MENU TIGER: Create an Online Store for Your Restaurant

Update:  May 29, 2023
MENU TIGER: Create an Online Store for Your Restaurant

MENU TIGER offers services for restaurateurs to use in their businesses. The software helps your restaurant how to create an online store after signing up.

Creating a store using MENU TIGER is easy to do! 

If you want to start employing an interactive restaurant menu QR code software in your restaurant business, follow these easy steps.

Steps in creating a store using MENU TIGER

1. Click Start Free Trial or go to the pricing page to choose your preferred plan to create an account.

menu tiger website free trial
Click the Start Free Trial on the upper right section of the MENU TIGER webpage.You can also go to the pricing page to choose among the plans and try the free trial of any of the plans.

2. Sign up with the information asked.

menu tiger fill up website
Sign up here.  Write your restaurant name. Fill in the necessary contact information such as your email address and phone number. Then, fill in your account’s password

3. Verify email address.

menu tiger verify email Go to your personal email inbox. Verify the email address you used for MENU TIGER.

4. Sign in after verifying the account.

menu tiger sign in verify account Go back to MENU TIGER’s webpage. Click Sign In on the upper right corner of the page. Fill in the email and password to continue.

5. Enjoy the 14-day trial and watch the introduction video

menu tiger start trial Enjoy the 14-day trial and use the features to any of the subscription plan you wish to avail of MENU TIGER. Click “Let’s get started” to continue.

6. Go to the “Stores” section to create a store.

menu tiger website stores Navigate on the left tab the “Stores” section. Click “Stores”.

7. Create the name of your store. Add the address and store’s phone number.

Click the first store you set up. Tap the “New” button.

menu tiger create the name of your store

Once you click the “New” button, you will be redirected to the Add Store pop-up. Supply the name of your store, address, and phone number.

menu tiger edit store

Move on to the “Localize” section of the pop-up and set the localization settings.

menu tiger localize

To add more stores in your account, click the “New” button to add.

menu tiger add stores
8. Set the number of tables of your store.set number of table
In the Store Details section, you need to customize the QR code first. 

Set the number of tables after customizing and let the edited QR code reflect to every table of your restaurant.

9. Add the admins and users of your store.

Click the “Users” section to add admins and users of your store.

add users menu tiger website

Click “Add”. Supply the names of the admins and users. Include the email address of each person add menu tiger website

Now that you have an idea in creating a store using MENU TIGER, here are our top three tips in choosing the right restaurant name for your business.

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Choosing the right restaurant name

One of the most important aspects of starting a restaurant is picking the right name. A restaurant’s name must consider different factors.

Before you start brainstorming restaurant names, keep in mind that they should suit your establishment’s theme and location.

To name your restaurant, use a play on words and a splash of wit.

You should name your restaurant after your branding, identity, personality, theme, concept, and other characteristics. The name of your restaurant should make an impression on potential customers. 

Restaurant owners can pick a name that has a strong emotional link to the concept or the target audience.

Now that the restaurant industry has made advancements that can assist businesses in providing acceptable services to their customers, it’s time to give your firm a distinct brand.

A custom-built restaurant website made with interactive restaurant menu QR code software will help you advertise the online persona you’ve established.

Continue reading for more information on how to choose the ideal restaurant name for your business.

Restaurant name with personal meaning

Even if this is the most basic notion in restaurant naming, it has an effect on your customer base.

Naming a restaurant after personal experiences or with a personal significance is advantageous because it is distinctive.

You can explain the meaning of your restaurant’s name to your customers.

You can integrate this information on your existing restaurant website by using interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

For more branding and flair, you can place your restaurant’s name on a menu QR code.

For instance, you may name your business after a personal event with your family or a recipe you’d like to share with your future clients.

You might give it a name that is nostalgic or reflects your family’s personality. Your restaurant can be named after your grandmother, relatives, or anybody else important to you.

Business identity from a play of words

It’s also apparent that witty wordplay can aid in the creation of a distinctive restaurant name.

As a result, wit and humor might assist you in naming your company.

Restaurant names that are unrelated to the cuisine provided are frequently simple to tiger table tent This strategy will also help spread the word about how your restaurant got its name and how it varies from the cuisine you provide.

However, some customers may not believe that fun restaurant names are appropriate.

These clients may find it overdone and mundane. By calling your restaurant with a play on words, you may strategically strategize your branding identity.

You may give your restaurant a memorable name by using a clever play on words.

Branding that reflects a theme

A restaurant name may be inspired by the theme of your restaurant concept.

For example, Chinese restaurants sometimes use this technique when naming their establishments, such as Fortune Cookies or The Great Wall of Chinese Cuisine.

Since restaurant menus are continuously changing to stay up with the newest trends and client preferences, picking a name that fits your restaurant’s concept and the theme is crucial.

As a result, you can name your restaurant after the topic or notion you want to convey to your patrons.

For branding consistency and improved identity, a restaurant’s name should represent the concept or subject.

Increase customer involvement by making it easy for them to remember your restaurant’s name.

Create your restaurant store today with MENU TIGER

Using MENU TIGER software, you can create your restaurant store and start serving your customer base with tailored and streamlined services.

To know more about MENU TIGER, contact us today.

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