How to generate a free dynamic QR code in 5 steps

Last updated:   December 01, 2022

Do you want to get started and generate your own free dynamic QR code but you don’t know where to begin? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. 

You have probably seen QR codes in menus, product packaging, billboards, and just about everywhere we go. QR codes, over the years, have become an important part of our lives.

The QR code technology or the Quick Response code is one of the most practical and useful innovation in today’s society, especially in the business and marketing world where consumers always demand the in-the-now service. It always needs to be in-the-now. 

QR codes, particularly the dynamic ones, are just one of the tech tools that are widely used and integrated at any business portal where any service requires automation and speed. 

Due to the efficacy, the QR code technology provides when delivering information to the end-user through smartphone devices, it has been incorporated in almost all fields.

What is a QR code?

QR code

QR code or the Quick Response code is generated using a QR code software online, and is a 2-dimensional barcode type and was originally invented in Japan, which was at first, its primary purpose was to track the manufacturing and distribution processes of their automobile industry.

Later on, it became much more popular even outside the automotive industry due to its greater storage capacity and potential than standard barcodes.

Its ability to store multimedia content and accessible smartphone devices that natively have a built-in QR code scanner or reader that detects QR codes made marketers switch from barcode to QR code. 

The Quick Response Code uses four standardized encoding modes which are numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to store data efficiently. 

There are specific QR code types or solutions for a particular purpose. Some QR code solutions are as follows:

  • URL QR code
  • vCard QR code
  • File QR code
  • Social media QR code
  • Menu QR code
  • H5 editor
  • WIFI QR code
  • App stores QR code
  • Multi URL QR code
  • MP3 QR code
  • Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest email,
  • bulk QR codes and many more

Although QR code has many QR solutions you can use, these codes can only be generated in two types: static form or dynamic form.

QR code basic types 

Static QR code (not trackable and updateable in content)

Static QR code

QR code solutions that are generated in a static QR code are also free to create and will never expire using QRTIGER’s QR code generator online. 

However, when you generate your QR code in static mode, you cannot change the data behind your QR code to which it redirects you to, which is the downside part of it. 

For example, supposed you have created a video QR code in a static model. 

In that case, you cannot change your QR code’s landing page, and it will forever redirect you to your original video or original URL, which you have embedded at first using your QR code generator software. 

Dynamic QR code (trackable and updateable in content)

Dynamic QR code

A QR code solution in a dynamic model can be updated in its content without having to reprint another QR code. Learn the difference between static vs dynamic QR code further below:

Suppose you have generated a video QR code and you decided to print it in your marketing material or have already deployed it online.

In that case, you can change your current QR code’s video landing page to another video even if you have already printed them.

That being said, users can save their money, in the long run, using a dynamic QR code, which is economical to use rather than the static QR.

Furthermore, they can also track QR code scans with Google Analytics and provide important data, which is beneficial in business and marketing. 

Important metric revealed using the Dynamic QR code’s tracking system. 

QR code tracking

With dynamic QR codes, users can also track their QR code scans in a where they can see the real-time data of the scans, the device used by your scanners to scan your QR code, the map chart of your QR code scans, which gives you’re a more comprehensive view from which countries your scanners are coming from. 

Using dynamic QR codes cost money but once you sign-up for a plan and use its advanced features, it will be worth it!

How to sign-up a free dynamic QR code in QRTIGER 

  • Go to QRTIGER QR code generator
  • Sign up for the free trial version
  • Enter the necessary data needed for the free trial and click the register button
  • Wait for the confirmation email
  • Activate your confirmation email and start generating your dynamic QR code

Step-by-step guide for the signing up process of the free dynamic QR code 

QRTIGER, the best QR code generator offers a free dynamic QR code version and three free dynamic QR code solutions of your choice.

Here you can create dynamic QR code for free.

You can grab this offer now and start experimenting with your QR code marketing!

Go to QRTIGER and sign up for the free trial version.QR code free trial
To get started with your free dynamic QR code journey, click and sign-up for the free trial version!

Enter the necessary data needed for the free trial and click the register.QR code generator signupEnter your name, number, email address, and other details needed for you to sign-up for the free trial.

Wait for your activation email

After clicking the register button, your activation email will be sent to you in a while.

Activate your confirmation email and start generating your dynamic QR codeQRTIGER sign upOnce you receive your activation email, log-in to QRTIGER and start generating your dynamic QR code now!

How to create dynamic QR code free in QRTIGER QR code generator online

Now that you are done signing up for the trial version of your dynamic QR code. Here’s the step-by-step guide to creating your free dynamic QR code in QRTIGER. 

1. Log in to your account in QRTIGER

2. Select the type of QR code you want to generate 

3. Switch from static to dynamic 

4. Generate your QR code 

5. Personalize your QR code

6. Do a scan test 

7. Download and deploy when done

Important guidelines when generating the physical appearance of your dynamic QR code 

It is easy to generate a QR code; however, there are certain guidelines you need to follow in order to make them work and be readable on smartphone devices. 

Many people make this QR code mistakes, which leads them to poor traction of their QR code.

If you want to make your QR code implementation work, just follow these simple steps.

Never invert your QR code’s color.

Inverted QR code

Have you ever noticed a QR code with a darker color in its background than its foreground, do not follow it. 

This is one of the major no-no when creating your QR code because this makes your code hard to read with the QR code scanners.  

QR code readers are set to scan easier and quicker QR codes with a dark foreground and a lighter background.

This is just one of the reasons why a QR code is not working. 

Do not mix light colors together

QR code contrast

You can customize your QR code in terms of colors but do not mix light colors together and keep proper contrast of your QR codes’ color.

For example, do not mix light yellow with pastel colors as this does not create a distinction between your QR codes, making them hard to read or scan. 

Avoid blurry QR codes.  

Make your QR code sharp and of a high-quality image. 

Do not make your QR code pixelated

QR code pixelated

Pixelated QR codes only happen if you use a static QR code and you have a lot of information to store. 

A static QR code only carries a limited amount of information.

The more data you stored, the more pixelated it gets that is why a free dynamic QR code are more recommended as it keeps the data online and not in the graphics of the code like the static QR.

Do not over-customize your QR code.

Customize QR code

Do not over-stylize your QR code to the point of changing its data patterns and will make them unrecognizable. 

Simply adding your logo, mixing the right colors together and choosing the eyes, and blending it rightly with its pattern is enough to make them stand-out. Less is always more.

How to make your QR code marketing a success  

Now that you have created your free dynamic QR code, it’s now time to print and deploy them in print materials or online. Here are some things to remember.

1. QR code per 1 QR solution

QR code solutions are categorized depending on your need. 

If you want to convert your website into a QR code, for instance, you use the URL QR code solution for this. Do not confuse your scanners with many unnecessary add-ons. 

If you want to generate a QR code for your video file, then make a QR code for that particular type of solution!

2. Add a call-to-action 

QR code call to action

Your QR code won’t serve its ultimate purpose if your scanners don’t know what to do with it. 

Are they supposed to stare at it or what? Put a call to action such as “Scan Me” or “scan to watch a video” or a “Follow Me” that way, your scanners will have an idea what is the behind message of your QR code.

3. QR code size

QR code size

Where will you place your QR code? Are you planning to put them in along with your business card? Product packaging? Window or billboards? Make sure your target audience sees it.

If you will place your QR code far more away from the scanning distance, make it bigger for your scanners to scan it.

4. Placement of your QR code 

Make your QR code easily noticeable. Make it eye-level.

5. Use dynamic QR Code

Scan me QR code

Dynamic QR codes will allow you to conduct multimedia marketing along with your campaign as it is editable.

You will have full control over your QR code’s landing page. 

PDF QR code online generator- free

PDF QR codes are becoming more in demand today.

When you generate a QR code for your PDF, this will instantly display a PDF file to the end-user, and this is more common in product packaging when a manufacturer wants to give more details to its consumer.

The person can also download the PDF file once the PDF QR code is scanned.

You can generate your PDF dynamic QR code for free in QRTIGER. 

Generate your dynamic QR code for free with logo with QRTIGER QR code generator online today

Create your free dynamic QR code with QRTIGER and start customizing your QR code according to your brand! Register in a trial version and update to a regular plan once you see QR codes’ significant uses. 

If you need assistance or you have any suggestion, you can contact us directly on our website. 

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