planning to use the landing page QR code as a marketing tactic tool, you can measure your ROI or the return of your investment by tracking your QR code scans.

This lets you know how effective your QR code campaign implementation has been.

With the QR code tracking and reporting integrated on it, it reveals important data such as

  • The time when you get the most scans which you can filter this by day, week, month, or year
  • The location of your scanners
  • Which devices do they use? Are they android users or iPhone users?
  • And the map view for a wider perspective of your scanner’s geographical location.

Various types of the campaign in a single QR code

By being updateable in its content, you can run multiple QR code campaign content depending on your marketing stage’s pace, from raising brand awareness to selling your product.

Cost-efficient and ideal for long term use. 

QR codes are cost-efficient.

The fact that you don’t need to allocate an additional budget for printing your QR codes and just do a quick update to change the content, you can use the money for other marketing purposes and resources.

You can also create your own landing page using a page builder software. 

Use-cases: Custom QR code landing page examples


Product landing page QR code

If you want to give more information about your products and services, you can use a landing page QR code to add more details.

You can include a video; an image, add a link, and more.


QR code ticket verification

Nowadays, event organizers have also adapted digital tools to plan and execute their events, conferences, and other social activities.

With the use of landing page QR codes, they can make a digital invitation or list down the event’s flow of activities, who the participants are, and the expected outcome of the event.

Users have to customize or create a QR code landing page.

They can let their guests scan the QR code to access the full information.

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Online menu 

There are three ways you can make a digital menu using a QR landing page.

You can either generate a PDF document, create an image menu, or make a customized landing page QR menu that your diners can access.

Real estate 

Realtors are now learning to use landing page QR code technology to create effective real estate virtual tours because of its convenience.

With web page QR codes, they can easily let their clients have a virtual property tour while learning the information of the real-estate showcase’s description by clicking a pop-up description box.

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Business showcase 

A landing page QR code is ideal to use to showcase any types of business you have and customize your own landing page according to your own need. 

It may be in the form of catalogs, billboards, products, and any marketing material.

Make your QR code custom landing page generator using the best QR code generator online

With all of the tech innovation that is surfacing every now and then, using one can make our lives easier and faster. 

Furthermore, with the demand of customers who always like to have quick and faster loadable website access to your product, the landing page QR code technology makes it easy for your customers to find your products and online services. 

This is ideal for any marketing and advertising campaigns that you will run today and in the future due to its flexibility in usage and mobile-friendliness. 

If you have more questions, you can visit our website and directly contact us now for more information.

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