How to build an online presence with an interactive restaurant menu QR code software

Update:  May 29, 2023
How to build an online presence with an interactive restaurant menu QR code software

The restaurant industry can boost their online presence using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

People today always scroll through their smartphones to look for accessible ways in ordering foods without compromising their health. With the fusion of QR code technology and interactive digital menu, restaurants can easily transition to online ordering.

However, restaurants have to implement important things in order to boost their online presence. This includes conceptualizing the branding of the restaurant, the voice and tone in its menu descriptions, mission, and vision, and many more. 

By implementing these strategies on the menu QR code software, restaurants will have better customer engagement and increased online presence. This will help a restaurant industry attract more customers, improve loyalty programs, and earn a good sum of profit.

Now, let's take a look of these tips and ways to boost a restaurant's online presence.

What is an interactive restaurant menu QR code software?

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software provides an end-to-end service provider solutions. This helps a restaurant transition to online ordering, promote and upsell food items, and offer contactless payment options.

Meaning to say, this interactive restaurant menu software paves a way for your restaurant to run smooth kitchen operations. Furthermore, restaurants can monitor orders through a dashboard, and market the restaurant online.

It also gives access to a digital platform in fulfilling the best offers of order system features of a restaurant. Thus, restaurant customers can scan a digital menu, make orders, and pay up easily with the integration of this interactive restaurant menu software.

Moreover, the restaurant menus software also helps your restaurant attain an online presence. Restaurants can share their online ordering page to their customers and see their current offers, promotions, and menus.

Before proceeding to the steps in how to create an online presence for your restaurant, let us first dive into how to create an interactive restaurant menu account with MENU TIGER.

MENU TIGER provides an easy and cost-effective way in forming a restaurant’s digital menu and website. It helps a restaurant business to increase its online presence. It also operates an efficient food business without the need of additional manpower.

This is a reliable and easy-to-use interactive restaurant menu software. It maximizes productivity with less manpower without compromising the restaurant's customer service.

Here are the steps in creating an interactive restaurant menu for a food business:

Step 1: Go to MENU TIGER and create an account for your restaurant.

menu tiger sign up Step 2: Go to Stores section and start creating your store. edit store in menu tiger appStep 3: Customize your QR code and set the number of tables. Download the QR code per table to be displayed on your restaurant. 

Step 4: Add users or admins to each of your store. 

add users in menu tiger

Step 5: Setup the digital menu by adding categories and its respective food list. Upload food photos, set the prices, writing menu descriptions, and so on. 

create food list in menu tiger

Step 6: Then, create your food list with distinct modifiers by clicking on the Modifiers subsection of Menu.

custom build restaurant website in menu tiger

setup payment integration in menu tiger

Then proceed to track and fulfill orders in the dashboard

MENU TIGER digital restaurant menu software allows you to make your own online menu. It also takes orders by sharing QR codes to customers.

Furthermore, MENU TIGER brings a taste of luxury dining to affordable pricing. You no longer have to spend money on building a website or paying monthly fees with other expensive software.

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Upscale a restaurant business by building an online presence

Restaurateurs think of ways on how to offer better services to their customers from other competitors. Hence, this is vital since the community is sheltered in a crowded and a competitive space.

There are unlimited options on where food enthusiasts choose to dine in to indulge food and beverages with the vast array of restaurant businesses.

However, a restaurant business is almost generic to other competitors since it also offers almost the same menu and concept to its industry market.

Scaling up an online presence to a restaurant will build a standard brand to other competitors in the industry. Customers no longer need to choose between common food businesses since there is already a fine dining restaurant that created a name on its own.

It is important that a restaurant have branding to stand out from the other competitors. It will become a unique brand on its own, provide easy customer transactions, and run smooth food business operations.

Here is a list of how to brand a restaurant and set it up using the restaurant menus software MENU TIGER's website customization feature.


Conceptualization is a salient factor in creating a restaurant brand. It interlaces restaurant ideas to align and to be consistent with the and woman conceptualizing restaurant's online presence

To be brutally honest, food enthusiasts won’t be enticed with a chaotic theme or concept since there are different genres of food menus to choose from.

Conceptualizing a restaurant helps the restaurateurs envision on how to create a space where it offers foods, services, promos, and gimmicks which affiliates and correlates to each other.

There is a relevance in the dynamics of a restaurant to have a relationship or bond from its theme to its menu and other promotions. 

Mission and Vision

Creating a mission and vision statement of a restaurant is also a prominent factor in branding a and marketing team formulating the mission and vision statementsThe mission statement specifies a restaurant’s business, its objectives, and its approach in reaching those objectives.

Furthermore, the vision statement depicts the desired position of the restaurant business, which basically means becoming the top fine dining restaurant with the integration of an interactive digital menu software.

Brand voice and tone

A brand voice and tone showcase your restaurant brand’s personality. It illustrates how your business speaks, acts, and interacts with the target customer, may it be new or existing team formulating the brand voice and tone for a restaurant businessFor example, if a restaurant conceptualizes its business as a brand with a fun, outgoing, and active personality, they can integrate jargons that interlaced with the brand voice and tone.

In this way, if food customers might read an ad or promo upselling, it will be easier to identify which restaurant business this is because of the brand voice and tone.

Develop the restaurant brand

The restaurant brand is an incorporation of the restaurant design, branding logo, merchandise, colors, theme, and team developing the restaurant brandThis creates a cohesive visual brand for your restaurant. It is essential that every feature of a visual brand correlates with each other to show a unified business that aims for growth and vitality.

Brand book for your restaurant business

This is an imperative factor in scaling up a restaurant's branding since it will align the team and its dynamics to the brand book of the creating the restaurant's brand book

A brand book refers to a restaurant’s brand guidelines or style guide. This is a set of rules that explain the specific brand elements like the brand voice, tone, colors, theme, and position. These are the salient factors in creating a brand for your restaurant.

It is important that restaurant customers remember your brand name. However, it should never stop in the branding stage since as restaurateurs, you always look for more innovation and ways how to upscale your food business.

Restaurant branding is not a one-time deal, it is more of a lifetime relationship of building, upscaling, and updating a restaurant brand to go with the current trend.

Boost your restaurant's online presence using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software

The vital role of an interactive restaurant menu QR code for a restaurant business is its goal to cater an easy and cost-effective way of creating its own digital menu of a restaurant and its website.

An online presence will link a restaurant website to the wide space of digital marketing and attract top-tier customer engagements which help upscale a restaurant business.

MENU TIGER is here to provide the restaurant industry with an end-to-end solution provider that will help scale up a food business. The software is reliable and easy-to-use that ensures a smoother business operation and maximizes productivity with less manpower.

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