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Last updated:   July 03, 2022

A Facebook Like QR code allows users to create a QR code for your “Facebook Like Page” which encourages people to click the ‘Like’ button right away. 

Do you want to know more about how to integrate QR codes for your Facebook page? We present you with some great offers as to why QR codes are beneficial to your Facebook page.

QR codes redirect people to different social media platforms. These are taking over the internet like a storm. 

The social media scenario and how people connect to each other have integrated QR codes.

People add or follow each other on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with just one quick scan because of these QR codes. 

Now, simple adding and following different people are not just what QR codes do on social media platforms. QR code generators now have an option to redirect people to your Facebook page and hit the like button in less in just a few swipes and scans.

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Facebook Like QR code: How to Create a QR code to like a Facebook page 

The following is the step-by-step guide to using the Facebook QR code generator “Like-Button” using QRTIGER.

1. Visit QRTIGER

All you need to do is go to www.qrcode-tiger.com. QRTIGER is your one-stop-shop for all of the QR code solutions that you need. 

2. Facebook option

Select the “Facebook” in the list of QR code data types that are available in QRTIGER.

QR codes for Facebook like the QR code buttons are one of many data types available to free users. But if you will decide to become a paid subscriber, you can track data and edit your details like a Facebook page URL if you make any changes.

Using a Facebook Like QR code in a dynamic mode, you can track the data of your scans and edit its content. 

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3. Input the necessary detail and switch from static to dynamic QR code

4. Generate and Test it
Click the “Generate” button and wait for it to be generated by the QRTIGER QR code generator. Test the QR code by scanning it and see if it redirects to the correct landing page.

5. Customize your Facebook Like QR code like page button

Customize your Facebook “Like-Button” QR code by changing patterns, changing the eyes, adding the logo of your business, a color scheme that fits your branding, and more.

This is a big benefit in using a QR code generator like QRTIGER because you can customize it to fit your business needs. Also, customizing your QR code is very easy in QRTIGER.

6. Hit the ‘download’ button!

All done! “Download QR Code” button below the QR code preview image to save your finished Facebook “Like-Button” QR code, then you can print it out and display it for anyone to use in going to your Facebook page. 
Print the Facebook “Like-Button” QR code and you can even distribute it to potential clients and customers.

Why should you generate your Facebook Like QR code in a dynamic QR? 

1. Opens directly to the Facebook app instead of the browser when scanned

A Facebook Like QR code in a dynamic QR opens the user's app on Facebook instead of the browser where they have to log in.

That means, it saves the scanner's time from opening the page on the browser as it will automatically open on their Facebook app.

2. Track your QR code scans


To measure your Facebook QR code campaign, a Facebook Like QR code generated in a dynamic QR code allows you to track your QR code data analytics and understand your target market. 

Why Facebook Like QR Code button?

When you have a business start-up, creating a Facebook page is probably one of the first few things you want to set up, right?

Aside from sharing the news of a newborn business by viva voce through neighbors and friends, one way to widen the scope and increase your presence is, of course, by using the prominent and most used social media platform – Facebook. With QR code generators at your disposal, their QR codes have proven to be efficient in making things easier as long as you have a smartphone to scan these codes. This is a successful marketing campaign on the tip of your fingers.

Good thing that the Facebook Like QR code generator is here to assist you in growing your social media profile and increase your online presence. Sounds good right?

In short, you can simply create a separate QR code for your Facebook Page and redirect people to your business page. With this ease of sharing your business and brand, you will increase that online presence you need in no time.

As most of the businesses out there, you want people to follow you on social media platforms and keep track of your new services, products, and special offers.

Now, most people may not even bother to type your business name in the Facebook search bar, find your official page, and hit the like button.

Now, especially since some businesses or brands almost have the same names, it’s a hassle, isn’t it? This is where QRTIGER comes in handy.

Facebook QR Code Generator with Logo

QRTIGER offers a Facebook QR Code generator for you to generate a QR code for social engagements. This will redirect your target audience directly to your Facebook business page once the customer scans the QR code. This is an exciting way for you to put leverage on your Facebook’s marketing and advertising tactics, making it grow a lot better on your Facebook page online.

Social Media QR Code: Integrate all your social media channels in one QR

As a powerful QR code solution, the Social Media QR Code solution holds and links all your social media profiles in one landing page.

The QR code automates and redirects the audience to every social media platform and web service you have in e-commerce platforms and delivery apps. Furthermore, as the target audience scans the generated social media QR code, they will be redirected to a landing page that lists all available social media accounts.

This will make your job easier since it is accessible to your customer base. Furthermore, this will allow them to like and follow your social media platforms in just one scan!

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QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

When promoting or starting a marketing campaign for your brand, your product, or an event, one of the fastest and efficient options to do the campaign is thru social media platforms.

From law firms to software houses to the educational sector to retail stores, you will find almost every industry out there in the social media setting. Nowadays, there is hardly any business that isn’t trying to create an online appearance on social media platforms.

One of the most prominent social media platforms is Facebook.

Creating posts, promos, content, sharing, liking, and commenting can help you to increase your marketing reach and customer range target.

On Facebook, you can give updates and interact with your loyal customers and potential new customers.

The technology today, most especially with Facebook, has expanded its ways to reach out to people from the physical world to its online platform. One of these is by using QR codes.

Over the past few years, Facebook Like QR code generator tools has become an integral part of digital marketing.

Gone are those days when QR codes were regarded as just a set of black and white squares to share basic information such as pricing, expiry, ingredients, etc. They aren’t just limited to the retail industry today.

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A Big “LIKE”: Facebook QR Code for your brand page

In a nutshell, never make the mistake to neglect even the slightest marketing strategy your competitor might be using to drive more sales. You need to stay one step ahead of your competitors to stay in the longer run.

By generating a QR code for the brand’s Facebook page, potential customers will be instantly led to your business page and check your page, share, like, comment, interact, and all other actions on Facebook.

The only difference is the QR code, no need to type the company name, simply scan!

Letting users press the “Like-Button” by scanning a QR code and without interacting with your complete Facebook page is the best deal you got.

QRTIGER is a customizable QR code generator for your Facebook “Like-Button” QR codes. In QRTIGER, it is free and easy to use! Generate a QR code to like your Facebook page in a scan now!

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Related terms

QR Code to like a Facebook Page

Creating a QR code for your Facebook page is a must for business and marketing! With this integration, a QR code can be easy access for your audience to engage with when it comes to your brand campaigns.

A QR code is a 2D barcode type that redirects the audience to online information embedded in the code. Consequently, it can hold different types of data which include alphabetical, numerical, control code, binary, and others.

Making it more flexible as a marketing tool that is befitting to your advertising and marketing strategies in the digital platform.

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