Get notified of your QR code scans using the email notification feature!

Last updated:   May 10, 2022

There are several people adopting the use of QR codes to embed and share information to people by just one scan from their smartphone devices.

And to determine the number of scans you obtained and how many people have engaged and interacted with your QR code campaign, setting up an email scan notification on QR codes allows you to easily know if your QR codes were scanned.

When you activate your email scan notification and people scans your QR code, you will receive an email alert depending on your frequency settings.

So, the question is, how are you going to set an email notification for your QR Codes?

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What is an Email Notification for QR Codes?

An email notification for QR code is a dynamic QR code feature wherein the QR code owners will be notified when their QR codes are scanned.

When someone scans the QR code, the owner will receive an email alert that contains an information such as the campaign code, number of scans and the date when the QR code was scanned.

The notification will be sent automatically to the owner’s registered email address.

What is a QR Code?

Before we proceed on how to set the email notification, let’s clear things first.

A “Quick Response” code or well known as QR Code is a two-dimensional type of a barcode that can store any data or information like images, videos, files, websites, social media profiles, and was created by a Japanese barcode developer, Masahiro Hara.

QR codes are scannable using smartphone devices that are naturally designed to scan QR codes. These codes are created using a QR code generator online.

Types of QR Codes

There are two types of QR codes that a user can choose when generating a QR code.

Static QR Code

Static QR code is a type of a QR code that a user cannot update, and the data that is embedded on it cannot be tracked.QR code notification

This is free to use but the information that the user embeds on this QR code can no longer be changed and by using this QR code type, you cannot receive any email notification when people scans your QR code.

But one good thing about Static QR code is that the number of scans it can give is unlimited and is non expirable.

Dynamic QR Code

A Dynamic QR code is a QR code that can be customized and the data that the user embeds on it can be updated or changed even when the QR code is already printed.

This QR code has several features. The user can track the number of scans as well as the location of the scanner and the device that has been used.

Using the dynamic QR code also allows you to activate your email scan notification and it allows you to use the retargeting tool feature.

Why Set an Email Notification for QR Codes?

Generating and disseminating a QR code is easy but knowing if your QR codes were scanned is quite difficult.

But setting up an email notification for your QR codes allows you to monitor them. You will be notified when your QR codes has been scanned depending on the frequency that you have set.

Isn’t that a great way to know if your campaign is effective?

Three Dynamic QR Code Solutions that can Use Scan Email Notification

URL QR Code Solution – This QR code solution is used to convert a website, shop link, a blog content’s URL, a sales page, a link to an event, or a file online from google sheets. One thing the user needs to do is to copy the link into the URL QR code generator.

File QR Code Solution – This is a type of a QR Code solution that allows the user to create a QR code containing files like documents, worksheet, database or even photos that is saved on his laptop or personal computer.

H5 Editor QR Code Solution – H5 Editor QR code is also the type of a QR code solution that enables users to create direct webpages. H5 stands for the mobile version of a website when its opened using a smartphone device. This is usually used in marketing campaigns.

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How to Generate a QR Code

Firstly, you need to choose the best QR code generator like QRTIGER.

QRTIGER is a practical QR code generator that is ad-free and has a user-friendly interface that enables people to create their QR codes without any interruption.

This QR code generator has several features that a user must look at when partnering with; it has the ability to create effective QR codes and various alternatives for use.

  • Choose the QR Code Solution

After opening the QR code generator, pick a QR code solution you want to use.

  • To create your QR code, fill in the required fields.

  • Click on Dynamic QR Code and generate the QR Code.

After you have chosen your preferred QR code solution, you can now generate your QR code.

We suggest you finalize it as a dynamic QR code for more safety and effective QR code usage.

  • Personalize your QR code design by choosing patterns, eyes, adding a logo, and setting the colors.

  • Do a scan test

Always conduct a scan test. In this way, you’ll find out if your QR code works well.

  • Download, then display

After ensuring that your QR code works well, you can download it, disseminate or display it wherever you want.

How to Enable the QR code Notification of scans through Email

Here are the easy steps on how to activate the email notification for your QR Codes.

  • Click on the “Track Data” located on the upper portion of your screen.
  • Look for the “Bell” icon.
  • Set the email notification.

You can decide if you want to be notified hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Then you will be notified when your QR code were scanned.

Use Cases for Scan Email Notification

The email notification for QR codes has several use cases.


QR codes can really contribute greatly to a businesses’ success by adding it into their list as one of their marketing strategies.

Businesses can use QR codes to share different kinds of data like inventory records, employment contracts, or accounting files but they can also use it when it comes to their marketing campaign.

Furthermore, a new study from Juniper Research has found that the amount of coupon QR codes that has been redeemed thru mobile devices will increase into 5.3 billion by the year 2022, from an estimated 1.3 billion on 2017.

Enabling the email notification for businesses helps them to find out if their campaign works well.


After the COVID-19 pandemic affected the education due to its constant spread, the government then implemented the new normal and flexible learning system to continue the sharing of knowledge towards the students.

The QR code technology contributes several leads to the educational sector as it helps instructors to easily disseminate their learning materials such as modules.

And when they set up the email notification on their QR codes, they will be informed if their students opened the learning material that they have given.

Social Media Influencers

Creating a QR code that contains your social media profiles is a great plus if you are a social media influencer.

Using a URL QR code enables social media influencers to generate individual QR codes for their social media profiles by simply placing their profile’s link into the URL QR code generator.

That is, if they want to activate and receive an email scan notification whenever people scan their QR codes.

By activating the email notifications on your QR codes, you will determine if how many people were added into your new followers because the email alert that you will receive will tell how many times your QR code were scanned.

But on the other hand, social media QR code is a more powerful QR code solution as it can contain and display all their social media profiles in one landing page.

It can maximize your social media engagement and allows people to easily like, follow and subscribe to your social media accounts with just one scan from their smartphone devices.

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Get notified when your QR codes are scanned with QRTIGER’s email notification feature

QR codes play a vital role in today’s world. But how will you know if it’s use is effective or not?

With the assistance of a QR code’s email notification feature, you will know how frequent your QR codes are scanned. 

There are several QR code generators online, but choosing the best QR code generator gives you a whole new level of experience.

If you want to know more about QR codes and how to use it effectively, visit QRTIGER now!