How to: Power up email marketing campaign using QR codes

Last updated:   November 25, 2022

Email marketing is a marketing tactic used by brands and businesses to engage with customers at the place they spend the time most. On the other hand, QR codes have covered a long journey.

From simple black-and-white squares to attractive and eye-catchy designs with logos or pictures, they’ve become an important part of traditional and digital marketing campaigns. 

You encounter QR codes in your daily lives but end up scanning a few of them that you find appealing.

These codes can be seen everywhere and are now becoming essential tool even in email marketing.

Another effective direct marketing is email marketing.

It is said that personalized emails can drive a lot of traffic to your website or landing page – increasing your click rate, ROI, and conversion rate.

So, how can we use QR codes in email marketing together to engage more users and generate more sales?

Worldwide Business Research and Emarsys say that about 81% of the small-medium businesses are still using emails as their primary marketing compared to engage users into some sort of deals.

How to Upgrade Your Email address Lists Using QR Codes

Today, businesses and individuals are integrating QR codes into almost all kinds of marketing campaigns.

You’ll find QR codes on posters, menus, visiting cards, business cards, local magazines, newspapers, landing pages, websites, social media apps, and other digital media platforms.

We also know that compiling an email of your targeted audience is a lot more difficult than creating a general email list. 

Note that only emails of your targeted audience can help boost your email deliverability and generate more sales; the rest will just be in vain.

In simple words, sending 100 emails to people who might be interested in your business is a lot better than sending 10,000 emails to random people.

Thus, follow this step-by-step guide and learn more about improving your email lists using QR codes:

#1 Generate a QR Code

The very first step of integrating QR codes in your email marketing campaign is to create a QR code. Here is how you can create a QR code using a free QR code generator with a logo:

  • Go to the best QR code generator
  • Enter the URL of the landing page you’d want to redirect people.
  • The landing page can be your custom website page or like a Google form that asks people their first name, last name, email address, and whatever you like. It basically works as a sign-up form to avail a program, service, or offer.
  • Click “Generate QR Code”
  • Customize your QR code by changing colors, eyes, patterns, and even add your company logo to make it look professional.
  • Download it in any appropriate format.

After you’re done downloading your customized QR code, you can use it on your marketing materials to keep track of your targeted audience’s email lists.

You can leverage a QR code to collect email addresses if you add them on display ads.

This allows you to use the QR code email to capture the email address of people scanning the code on your website, business posters, business cards, menu, and your local ad in local newspapers/magazines. Sounds good, right?

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#2 Most People Do Not Fill the Form – Why?email marketing form

Nobody likes to do anything without getting something in return. Following the above steps, you’re probably getting some response but most of the people are just ignoring the form. Well, that’s called user intent.

To improve your email lists, make sure to offer something in return when asking for user’s information.

For example, offering a 10% discount coupon, or entry in your annual lucky draw through email should work. Every person reading the offer on the marketing material would be more than happy to fill in the form.

In a nutshell, adding call-to-action keywords like “Avail Discount Now”, “Enter in the Lucky Draw”, or “Be Our Lucky Customer” will definitely yield you profitable results.

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Using QR Codes in Email Marketingemail marketing use

As discussed earlier, the modern QR code generator with logo tools have revolutionized how QR codes look.

They’re more appealing, attractive, customizable, and can also help you keep track of the user's activity i.e. a number of scans, location, time/date of the scan, and device type of the user.

It helps in creating a personalized marketing campaign directed towards a specific type of audience.

For instance, one can create two different marketing offers for the audience living in New York & Atlanta. Sounds good?

It is no doubt that the longer you get people to keep going through your email, the more chance you have in converting them.

So, how do QR codes make your emails more personalized and engaging? Find out in the article below. Add QR codes in your emails to offer

  • Discounted deals or offers
  • Free or discounted entry tickets to your events
  • Lucky draw offers
  • A free 7-day trial of your service
  • Weekend deals

When you add an attractive QR code email to capture audiences, they are automatically driven to it's appealing graphic yet the call-to-actions.

Thus, you are most likely to increase your conversion rate by using QR codes in your emails

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Email Marketing: The Best Spot to Add QR Codesemail marketing where to add

Well, it is recommended to use QR codes at the bottom of the email either in the digital signature or header of the email. Adding it on top will just make your email fussy and in a bad shape.

Thus, after explaining your intent, you’re better off presenting some attractive deals to your customers using a QR code with a logo.

If you decide to use it in the main body, make sure that it is distinctive with the correct use of colors and isn’t making your email a mess. Sounds good?

Use Email address QR code for faster communication to sales team

You can also increase your sales team's email list or prospects by adding an email address QR code in your print collaterals or direct mails.

This QR code solution allows the scanners to save the email address so they can send directly an email to a company or sales team.

This attracts readers' attention to your email, and giving it a sense of digitalization.

Send the QR code via email 

You can attach the QR image in your email. When the QR code is scanned, you can redirect scanners to online information about your campaign. 

Pro Tips to Improve Your QR Codes Email Marketing Campaigns

When you add a QR code in your email, make sure it is working perfectly and the user isn’t finding any errors locating your landing pages.

In this regard, the following are some pro tips to use QR codes in your emails:

  • Make sure the QR codes are scannable. Do a QR code test and scan multiple times to check its quality.
  • The QR code must redirect users to the correct landing page or form.
  • Make sure it has relevant content per the call-to-action used. Redirecting users to different content will just backfire – the user won’t return.
  • Your QR codes must be compatible with all major operating systems.

It has never been easier to employ QR codes in email marketing to improve email lists than using QR codes. Make sure to follow the aforementioned steps to reach your email marketing to its full potential and success.

For more information about how you can use QR codes for your email marketing, you can contact us now on.

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