QR Code Generator for 'Facebook Like' Button of Your Business

Update:  August 11, 2023
QR Code Generator for 'Facebook Like' Button of Your Business

A Facebook Like QR code directs your scanners to your Facebook page, encouraging people to click the ‘Like’ button immediately.

Unlike before, wherein the searchers must type your FB page, the QR code to like your Facebook page will direct people to your page and hit the like button once scanned using a smartphone device.

Now, you can use a QR code to like a Facebook page with just a single phone scan. Learn how this works in this article.

Facebook Like QR code: How to Create a QR Code to 'Like' a Facebook Page

Looking for the "Like us on Facebook" QR code? QR TIGER has it.

A Facebook QR code generator like QR TIGER allows you to encrypt links that will direct your target audience to your Facebook page, posts, or ‘Like’ button.

The following is the step-by-step guide to using the Facebook QR code generator “Like-Button” using the best free QR code generator online:

1. Visit QR TIGER and click on the “Facebook Page” option

2. Input the Facebook URL you want to convert into a QR code in the box. After that, click on the dynamic QR, then click on the “generate QR code” button

3. Customize your Facebook Like QR code page button

Customize your Facebook ‘Like’ QR code by changing patterns, changing the eyes, adding your business logo, a color scheme that fits your branding, and more.

4. Hit the ‘download’ button

All done! Click on the “Download QR Code” button below the QR code preview image to save your finished Facebook “Like-Button” QR code

Why should you generate your Facebook Like QR code in a dynamic QR?

Though you can create a free QR code with QR TIGER, choosing a dynamic QR code would be even better.

You might think that free Static QR codes are a catch, but you really have to think again.

This is because dynamic QR codes come with advanced features beneficial for your Facebook marketing campaign.

1. Opens directly to the Facebook app instead of the browser when scanned

Facebook like QR code

Using a dynamic QR code for Facebook is convenient as it opens the app instead of the browser. Who would want to go to a browser if they have the app already? 

It also saves the scanner’s time from opening the page on the browser as it will automatically open on their Facebook app. 

2. Track your QR code scans

To measure your Facebook ‘Like’ QR code campaign, a QR code like a Facebook page generated in a dynamic QR code allows you to track your QR code data analytics and understand your target market.   

3. Edit your Facebook URL

Facebook link QR code

You can redirect your Facebook URL to a different URL anytime. 

That means even if you have already printed your Facebook QR code or deployed it, you can still edit it in case you input a wrong URL, or you need to retarget it to a new campaign.

You can edit the QR code in real-time.

Why Facebook Like QR code button?

When you have a business start-up, creating a Facebook page is probably one of the first few things you want to set up, right?

Aside from sharing the news of a newborn business by viva voce through neighbors and friends, one way to widen the scope and increase your presence is by using one of the most used social media platforms — Facebook.

Like most businesses, you want people to follow you on social media platforms and keep track of your new services, products, and special offers.

Most people may not even bother to type your business name in the Facebook search bar, find your official page, and hit the like button.

To let them instantly connect with you on your Facebook page, creating a custom "Like us on Facebook" QR code can definitely help you.

That is why a Facebook page QR code comes in handy to direct scanners to your Facebook page.

The accessibility of QR codes makes it easy for your target audience to look for you online, thus, increasing your visibility on Facebook with little to no effort.

Social Media QR Code for Facebook: Integrate all your social media channels in one QR

Social media QR code for Facebook

The Facebook page QR code only directs you to your Facebook page.

But a social media QR code solution is a powerful QR solution that holds and links all your social media profiles in one landing page.

The QR code automatically directs the audience to every social media platform and web service in e-commerce platforms, messaging apps, social media accounts, and delivery apps.

This will make your job easier since it is accessible to your customer base.

Furthermore, this will allow them to like and follow your social media platforms in just one scan.

A Big “LIKE”: Facebook QR Code for your brand page

In a nutshell, never mistake neglecting even the slightest marketing strategy your competitor might be using to drive more sales.

You need to stay one step ahead of your competitors to stay in the longer run.

By generating a QR code for the brand’s Facebook page, potential customers will be instantly led to your business page and check your page, share, like, comment, interact, and all other actions on Facebook.

The only difference is the QR code. No need to type the company name.

Simply scan a QR code to like a Facebook page, and that’s it.

Letting users scan the "Like us on Facebook" QR code without interacting with your complete Facebook page is the best deal you got.

QR TIGER is a customizable QR code generator for your Facebook “Like-Button” QR codes.

Create a QR code for your Facebook page today and boost your number of followers!

Related terms

QR Code to 'Like' a Facebook Page

Creating a QR code for your Facebook page is essential for business and marketing!

With this integration, a QR code can be an easy way for people to interact with your brand campaigns.

A QR code is a 2D barcode type that directs the audience to online information embedded in the code.

Consequently, it can hold different data types, including alphabetical, numerical, control code, binary, and others.

Making it more flexible as a marketing tool that is befitting your advertising and marketing strategies on the digital platform.

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