How to Use a QR Code Generator for Free Trial

Update:  August 19, 2023
How to Use a QR Code Generator for Free Trial

Numerous QR code generators are available online, many of which offer a free trial, but how can you find a free QR code generator that includes various incredible features?

QR TIGER, on the other hand, enables you to make QR codes for free while also taking advantage of its capabilities.

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How to create a QR code using a QR code generator for a free trial

Open QR TIGER QR code generator

QR TIGER QR code generator is one of the best on the online market, with various features that will complement your brand and purpose.

Register your free trial account. 

Fill in the required fields.

You can also use your Google account to sign up.  

Choose a QR code solution that you want to use.

QR code free trial

After signing up, you can now start the process by choosing the QR code solution that fits your purpose.

Generate a “Static” or “Dynamic” QR code

Customize your QR code.

Test your QR code, download, and display

QR code classifications (Static and Dynamic)

Static QR code (Uneditable and not trackable)

Static QR codes are free but are not editable.

You can no longer change the data that has been embedded in it.

When people scan the QR code, it redirects them to a permanent landing page you have set.

In addition, you cannot track its data.

Dynamic QR code (Editable and trackable)

A dynamic QR code can be edited.

You can alter the URL address your QR Code takes you at any moment.

Additionally, it allows you to track and analyze the scan results.

This QR code gives you better access to real-time scan monitoring and locations.

The features of dynamic QR codes include, but are not limited to:

  • It allows multi-URL directories.
  • It enables you to edit its content.
  • QR code scans are trackable.
  • Password protect feature.
  • Email notification feature.
  • Google tag manager.
  • Expiry feature.
  • Integration with other software.
  • API integration

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How many QR codes can you generate with the free trial version using QR TIGER?

The free trial version of the QR TIGER QR code generator allows you to generate three dynamic QR codes with one hundred scan limits and an unlimited number of static QR codes.

You can decide if you want to generate three same QR codes or three different QR code solutions.

For example, if you wish to make three vCard QR codes, it is possible.

However, you can also generate three distinct dynamic QR code solutions if you want to.

You can take advantage of its features and inclusions by using the free trial version.

On the other hand, upgrading to a regular or advanced subscription is still advantageous to unlock more features.

Generate QR codes with QR TIGER today

QR code generators are widely available online, with many offering services for no charge.

When you use QR TIGER, you can access a wide range of design and layout options for your QR codes.

As a bonus, your free QR codes never expire.

If you want to use more advanced QR code solutions, you can generate them in dynamic form, and we suggest availing of a regular or advanced subscription so you can unlock and enjoy more features.

The ability to modify QR codes and view data in real time is only one example.

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