NFC vs. Digital Business Cards: Which Is The Best Networking Tool?

Update:  September 08, 2023
NFC vs. Digital Business Cards: Which Is The Best Networking Tool?

The quest for the best networking tool continues between the two innovative and information-sharing contenders: NFC vs. digital business cards.

Both may be similar in some ways, but you must pick the one to help you expand your network, acquire potential leads, and build your contact list.

You can set up NFC business cards using an app, while digital business cards are products of a QR code generator.

Ultimately, they vary in origin, features, cost, and more. Let us compare the two to help you choose the best networking partner.

What is an NFC business card? 

Before comparing NFC cards with QR codes for business cards, let's first get to know the basics of NFC:

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless, short-range communication technology.

So, what are NFC business cards? These facilitate the sharing and exchange of data when NFC-enabled devices are in close proximity. The embedded chip in the card triggers the sharing of information.

The device or reader should be in a 4-inch range to facilitate the transfer. NFC business cards also don’t need WiFi connectivity for transfer; you just have to position your device near it.

Most devices today are already NFC-integrated; compatible ones with the latest NFC capabilities start from Android 10 and iOS 13 (and later versions).

To set up your NFC business card, you must buy an NFC card first and then download the NFC tool app, where you will fill out the contact action—this will reflect when users scan the card.

What is a digital business card?

Digital business card

A digital business card, on the other hand, is a virtual version of your printed card.

This card does not require printing since you can easily share it online, and still serves the same purpose as the printed ones. You can also choose to print it if you want to.

You can use a vCard QR code for your digital business card. Scanning the code takes users to a mobile landing page filled with your contact details:

  • Name
  • Website
  • Company name and position
  • Contacts (mobile number and email)
  • Address
  • Photo
  • Personal Description
  • Social media links

And here’s the best part: Creating this QR code is easy with the best QR code generator online software.

With this innovative technology, you can give people more ways to reach you. It’s an efficient, sleek, and tech-savvy tool for networking.

NFC vs. Digital Business Cards: How are they different?

Let’s compare these two tools according to these 7 significant points that make a card a better choice:

Card medium

Although NFC facilitates digital information-sharing, it still requires physical cards. It means you have to buy your own set of cards with microchips.

On the other hand, QR codes are more flexible since you can use them on both print and digital platforms. You can save a QR code image on your smartphone or print the QR code onto a card.

And here’s more: You can also use the vCard QR code on your online content, such as social media posts, profile covers or banners, or website homepages.


NFC business cards are accessible only to NFC-enabled devices. But the good news is most phones today are already NFC-compatible.

On the other hand, QR codes are also easily accessible because most smartphones now have built-in QR code scanners.

But here’s what sets QR codes apart: Even older smartphone models with no built-in scanners can still scan QR codes using a third-party scanner. You can download one on the Play Store or the App Store.

Unfortunately, earlier smartphone versions without NFC compatibility have no alternative means to scan the card.


NFC business card designs usually come as they are—plain and bland. There might be custom ones, but they’re a bit pricier.

On the contrary, QR codes are customizable. You can modify its colors, eye shapes, and pattern styles. This lets you create attractive codes to get more scans.

Information capacity

When it comes to content capacity, NFC business contact cards can only hold your name, address, company, number, email, and website.

Meanwhile, the vCard QR code can store far more data. Aside from your contact details, you can also add your profile photo, personal description, and social media links.


Business cards contain information that might be an avenue for scammers to perform fraud, identity theft, and scams.

Anyone with an NFC-enabled device can freely scan an NFC card—even those with ill intentions. You cannot afford to lose it.

But QR codes have a password-protect feature. You can set up a password for your QR code, and only those who can enter it correctly can access your data.

Scan tracking

With QR code tracking, you can monitor the number of scans, time and date of scanning, devices used, and location via your QR code generator account dashboard. This is where NFC lags.

Tracking your business card QR code’s scan analytics is necessary to create better lead collection strategies. It also lets you determine your cards’ engagement from your audiences.


The vCard QR code does not require the purchase of physical cards to facilitate sharing.

It’s also editable: You can update the contact information embedded in the code without generating a new one. A single code can go a long way.

With NFC cards, you have to purchase and use multiple cards if you want your business card to reach a bigger audience.

The final verdict: Digital business cards are better than NFC business cards

The digital business card clearly poses an advantage over NFC cards in all comparison metrics.

To sum it up, digital business cards are more flexible, easily accessible, provide room for creativity, hold more information, are more secure, allow tracking, and are more pocket-friendly.

Ultimately, its flexibility can pave the way for an efficient exchange of information, regardless of distance or device compatibility—which are major issues of NFCs.

And if you’re out looking for a QR code partner, QR TIGER is the best digital business card maker today.

This one-stop QR code software lets you easily create reliable digital business cards and offers different features, flexible plans, and 24/7 customer support.

More than 850,000 brands across the globe trust this GDPR-compliant ISO 27001-certified online software.

How to create a digital business card using the best QR code generator

  1. Go to QR TIGER and sign in to your account. You may sign up for a freemium account if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Choose the vCard QR code solution.
  3. Fill out all the information boxes how you want them to appear on your digital landing page.
  4. Click on the Generate dynamic QR code button.
  5. Scroll down and proceed to the customization section. You can add colors to your code and modify the frame, eye shape, and pattern styles. You may also add a logo and a call to action tag.
  6.  Test-scan your QR code first using your device.
  7.   Download, print, and share your QR code.

How to use the best digital business card to expand your network

Wondering how you can creatively use your digital business card to expand your network effectively? Check the tips below.

Quick contact information-sharing

Share contact details
Using a digital business card allows efficient contact detail-sharing, eliminating manual contact-saving.

Just by scanning the code, users can immediately save contact details straight to their devices.

Showcase interactive portfolio

You can easily share your creative resume with a QR code. Since vCard QR codes can store web links, you can use this to share your online portfolio or previous works.

Build your social media presence

Social media has billions of users, making it a powerful platform to expand your reach.

So, take advantage of the social media section in your digital business card and add all your social links to increase impressions, engagement, and followers across your different platforms.

Boost website traffic

Boost website traffic
You can promote your website as you expand your network to boost traffic. Potential visitors may turn into actual clients.

Add the link on your digital business card, so it’ll be easier for scanners to find your website—no need for manual entry on browsers or search engines.

Invite webinar participants

If you’re hosting a webinar, use your digital business card to invite participants and generate leads for upcoming sessions. Simply add its link so they can join in for the talk.

And since they already have access to your contacts, they can easily reach out to you if they have further questions or concerns.

Promote events

Use your digital business card to promote your events and expand your audience population.

Since you can add your website link or social media sites to it, scanners can easily access your promotional materials, reducing the cost of printing.

Digital business card: Your network expansion partner

Between NFC vs. digital business cards, the latter has more positive advantages than the former. Its most notable benefits include bigger storage capacity and versatility.

Digital business cards powered by vCard QR codes facilitate quick and easy access to contact details, and you can easily share them anytime and anywhere without breaking a sweat.

Create a vCard QR code with QR TIGER QR code generator. With its user-friendly interface, you can have a sleek, functional, and customized digital business card in seconds.

Get a free plan or sign up for freemium to start your QR code-powered networking strategy. You may also tap on their customer support team for help; they’re up 24/7 to guide you.

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