What You Need to Know About the NSW Government QR Codes

Update:  January 16, 2024
What You Need to Know About the NSW Government QR Codes

New South Wales has mandated using the NSW Government QR codes in the community through the Service NSW Mobile App. 

The NSW Government suggested posting signage in establishments encouraging customers to wear masks. Following these, the implementation of NSW QR codes is now in action. 

QR check-ins are only necessary for nightclubs and music festivals with over 1,000 attendees.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities for the elderly and disabled may use their existing systems to track visitors.

NSW Service QR codes in contactless check-in

Nsw service QR cde

The New South Wales government has announced that its QR code COVID-19 contact tracing scanner technology is now available throughout the state.

Customers can check in at hospitality venues, and Service NSW centers around the state using a QR code scanner incorporated into the latest edition of the Service NSW app, allowing contact tracers to access client details for prospective COVID-19 contact tracing swiftly.

Victor Dominello, Minister of Customer Service, guaranteed that the software is safe and that it will help retain an accurate record for contact tracing.

The NSW government QR code is a  free QR code solution to assist you with contactless client or visitor record keeping.

The system directly provides client information to Service NSW.

Using the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in QR code method eliminates the need to store data and makes it accessible to NSW Health if necessary.

Contactless check-in has increased in numerous events, hotels, casinos, and resorts during the Coronavirus outbreak to control and reduce physical touch between individuals.

Furthermore, this innovative method is employed to combat and avoid using tangible objects where the virus could persist and perhaps spread to another person.

Moreover, by automating the check-in method, contactless check-in forms employing QR codes prevent the time-consuming process of filling out forms.

Safety protocols and methods such as contactless check-in have been established to reduce COVID-19’s safety threats and guarantee that guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

Check-in safely with the Service NSW app

Service nsw appCustomers can scan a unique, complimentary QR code created by Service NSW when they visit your business.

Customers must have the Service NSW app installed on their mobile devices to record their visits.

COVID Safe Check-in is available to all NSW businesses and is included in the COVID Safe registration kit.

How to obtain a QR code

Businesses registered with COVID Safe will receive an email with their unique QR code.

QR codes can also be accessed or recovered by registered businesses and organizations via the business resources website.

To access the business resources page, they need to enter the email address with which they enrolled.

What about the clients?

Scan QR codeImage Source

When customers visit an establishment, they scan the QR code with their smartphone.

Customers with the Service NSW app will be directed to the check-in.

If they haven’t already installed the app, they will be presented with two options:

Install the Service NSW app, set up an account, and check-in. Use an online form to check-in.

When a customer scans their smartphone over the QR code, their details are automatically recorded via the Service NSW app, preventing the use of fictitious names.

Customers who do not own a smartphone will be able to register at businesses using alternative digital devices, such as an electronic form on a tablet.

Businesses are only accountable for their staff wearing masks; they are not responsible for enforcing restrictions on customers. 

The NSW Government recommends respectfully requesting that a consumer wear a mask.

QR code contactless check-in: How does a QR code function in touchless check-in points?

Check-ins are vital to any establishment, and now that QR codes include information for a location, identifier, or tracker (contact tracking forms) that leads to a website, URL, or application.

A QR code stores data efficiently using four standardized encoding modes (numerical, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji).

Hotels, casinos, and other facilities can produce a QR code for the contactless form to use for contactless check-in.

When the user’s smartphone device scans the contactless check-in QR code, it displays a form to fill out and automatically clicks the “submit” button once they are finished.

On the other hand, they can also use a travel QR code for guests arriving from another country. Transport authorities and hotel personnel can easily scan the QR code upon arrival.

Alternative: Create a Contactless Check-In Form with QR TIGER’s Google form QR Code:

First, make your contactless form (via Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or any other survey form company)

Take note of the URL of your form.

  • Copy and paste the URL into the “Google form QR code” menu.
  • Select the “dynamic” QR code.
  • Click the “Generate QR code” button.
  • Make your QR code unique.
  • Distribute your QR code

Begin with contactless check-in through QR codes

QR codes are already a familiar sight outside shops, bars, cafés, and restaurants that know how to provide their customers with instant information at their leisure.

Using QR codes to bridge the information gap between guests and employees reduces guests’ time in the reception area and restricts staff contacts while improving the guest experience.

Contactless hotels, resorts, and casinos aim to create a trip for visitors that is still delightful but does not require hotel personnel assistance.

Start your contactless check-in using the best QR code generator online now. 

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