LOOK: Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk’s Veefriends Gifts QR TIGER With ‘Content Condor’ NFT

Update:  August 13, 2023
LOOK: Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk’s Veefriends Gifts QR TIGER With ‘Content Condor’ NFT

A minted token of appreciation from the Veefriends team to QR TIGER.

Last April 25, Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, introduced his newest VeeFriends Series 2 collection to the NFT market. 

The recent NFT project boasted a total of 55,555 VeeFriends Series 2 supplies, over five times higher than the initial series.

They made it easier to accommodate the increasing NFT demand.

Multi URL QR codes for NFTs

To meet their growing demands, GaryVee’s team tapped QR TIGER for a multi-URL QR code that can embed 1,500 links in one QR code. 

This multi URL QR code was used for VeeFriend’s event in order to prevent their event URLs from spreading online. 

Using QR TIGER’s unique feature, which is the Multi URL QR code, it only took one day for the team to make, and the looping multi URL QR code was deployed successfully. 

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And as a way of giving back, GaryVee gave one of his VeeFriends Series 2 characters to QR TIGER: the Content Condor NFT.

“The reason I found QR TIGER was because of the amazing content your team put out, and that is why you are a content condor, my friend,” Gary Vee’s staff told us. 

VeeFriends NFT collectibles

GaryVee’s second VeeFriends NFT collection consists of 251 characters, 15 new, including the Content Condor, and 236 from the first VeeFriends series.

Each VeeFriends character represents traits that GaryVee believes will lead to success. 

And with the goal of shaping the best experience for his community, Vaynerchuk also called the characters his friends, as he believes that running a business with friends builds an engaging transaction.

These non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital assets like artworks, photos, videos, and digital collectibles that can be sold and bought using cryptocurrency or another NFT.

Each NFT contains specific data unique from other NFTs, such as the buyer of a digital asset or its owner.

VeeFriends NFT collection, one of the best-selling NFT collectibles of all time, and is categorized into three tokens namely: Access, Gift, and Admission.

Every character or NFT contains a smart contract that enables its owners' three-year access to VeeCon starting from 2022, 2023, to 2024.

Using his famous NFT series, GaryVee aims to establish a community that can interact during the VeeCon confab.

The conference will touch on business and marketing ideas, creativity and innovation, competition, and interactive experiences.

Vaynerchuk’s NFT collections are available in their domain, VeeFriends.com, or the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

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