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Last updated:   January 17, 2023

Using a PDF QR code generator, you can make a QR code for PDF documents.

Users can see and download the PDF file right away, upon scanning the  QR code using a smartphone gadget. 

Today, a PDF QR code technology is a convenient way of sharing direct information to your target audience at any point of service. 

This type of QR code solution is a useful digital tool for cataloging or any kind of information you like to share with your audience.

Wanna know more about this solution? Keep reading to know more. 

What is a PDF QR code? 

pdf QR codeGenerating a PDF QR code is a way to digitally present your file to QR code instantly, which is created using a QR code generator online. 

PDF QR codes, by nature, are scan-able using smartphone devices, which it will automatically display the PDF file directly to the user’s mobile screen. 

To access its content, the end-user needs to point his smartphone camera towards the QR code steadily for 2-3 seconds to unlock the information, data, or file embedded in the QR code.

How to make a QR code for a PDF file in 7 quick steps? 

  • Go to QRTIGER QR code generator online
  • Click “File” on the menu and upload your PDF file 
  • Click generate
  • Personalize your PDF QR code
  • Test your PDF code
  • Hit Download
  • Track the data of your QR code

Can you change the data behind your PDF QR code to another PDF document?

editable pdf QR codeYou can change the data behind your PDF QR code and redirect it to another PDF file anytime you want as it is a Dynamic QR code, which enables you to edit the data and track the scans of your QR code. 

A PDF QR code can be found under the File QR code category, and it's really simple to learn how to create a QR code for a PDF.

A file to QR code converter has four types of QR code solutions: Jpeg QR code, PNG QR code, MP3 QR code, MP4, Word, Excel, and, of course, a PDF. 

Therefore, if you want to edit your PDF QR code and replace it with another PDF file, you can do it anytime at your convenience.

Moreover, if you want to change/update it in the form of MP3, PNG, Jpeg form, you can replace the data of your QR code with these types of solutions without regenerating another QR code even though after printing! 

There are two types of QR code which is static and Dynamic.

Static QR codes do not allow content changing while Dynamic QR codes allow you to update or replace your file anytime you want. 

How to make a QR code for a PDF document in 7 quick steps: A step-by-step guide

1. Go to QRTIGER QR code generator

qr code generator

2. Click “File” on the menu and upload your PDF file.

file qr code
The PDF is under the “File” menu, just click on this feature and upload your PDF.

3. Click “generate.”

generate file qr codeClick “generate QR code” to start generating your  QR code.

4. Customize your PDF QR code

customizable qr codeYou can personalize your QR code by setting the colors, adding unique features and edges to make it more eye-catchy to your target audience. 

5. Test your PDF QR code before deploying it

pdf qr codeBefore distributing, always check and test if the data you entered correctly redirects you to the right file. 

6. Hit Download

download qr codeClick download to download your QR code. Your QR code will also be instantly saved in the QR code generator, where you can track and edit it anytime. 

7. Track the data of your QR code scans

Click on the track data button to uncover the demographics of your QR code scanners. 

6 benefits of a PDF QR code 

1. Multiple QR code campaign in one QR code

qr code for multiple file formats

Yes! You read that right!

The PDF code generated using QRTIGER allows you this feature to have multiple QR code campaigns in just one QR code.  

As we have mentioned, you can always update your PDF QR code to different files using the same QR code. 

You can also create a separate QR code solution for the MP4 file, PNG, MP3, and Jpeg under the file menu. It’s all up to you. 

2. Instant sharing of documents 

A PDF QR code is accessible and shareable through mobile phones.

The user can just quickly scan the code, and he can instantly save the file or information directly to his smartphone device for later uses.

Digital presentation of your PDF files using only a smartphone device 

You don’t need to produce thousands of printed PDF files.

You can just generate a PDF QR code that will allow easy sharing of documents to your audience.

3. A PDF QR code is editable to another file 

editable qr code

You can change your existing QR code and upload another document, but your QR code remains the same.

Just click on the “edit” data button to edit QR code content and redirect to another file. 

4. Improved customer experience

You can get rid of printing hundreds and thousands of a user guide or manual guide by generating a PDF QR code while leveraging the customer experience by providing them a scan-save-go experience.

This improves your marketing material one step ahead of your competitor while saving your expenses on printing.

5. Track your marketing campaign with Dynamic QR codes

trackable qr codeYou cannot only have a multiple QR code campaign using a PDF code, but you can also track the scanning data or activity of your QR code scans and your target audience’s demographics. 

Through Dynamic QR codes, you can uncover valuable data such as when do you get the most scans, the location of your scanners, and the device they use to scan your QR codes.

Such statistics results allow you to understand and measure your QR code marketing campaign and what improvement you should do more if you’re not getting any traction or scans you what to achieve.

Moreover, you can also integrate the QR code generator to Google Analytics for more powerful and comprehensive tracking results.

In business and marketing, tracking is essential to enable you to analyze the flow of your marketing campaign. 

6. Digitized your most important documents through a PDF QR code

Keeping tangible documents for your most important files is as important as having a digital back-up. Generally, we do this by saving those files using flash drives- which we often misplace and lost.

A more advanced and safer version to store those files digitally is by generating a PDF QR code.

The data of your code will be stored safely in the QR code generator online, and you can access them anytime.

Much more convenient! This allows you to organize more of your documents in a more conducive way. 

How to use a PDF QR code? 

Print media industry 

pdf qr code on print mediaIt’s time for some innovation with the print media industry. 

Breathe life to your lifeless printed materials and generate or print your PDF QR code along with your magazines, leaflets, flyers, or catalogs that will lead the scanners to the digital information of your product, items, or services.

This gives more value-added customer experience. 

It serves as a useful counterpart when all of the information cannot be stored in one place.

This promotes interactive experience among your readers by adding a digital twist to your printed material. 

Turning the product user-guide digital

pdf qr code for users manualPrinting hundreds and thousands of user-guides o manual take a large portion of your business expenses.

Converting your user-guide or manual through PDF QR codes is the most innovative yet cost-efficient way using digital advances while alleviating customer experience. 

It is applicable to all businesses that need to digitize their user-guide or instruction that come along in any products, items, or services your offer.

Moreover, your end-user can instantly save the file on their smartphones without worrying about having it misplaced. 

Furthermore, you can also include reviews, proofs of service, and ratings to convert your target audience. 

Online or Personal Conferences and meetings 

pdf qr code on meetingsYou can make your meetings or conferences more organized and clutter-free by generating a PDF QR code for your presentations, discussions, or any important file that must be disseminated to your colleagues along with your meetings. 

They can simply scan the QR code to access the document to avoid unnecessary and disorganized clutter around the table, which is not conducive when conducting a meeting. 

Furthermore, you can also share the PDF QR code during online meetings or conferences for your audience to access reports and important documents directly.

Book Preview Marketing

pdf qr code on books

A book’s preview is usually printed on the back of the book to give readers a teaser preview about the book plot.

But sometimes it leaves us hanging feeling with a little to no amount of information.

Using a PDF to QR code solution, you can redirect your readers to a more juicy detail of your book preview that you can use as a competitive edge on your book marketing. 

They can scan the QR code attached to your book and save it for a later read.

If they like it, they might even go back to the bookstore to get a copy of your item. 

You can have it advertise through prints or social media. Use all the marketing platforms you can reach a wider audience.

You can apply it to e-books too. 

5 Best Practices when generating your PDF QR code

1. Make it attractive

If you want to attract more scanners to scan your QR code, start it off with customizing the appearance of your QR code and stay away from plain-looking QR codes. 

2. Add a logo, image, or icon

pdf qr code with logoAdding a logo, image, or icon in your QR code makes it more professional and outstanding.

Moreover, it also contributes to the overall signature or branding of your QR code. 

3. Add a frame and call to action in your QR code. 

pdf qr code with frame

Put a frame in your QR code and call-to-action like “Scan to download PDF” 

4. Consider the right size 

pdf QR code dimensionsSize matters. 

A QR code gives digital information thus printing it correctly will is essential to deliver such information. 

When you make a QR code for PDF files, you have to use the appropriate size and you need to adjust it depending on where you will place them. 

A QR code will absolutely vary in sizes from product packaging, a digital menu, a magazine, billboards, business cards, etc. The further you place your QR code, the bigger the size should be. 

From close proximity, make sure the QR code is at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to scan it. 

5. Maintain a clutter-free QR code

QR codes have two types: Static QR code and Dynamic QR code. 

The information encrypted in a static QR code is stored in the code’s graphics, is permanent, and can only be limited. That’s why it gets pixelated the more information you put in it. 

When this happens, your QR code becomes hard to read. If you have information that you want to store in your QR, a dynamic QR code is a better option. 

But don’t worry, PDF QR code is dynamic in nature, which means, it does not directly store the data in the graphics. It contains a short URL that redirects users to online information.

The QR code data is stored or placed in the QR code generator online, where scanners can edit the information and track the data of his QR scans.

You can do this even if you have printed your Dynamic QR codes along with your PDF QR. 

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PDF to QR code: Convert your PDF files to QR code with QRTIGER

When all of the necessary data or information cannot be stored in one area of packaging, flyers, posters, magazines, or anywhere, a PDF QR code is the perfect solution for you. 

It can also be used in different ways. From personal use to advertising or marketing purposes. 

It can be generated in QRTIGER and- it does not only allow you to make a QR code for your PDF but- you can also choose to change it into a wide variety of information all in one QR code.  

Generate your PDF QR code now. 

Frequently asked questions

How to make a QR code for PDF files? 

In order to generate a QR code for your document, simply upload any types of documents you have into the file QR code category using the QR code software online and convert it into a QR code such as a QR code PDF. 

Related terms

QR code PDF 

A QR code PDF is generated using a QR code generator online.

This displays your PDF file to your scanners smartphone device when scanned and they can also download the document if they want. 

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