Multimedia QR Code: A Seamless Way of Sharing Files

Update:  August 04, 2023
Multimedia QR Code: A Seamless Way of Sharing Files

Look at this code, treasures untold. How many wonders can one QR code hold?”

You surely are wondering now that we’ve mentioned this, right? Let’s just say that a multimedia QR code is flexible enough to hold more than just text but images, video, audio, and files.

Sharing different media forms is now easier and more accessible for users because all it takes is just a scan, and voila, they’ll have a digital copy of your material on their screens.

This quick and easy method removes the hassle of downloading compatible readers or waiting for Bluetooth transfers to take off and finish.

And here’s the best part: Creating one requires no skills or tech expertise—it’s easy as 1-2-3. All you need is the best QR code generator with advanced features and a user-friendly interface.

What is a QR code for multimedia?

File QR code

A QR code for multiple media, or a converted file to QR code, is a solution that can hold files like documents, images, videos, or audio files. Yes, you read it right. With a file QR code, you can show not just texts but rich media forms as well.

But how does this work? This has to do with the file QR code being a dynamic QR code type.

Dynamic QR codes work in an interesting way. When you create one, the QR generator stores a short URL in the code, redirecting scanners to the link or data you have embedded.

But what about files? Here’s what happens when you convert your file to QR code: The generator stores your file in its secure cloud and serves it on a landing page.

The short URL will then lead users to that landing page when they scan the file QR code. Once they’re on the page, they can view or even download the file into their devices.

The file QR code supports different formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG, MP4, Excel spreadsheets, and Word files. Your audience no longer has to worry about downloading file-sharing apps since scanning the code will instantly display the file.

How to create a QR code for multimedia using the best QR code generator

Anyone can create a QR code with no sweat; just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account. Don’t have one? You may sign up for the freemium version to get three dynamic QR codes for free.
  2. Choose the File QR code solution for your multimedia campaigns.
  3. Attach the file you want to embed. Be mindful of the file size limit, which depends on your subscription: 5 MB, 10 MB, and 20 MB.
  4. Click on the Generate QR code button. 
  5. Personalize your QR code by customizing its colors, eye shape, and pattern style. You can also add a logo. Use any of the frame options, then add a call to action.
  6. Test-scan your QR code to see if it redirects to the correct data and if the scanning was smooth enough.
  7. Download your file QR code. You can then share it on online platforms. For printing, it’s best to download it in SVG format so you can resize it without affecting its quality.

Media content you can embed in a file QR code solution

There are vast forms of media content that you can embed in a file QR code:

Video QR code


This is the visual element in multimedia. It gives an engaging experience to the audience through its motion pictures with vibrant colors. Examples include short films, vlogs, and documentaries.

You can convert an MP4 to a QR code from a file size of 5 MB up to 20 MB.


Audio is the sound element of multimedia. The things we hear, like music, podcasts, audiobooks, and recordings, are all audio examples. 

You can embed audio files using the MP3 QR code for music. This solution supports MP3 and WAV formats.


The file QR code can also store photos and pictures in JPEG and PNG formats. Users who scan the code can access a digital copy of the image. They can also save it to their devices.


Sending out your resumé or a financial report in sheets? Turn your documents into a QR code for easy sharing.

Users who scan the code will get access to your file despite the absence of a similar app or reader. Since the file will open into a digital copy, anyone who scans the code can view it.

Why use a dynamic file QR code?

The dynamic file QR code is an advanced form of QR code solution. It possesses several features which can be helpful for your QR code campaigns.


You can update or edit a QR code’s embedded data anytime. The data in the printed QR code will also change in real time, so you don’t have to generate a new code whenever you have to do an update.

You can change a previously generated PDF QR code into a new Excel file. With this solution, you can replace one file with another as long as the generator supports that format.


The dynamic QR code has a tracking feature that lets you monitor the scan analytics of your QR code. So if you’re using your QR code as a marketing tool, tracking its performance is a must.

On your QR code generator dashboard, you can monitor the number of scans, the time and date of scanning, the devices used to scan the code, and the location of each scan.


You can also a password to your QR code for an added layer of security. Say you are to embed a confidential to your code; users can only access it once they input the correct password.

This way, you can ensure that only the intended audience will access your data.


You may retarget your audience using Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager. When someone scans your code, you can track their actions through cookies.

This will be the trigger, and they will constantly see your retargeted ads online—providing you with more advantage in pooling in a greater audience.

Email Notification

With dynamic QR codes, you can get notifications about the number of scans and the date of scanning of your code. You can also decide on the frequency of reports: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


If you want your QR code to be inactive after some time, you can set up an expiration for your code on a specific date or after it reaches a target number of scans.

You can also allow a user from a unique IP address to scan it only once. And here’s more: You can reactivate your expired QR codes.


The GPS QR code feature does two things: acquire accurate scanning locations and geo-fencing or setting the location parameter where users can scan the code.

This data will help you identify your market and set potential targets for your campaign.

But note that there is an emphasis on users’ privacy. QR TIGER values this, which is why you can only access a scanner’s location data if they give their consent.

Other QR code solutions to use for multimedia sharing

Here are other QR code solutions that you can use to share multimedia content:

H5 QR code

H5 QR code

The H5 QR code lets you create a mobile landing page containing multimedia—texts, images, music, video, and files. It also has an image slider feature for embedding several photos.

With this dynamic QR solution, you can create more engaging content for your audiences without buying a domain or paying a developer to build a website.

Once you have customized the page and added all necessary elements, the QR code generator will embed its link into a QR code.

Social Media QR code

4.80 billion people now use social media across the globe. Want to take advantage of these numbers and share your multimedia content from social media accounts? The social media QR code is the key.

You can embed all your social media platforms and other websites, like eCommerce pages, in one QR code.

The QR code brings scanners to a mobile landing page where they can find buttons for each embedded site. From here, they can instantly follow you by tapping the buttons.

URL QR code for links

You can use the URL QR code to share multimedia content online. This is handy if you’ve got photos or videos on your business website or digital portfolio.

Since you can’t share a website link by printing it, embedding it in a QR code will provide easy access to users on print media.

Multi URL QR code

Having one QR code for multiple links is now possible with the multi URL solution. It can help in sharing multimedia content from various sites.

You can use the solution’s number-of-scans redirection. By setting this up, you can decide how many QR scans it would take to bring the user to the next website.

You’ll take users to your travel blog on the first two scans. After the specified number of scans, you can redirect them to your food blog.

This way, you can promote your crisp photos, high-quality videos, or other multimedia content you wish to promote.

Benefits of using a multimedia QR code

What makes QR codes for multimedia a valuable asset to your company or your personal use? We’ve listed some of the reasons below: 

Enhanced user engagement

Instead of sending your audience, friends, or acquaintances plain text, why not add creativity and style by adding images?

Say you are promoting a particular cause and a call for donations. Don’t just print texts; add photos of your donation recipients and other activities to help grab users’ attention and encourage them to take action.

Flexible on print or digital

You can use QR codes on printed and digital platforms to reach a wider audience. The QR code will still provide scanners with the same information regardless of the platform or media.

Brochure QR code

Efficient brand differentiation and recognition

Adding visuals, audio, or other multimedia element to your promotional or advertising materials makes all the difference. It makes your material stand out compared to the plain text materials of others.

Using this QR code will leave a positive impression on the audience and make them remember your brand more.

Improved information delivery

Using QR codes, you can secure a smooth delivery of information in whatever format since it only takes a scan. It eliminates time spent on transfers or lags because the embedded data automatically display after a few seconds from scanning.

Share multimedia content across all platforms with QR codes

Be all out in delivering comprehensive pieces by not limiting information-sharing to texts. You can get extra creative by using images and videos thru QR codes.

And to create the best and most reliable multimedia QR code, QR TIGER is the way to go. 

Over 850,000 brands worldwide trust this software and enjoy its wide customization features and various QR code solutions. On top of that, it’s ISO-27001-certified and GDPR-compliant to guarantee the safety of your data.

This QR code generator also can accommodate your inquiries round the clock thru their customer service support team. Head on to QR TIGER and sign up for a freemium account today.

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