How to Use QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing in 2023

Last updated:   February 16, 2023

As the U.S. real estate market amounts to $33.6 trillion U.S dollars as of the present, how can QR codes in real estate help realtors in growing their business?

Over the past many years, the real estate market has helped millions of families to own a home. Because of this, real estate firms are regarded as the best home provider.

From its ability to look after properties to finding a new owner, the hardships they experience are beyond incomparable. 

But with the rise of different real estate companies, the competition in this field tightens.

To avoid client losses, experts introduce real estate QR code marketing. 

For some who are not aware of the miracles QR codes for real estate businesses, an ultimate beginner’s guide can help you to learn more.

QR codes in real estate marketing QR code in real estate

According to recent real estate statistics, 50% of buyers find new homes online.

By looking at these figures alone, real estate deals have moved from offline to offline. Because of these, realtors are now using real estate QR code marketing.

Through this, realtors can reach more customers due to their broader market coverage.

With different QR code solutions that are offered by experts, here are six common ways on how to use QR codes for your real estate operations.

10 ways to use QR codes in real estate marketing

1. vCard QR code for real estate

vCard QR codeReal estate agencies gain the client’s recognition through the use of their business cards. 

33% of home buyers find the homes they buy from real estate agents. Because of this, the business card QR codes are introduced to realtors.

By moving the business card information into QR codes, the space realtors usually provide for this information will be eliminated and thus create a cleaner and minimalistic look on their business cards.

In this way, they can catch the customers’ attention by integrating business card QR codes in real estate marketing.

Create custom QR code

2. QR codes on Posters

QR codes on posterRealtors use posters and signages to get their prospective buyer’s attention to the property they are selling.

It is one of the ways on how to close more deals.

Because of its huge significance in real estate marketing, different real estate agencies are imploring design-wise posters in malls, offices, and business districts.

To make the design of your real estate posters stand out, you can integrate QR codes and let everyone to scan it.

The information you can include in your QR code is the location of the property, show images of the property using a QR code, etc. 

3. Direct linkage of QR to Videos

Video QR code85% of buyers and sellers want to work with agents that use video in their property promotions. Because of this, many real estate agencies are incorporating the use of videos in their marketing strategies.

To keep up with the changes made in real estate marketing, the integration of video QR codes are can be your best move today.

By adding an in-depth house tour video in your real estate QR code, the chances of getting your property sold are high.

4. Create a highly engaging Ads

QR code on newspaperFor real estate businesses, advertising a property can be a tough task to do. Because of that, some real estate companies are having a problem with increasing their sales.

To avoid these encounters, modern technological solutions are introduced by marketing experts. And one of these solutions is the use of dynamic QR codes.

Through this, you can add more information about the property you are selling without the need of spending more advertising space.

For this, you can also use a PDF QR code to redirect to more information. 

By integrating the use of dynamic QR codes in real estate advertisements, you can increase the prospect’s customer experience by immersing them with an interactive inquiry setup.

In this way, you can extend your prospect’s inquisition and increase the chance of getting your property sold.

5. Link your QR code to Social Media Accounts

Social media QR code

As social media ranks as the top go-to sites of 2021, realtors take this opportunity to gather more customers online.

Because of this, social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are adding ads feature in their platforms. 

But just like any unconventional marketing upgrades, the challenges they are facing are inevitable.

To cope up with these modern marketing strategies, marketing experts are using social media QR codes in directing their clients to their social media pages.

In this way, their customers will not be struggling in searching their accounts or pages.

With just one scan, they can explore their realtors’ social media accounts from one platform to the other.

6. Show and share PDF document using a PDF QR code

PDF QR codeUsing QR code, you can also provide them with property listings within their state and let them know more about it.

The best way to send your PDF real estate listings is through the use of QR codes.

In this way, you can unburden your customers from clicking lengthy PDF URLs, take a screenshot of it and send it to their fellow house hunters. 

7. Add photos of the property

Image QR codeBut as high-quality images take time to load, no faster image viewing alternatives are can be found.

To decrease the time wasted in loading images, QR code experts introduce the use of image gallery QR codes.

In this way, you can quickly sell the property without wasting your customer’s time in personally visiting it.

8. Have a virtual in-depth property tour

Real estate QR codeYou can use video QR codes in real estate marketing to give a virtual property tour. You can print the QR code or post it online.

9. Set up an Open House Event

Event QR code

In this way, they won’t have to go to the same property every day.

By doing this, real estate agents can save gas money and can meet all of the customers that are interested in purchasing the property.

10. Direct them to the property’s location using a QR code

Google maps QR codeBut as they tend to forget the map given by their agent, remembering it can be a hassle. Because of this, QR code experts are introducing a QR code solution that can save agents from losing their customers.

Agents can add the URL of the property location in Google Maps or Microsoft Maps.

Here are 5 easy steps on how to convert your property location into QR codes.

1. Open QRTIGER QR code software online.

2. Copy the link of the property location through the desktop version of Google Maps or Microsoft Maps in the browser.

3. Select the URL category and paste the link to the property location.

4. Generate, customize, and test your QR code.

5. Download and put them in print and digital platforms.

How to generate QR codes for real estate agent marketer? A step by step guide

Now that you learn the ways on how to use QR codes for real estate, let us proceed to the 5 steps on generating QR codes for real estate agent marketer.

1. Go to QRTIGER QR code generator 

QR code generatorWhen generating your QR code, the first step that you always need to do is to open the best QR code generator like QRTIGER.

With its fast and reliable service, real estate agents can improve their real estate marketing and introduce a new way of real estate marketing.

In this way, they can increase their sales without compromising pertinent data.

2. Select the category of the content you want to generate

QR code solutionsThe next thing real estate agents need to do is to select the category of the content they want to generate.

The QR code solutions available for one QR code generator to another varies.

But with the best QR code generator, the QR code solutions available are URL, vCard, Social Media, File, H5 editor, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, email, text, Multi-URL, and App store QR codes.

3. Generate and customize your QR code

Customize QR codeAfter you have selected the category and fill in the required fields, you can then proceed in generating and customizing your QR code.

By customizing, you can show off your agency’s brand by selecting the set of patterns, eye shape, and color and add your logo, call to actions, and frame.

In this way, you can instill brand awareness with your clients.

To ensure the QR code’s scan-ability when customizing, you can follow the universal rule of QR code customization.

4. Test if your QR code works

Scan QR code

Is your QR code not working at all?

Before deploying your QR code campaigns, ensure that you have already test it out.

By testing your QR code, you can foresee any issues occurring.

To avoid these mistakes, you can follow the do's and don'ts of making your QR code. 

5. Download and deploy your QR code

SVG QR codeOnce you are satisfied with your QR code generation, you can then download your QR code in high quality.

You can place your QR codes in your ad spaces, magazines, business page, brochure, signages, posters, and newspapers.

In this way, you can ensure that people will see your QR code and interact with it by scanning them.

Why is it better to use a dynamic QR code for real estate marketing? 

There are two types of QR codes that you can use in your real estate marketing campaign: Static and Dynamic 

When you use a static QR code for your real estate marketing, it directs you to a permanent URL or information and the content behind it is not editable and trackable.

Static QR code vs Dynamic QR code

Whereas, dynamic QR codes enable you to change or re-target your URL or information to another landing page even though it has been printed or deployed.

In addition to that, you can also track the data scans of your QR code for real estate marketing. 

How to draw more clients in your real estate marketing using QR codes?

The real estate business is one of the most challenging businesses to do. As real estate businesses rely on the number of customers they can gather, keeping them can be a struggle.

To keep their agencies afloat, here are ten ways on how to draw more clients using QR codes.

1. Hook your leads

Generating sales leads is one of the easiest ways to increase your customers.

But as the taste of 21st-century buyers changes, generating sales lead can be a hard task to execute. Because of this, marketers implore different lead generation methods.

But as technology advances, these methods are integrated and directed into the form of QR codes. 

As a result, marketers are using QR codes as part of their daily marketing engagement.

By using different QR code solutions in your lead generation, you can distinguish the different types of qualified leads.

In this way, real estate agents can unburden themselves from categorizing their sales leads and proceed on closing more deals.

2. Be informative

One of the reasons why clients are shying away from other agencies is due to their lack of property description. Because of this, real estate agencies with more informative property information gain more clients than the opposite.

To achieve this, real estate agencies can use QR codes as the host of this additional property information.

By including additional content such as videos, images, location, and other pertinent information, your property will be sell in no time.

In this way, you can prevent your customers from traveling towards the site and have them save money for transportation.

3. Direct your clients with other listings

If your clients are not satisfied with the property they are inquiring about, you can always direct them with other property listings.

In this way, you will not lose your clients and keep them hooked in house-hunting.

You can direct them with the listings through the use of QR codes in real estate. Through this, your clients can experience exclusivity when finding a property to buy.

4. Add your real estate credentials in your listings

One great way to keep or increase your number of clients is by adding your real estate credentials in your property listings.

Through this, your clients will remember and call you if they want to purchase one of your properties.

Also, it can create a great impression on people who are planning to invest in your firm.

With a touch of modern technology, you can add your real estate credentials through the use of QR codes.

In this way, you won’t have to worry about the space needed to fit on your listings.

5. Let them download your mobile application

An app stores QR code is made up of two URLs that can redirect to your app in iPhone or Android store for scanners to directly download your app. 

As 74% of home buyers are using the internet in their home searches, real estate firms are using this opportunity to increase their number of clients.

Because of this, real estate firms are launching mobile applications of their businesses and bringing real estate engagement right on to their customer’s phones. In this way, they can expand their jurisdictions and gain more sales leads.

If you are one of the real estate firms that launched an app for your real estate engagements, the best QR code solution that QR code experts can give is the use of App Store QR codes.

Through this, you can prompt your customers to download the app by scanning the QR code. Thus, replacing the hassle of searching your application in the App Store or Google Play Store.

6. Optimize your landing page to be mobile-friendly

Facebook QR code

As the predicted number of mobile users will amount to 3.5 billion users in 2020, having an optimized landing page for the mobile version is a great step real estate firms should take note of.

Because of this, companies with an optimized website for mobile consumption have an increase in their revenues.

To achieve this, you can always rely on the use of QR codes in optimizing your website for mobile consumption.

4 Benefits of QR codes in real estate marketing

It’s no secret that real estate agencies have included the use of QR codes in their real estate marketing. Because of this, more and more real estate agencies are incorporating QR codes today.

To learn the reasons why QR codes play an important role in real estate marketing, here are four notable benefits of QR codes to real estate marketing.

1. Have a higher conversion rate

As QR codes can redirect customers to your website, the chances of having a higher conversion rate is high. Through this, real estate agents can easily convert sales lead to paying customers.

This is one of the convenience QR codes can bring to real estate agencies.

Because of it, more real estate agencies are incorporating the use of QR codes in their promotional posters and advertising posts.

2. Can maintain or increase customers

As most of the home buyers are millennials, offering the best customer experience for them can be challenging to handle.

Because of this, realtors are finding new means in improving their customer experience.

Through the use of QR codes, real estate agents can retain their customers and able to give out the best customer experience to their customers.

In this way, they can not only retain their customers but also increase their customer base.

3. Increases sales

One of the reasons why customers are holding back when buying a property is because they need to research more about it. Because of this, real estate firms are losing more than they expected to lose.

To solve this problem, marketing experts are introducing the use of QR codes in real estate marketing.

Using it, real estate agencies can include more information about the property they are selling without spending more on newspaper ads and more.

In this way, customers will not hold back when purchasing and increase the chance of retaining them.

4. Economical and efficient

QR code on flyer

As QR codes are made to save more resources when doing a promotional campaign, the convenience QR codes bring is beyond what they have thought of. Because of this, real estate agencies are saving more money than they expected. 

Thus, QR codes don’t require a lot of money to make one and they can be edited/modified using the dynamic QR.

Create custom QR code

QR codes – engaging in the future of real estate marketing and advertising

Using a Real Estate QR code generator like QRTIGER, you can make QR codes that will add interactivity to your real estate marketing.

To keep up with the changing ways of property inquiry, QR codes in real estate are the best tool to have. Because of these, real estate agents can cope up with technology to fit with the inquiry means of buyers.

By partnering with the best QR code generator online, realtors can harvest great returns of investment.

Through this, the real estate market continues to flourish offline and online.

If you are a real estate agent, you can start your QR code journey by using QRTIGER QR code generator today. 

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