Email QR Code & QR Code Solutions for Email Marketing

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Update:  April 28, 2023
Email QR Code & QR Code Solutions for Email Marketing

You can generate a customized QR code for your email address that directs scanners to your email ad when they scan your QR code, allowing them to send you a message instantly. 

But did you know that using QR codes is one of the trendiest ways as well to upgrade your email marketing game? But how do marketers do this? Well, that's what this article is all about. 

Let's find out!

According to CIO, an online magazine related to technology and IT, there are 15 ways to improve your email marketing campaigns.

But did you know that QR codes have become one of the mainstream technologies marketers use to power up and maximize these campaigns?

QR codes are a common sight that we usually see in product packaging, billboards, or magazines that leads the scanners to online information or data. 

However, little do people know that they can use many QR code types for different purposes and even use one to make your marketing campaign more interactive and engaging for their target audience. 

With smartphone users continuing to rise, marketers have also adapted to mobilize their email marketing programs through QR codes using a QR code generator online.

Now, digital marketers can integrate their QR codes to email or newsletters to reach a greater audience.

First off: How to generate a QR code for an email address?

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  2. Select the email QR code solution
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click generate QR code
  5. Customize your QR code
  6. Do a scan test
  7. Embed your QR code in the email
  8. Place your code in the strategic location of your email

Email QR code as a static QR code (Free)

Email QR code generator

Before we tackle other QR code solutions for email marketing campaigns, static QR code for email addresses directs you to an email address and is free to generate.

With this type of QR code, you cannot change the email address you have embedded in the code.

Thus, it is permanent and not changeable. 

But to get the most out of your QR code for an email marketing campaign, QR TIGER offers various dynamic QR code solutions to power up the welcome email in your email marketing campaign.

You can edit and track your QR codes with the dynamic one. 

QR codes are scannable when printed and distributed online after generating, making them convenient for online and offline marketing. So what are these QR code solutions you can use for your campaign? 

QR codes and email marketing 

Whether you're doing an email newsletters campaign, acquisition, retention, and promotional type of email campaign, you can use QR codes to maximize your engagement by giving more information and value to your target audience while keeping your message short and direct to the point.

To get the most out of your QR code marketing campaign, QR TIGER offers various dynamic QR code solutions that can redirect your target audience to various data or information about your campaign using only a smartphone device.  

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes are a powerful solution that will allow you to edit and track your QR codes which are good for long-term use. 

QR codes are scannable when printed or distributed online after generating which makes them convenient for online and offline marketing.

So what are these QR code solutions you can use for your email marketing campaign?

How to use an email QR code as a tool to maximize your email marketing campaign 

Attach the QR code to your email

QR code for emailAside from implementing the best practices for your email subject lines, you can use QR codes when sending an email to your target.

You only have to choose what QR code type you need and where you wish to redirect them to for your email marketing campaign.

It could be a video, links, sign-up forms, audio, series of images, etc. 

QR code for email sign-up 

QR code for email sign up

QR code to email marketing is an excellent way to get new subscribers.

For example, you can generate a Mailchimp QR code to collect and gather email subscribers.

The possibilities of implementing these codes can set you an edge apart from your competition, and it can serve as a creative alternative to the most common and overcrowded platforms where most people will promote their list.

Create a QR code for your list, and think of the best places you could distribute it based on your target audience's interests.

You can expose your brand creatively to the public, leading them to a sign-up form or a website with a sign-up form. 

Make your landing page with a mobile-friendly and straightforward sign-up form, meaning it should be optimized for mobile users since they will use a smartphone to scan the QR code.

We've got some tips for placing QR codes that will lead to your email sign-up form, including:

  • Print ads, newspaper articles
  • Brochures, leaflets, posters, magazines
  • Online display
  • Order forms;
  • Books and packaging;
  • Souvenirs, T-shirts, and tags
  • Exhibition stands, window stores

Lead them to promotional links, feedback links, announcements, and new services using a URL QR code

Custom URL QR code generator

You can use a URL QR code solution to generate a QR code that will lead your recipient to your website or any informational links online that are relevant to your campaign. 

This is convenient to use as you don't need to type or include the long URL address of your website or link a long URL in your email.

You simply need to convert your links into a URL QR code.

Lead them to a web page using a web page QR code

Suppose you are promoting your product and want to create a customized web page for your crafts or products that you'd like to show, and you don't want to pay for domain loyalties; in that case, you can use a QR code for a webpage to make a customize landing page. 

Direct the target audience to a series of images 

Do you need to display a series of images for your products or a sneak peek at your upcoming events?

Then an image gallery QR code can do this for you while keeping a clean email message to your target audience.

Use video QR codes 

QR code for videos

Video QR codes can display a video file for your audience when you do an email marketing campaign.

You don't need to copy long URLs for your video; you only need a QR code to email the actual video itself.

In QR TIGER, there are 3 ways you can convert your video into a QR code.

Using a URL QR code for videos that are stored online, such as in DropBox and Google Drive, YouTube, and using the file QR code where you can directly upload an MP4 file. 

App QR codes to maximize your app downloads

App QR codes can embed URLs of an app that redirects scanners to download your application right away, may it be in Google Store or Apple App store.

Attached in your email marketing campaign, you can maximize your chances of boosting the users of your app in the market. 

Lead them to a PDF file, video file, Word, Excel, and more

Do you have a file you'd like to show your receiver, such as a Word document? Excel, video, or image? You can create a QR code in the file services QR menu.

Using the file storage services, you can upload files such as those mentioned above and generate a  PDF QR code for your PDF file, a video QR code for your video presentation, a word document QR code, or an image QR code.

What's more interesting about the file storage QR code services is that you can replace your file type with another file. 

Say, for example, you generate a PDF QR code and want to redirect it to a Word file or replace it with a video file; you can do so just by editing your QR code and updating it with a different file type! And no need for you to regenerate the QR code again.

Other QR code solutions you can use to maximize your online visibility and relevant contacts  

Target relevant contacts with a vCard QR code

Vcard QR code

Unlike the traditional business card with limited space, you can generate a vCard QR code to put all of your information in a single QR.

When your recipients scan your vCard QR code, they can save all of your contact details. Here are contact details you can embed in your vCard QR.

  • Name of the vCard holder
  • Name of the organization
  • Title
  • Phone number (private and work and mobile)
  • Fax, Email, Website
  • Street, City, Zipcode
  • State, Country, Profile Picture
  • Personal description
  • Social media accounts like Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and many more

Connect them to your LinkedIn 

You can also opt to generate a LinkedIn QR code that will instantly redirect your scanner to your LinkedIn profile, where they can now connect with you.

This will grow your connection on LinkedIn and connect with people on the spot. Just copy the URL of your LinkedIn profile and paste it into the QR code generator's URL section. 

Social media QR code 

Custom QR code for social media

A social media QR code will connect all your social media channels which you can use, and attach it to your email.

This will allow your recipient to follow you on all your social media platforms in one scan.

Why should you generate your QR code solutions in dynamic QR for your email marketing campaign?

Email QR code is static in which you can generate it for free.

However, when you create a QR code solution for your email marketing campaign in a Dynamic QR code, you can change where your QR code points to you and edit your QR code's content. It is useful for B2B email marketing campaigns. 

QR codes are scannable in print and even displayed on online platforms.

Moreover, you can also track the data scans of your QR code email in dynamic mode.

Dynamic QR code is editable 

Dynamic QR code

Whatever type of QR code solution you choose, as long as you generate it dynamically, you can update or edit your QR code content anytime.

For example, if you have decided to attach a QR code to your email that will redirect your recipient to your company's website, you can redirect them to a different URL if you want to update or change it.

You can still do so even if your QR code has been printed on intangible materials or if it has already been sent to your receiver online.

You can edit it in real time, giving you full control over your QR code email marketing campaign.

This makes dynamic QR codes cost-efficient as you can modify their content without regenerating or printing another QR code.

Thus, a dynamic email QR code enables you to save money in the long run for your email marketing campaign.

Dynamic QR code scans are trackable 

Dynamic QR code generator

Dynamic QR code not only allows you to change its content, but you can also know the demographics of your scanners.

Integration to Google tag manager feature

Using the google tag manager feature, users can add their tracking codes, tags, and other snippets to monitor the efficiency of their overall marketing campaign.

With QR TIGER's google tag manager feature, users can also add the codes (of their QR campaign ID) into their (GTM) and track who has scanned and engaged with their QR code.

With this integration, the marketer can understand and get an overview of the behavior of his target market (where he can monitor it in his GTM account).

With this, he can get insights into how his audience behaves toward his QR marketing campaign.

This allows him to know when he should retarget landing pages based on how the audience interacts with his campaign (from raising awareness campaigns to potential conversions)

Email Alert Notification feature

If you enable the email alert notification feature, you can receive notifications about the number of scans you get. You can set it up hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

QR code with the password-protected feature

QR TIGER has a password protection feature, allowing users to enable it for exclusive content.

QR with expiry feature

Users can activate the expiration date of their QR code. This is useful for running a campaign within a certain period.

Integration with Google Analytics

With the QR TIGER QR code generator, you can integrate your QR account into your Google Analytics for robust analytics results.

Integration to HubSpot and Zapier Apps

QR TIGER QR code generator is also integrated into Zapier and HubSpot apps for robust marketing features that can be automated. 

How to create a QR code for email address suitable for an email marketing campaign? A step-by-step guide

Go to QR TIGER QR code generator onlineQR code software

There are various code generators available online, and you will have to take your time to research and review one that has the desired or must-have features, such as:

QR code tracking: Choose QR code software that allows you to track your QR code's performance or analytics.

Customization: Select a QR code generator that will allow you to custom-design your QR code.

Ease of use: User-friendly for both yourself and the end-user.

Select the type of QR code you want to use for your email campaign, or if you only want to generate an email address QR code,  click on the email QR solution

QR TIGER has many QR code solutions you can create for your QR code. Select from the category shown above.

Enter the data that corresponds to your selected QR solution

After you have selected your desired QR code solution, simply click on the required data to generate your QR code.

Click dynamic instead of static QR code.Create custom dynamic QR code

Switching from static QR codes instead of dynamic is necessary to track your QR code scans and edit your QR code content to another file.

Customize your QR codeCustomize QR code

Customize your QR code and add a design, logo, icon, or image that will suit your email's style, theme, or purpose. 

Do a scan test

Before you download and print your QR code, do a scan test first and see if it correctly redirects you to the correct information.

Deploy your QR

After checking your QR code, you are now ready to print or attach your QR code along with your email!

Place your code in the strategic position or location

The strategic placement of your QR code is essential. You want it to be in a smart location that is highly trafficked and yet easy to access.

Your QR codes could be in your product packaging, business cards, print ads, poster, or wherever they may be; you must place it in a position that is easily seen by your target audience.

Also, don't forget to put a call-to-action in your QR code to make them work. 

Generate your email QR code with the QR TIGER QR code generator today

You can use a QR code for an email in many ways, and it's always better generated in a dynamic QR code for a flexible email QR code marketing campaign! 

If you have more questions, you can also contact us today. 

Frequently asked questions

How to create a QR code for an email address?

To make a QR code for an email address, go to the QR TIGER QR code generator online and enter the email address you want to convert into a QR code. 

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