QR code EPS format: Resize your QR code while retaining its quality

Last updated:   October 14, 2021

If you want to expand or scale up the size of your QR code without losing its quality, the QR code EPS is the best option. So whatever you put in the design is exactly what you will get in the final output. 

EPS which stands for ‘Encapsulated PostScript’ is a vector file format that can be opened with a lot of free software. You aren’t restricted to only using Adobe products when you download your QR code in EPS format. 

In short, it is universally recognized by most major vector programs.

For most graphic designers, an EPS file is ideal for printing illustrations in high resolution. So generating a QR code in EPS format is ideal if you are printing large format projects such as billboards, flyers, product labels, and posters. 

However, not all QR code generators online provide the option to download QR codes in EPS format.

But with QRTiger, you can have the option to download your QR code in this file format. 

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How to create a QR code in EPS format? 

· Go to www.qrcode-tiger

· Click the type of QR code solution you need

· Select dynamic instead of static

· Personalize your QR code  

· Do a scan test

· Click “download EPS.”

· Resize your QR code

· Print and distribute

How to create a QR code in EPS format? A step-by-step guide

Go to www.qrcode-tiger

QRTiger allows you to customize your QR code and create a QR code in EPS format.

Click the type of QR code solution you need

There are varied QR code types or solutions you can choose from in QRTiger depending on your needs. Choose from the options in the box shown above.

Select dynamic instead of static


There are two types of QR codes you can generate in a QR code generator: static or dynamic QR codes.

It is ideal to generate a dynamic QR code because it allows you to track the data like the number of scans and location using the data tracking system. 

Moreover, you can also edit the information or landing page embedded in your QR code anytime and anywhere. This is possible even if you printed and distributed your QR code already.

Personalize your QR code

To maintain the scannability of your QR code, you can customize your QR code in EPS format by adding a logo, image, or icon.


 Apart from that, you can choose the layout patterns for your QR code, choose the eyes, set the colors, and add a customizable frame containing a call to action.

Do a scan test

Make sure to check if your QR code works properly by doing a scan test first. This way, you can verify if the information you wanted to embed in your QR code is correct and is accessible.

Click “download EPS”


Download your QR code in EPS format and scale it up according to your preferred design or its uses.

Print and distribute

After you do a scan test, you can now print and deploy your QR code. 

Use cases of QR codes in EPS format

To give you inspiration on how to use QR codes in EPS format, we’ve thrown in few use cases. 



Calvin Klein creatively uses a QR code on its billboards throughout New York and Los Angeles to promote their jeans. The QR code on the billboard connects the consumers to the brand and the product.

Building wraps to advertise your products

Creating an eye-catching advertisement not only reaches your target audience but also drum up sales. With a QR code in EPS format, you can easily use it to your design in making larger-than-life advertising wraps.



National Health Service (NHS) distributed QR code posters to restaurants and pubs posted in the visible entrance area. The NHS intends that customers who have downloaded the new NHS Covid-19 app can use their smartphones to easily ‘check-in’ by scanning the QR code.



Puma, a sportswear brand released a limited-edition sneaker adorned with QR codes. When customers scan the QR code using the camera view of the LQD Cell app for iOS they can access a wide array of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

Product Packaging


Taco Bell made their marketing to the next level by placing QR codes on their product packages and large cups around the US. The codes embed exclusive Video Music Awards that could only be accessed through the code including video teasers, artist interviews, and performance footage.

Mobile Taxi Ads

L’Oreal, one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands launched a QR code campaign with codes posted on ads of cabs so anyone who scans the QR code can instantly buy Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent beauty products while riding the taxi.

QR Code Basics

To help you create what QR code to generate using the EPS format, let’s find out the difference between static QR codes and dynamic QR codes.

Static QR code


A static QR code is a type of QR code in which you cannot change the information embedded in it once generated. 

In short, it is intended for one-time use QR code that you wouldn’t have to update or edit the information contained in the QR code.

Dynamic QR code


Unlike the static QR code, you can edit or modify the information embedded in the QR code when you use a dynamic QR code. 

If you wanted to launch a QR code campaign for a product, it is ideal to use a dynamic QR code. You will not reprint or regenerate your QR code when it’s dynamic. 

Moreover, you can track the number of scans, the city or location of the people who scanned, and the device used. 

Thus, dynamic QR codes are much more convenient to use, economical, and effective for business uses. 

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Best practices when creating QR code EPS

Design wisely


Customizing the eyes, patterns, and colors of your QR code is important to maintain your brand identity. But make sure not to overdo it as it might affect the scan reliability of the QR code.

As a rule of thumb, the foreground color must be darker than the background color. 

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Sizing matters


In keeping with the scannability of your QR code, the minimum size of the QR code is 2 x 2 cm or 0.8 x 0.8 in. This makes your QR code visible to your customers.

If you’re intending to print QR codes on billboards or posters, you can adjust their size. Since you have a QR code in EPS format, you can easily resize your QR code according to the advertising environment.

Add logo, icon, or image if applicable


Make your QR code look more professional and on-brand using your logo, icon, or image. You don’t want your audience to wonder what product you are promoting or what your company name is. 

As a marketing tactic, adding a logo or icon makes product recall easy to consumers.

Catchy call to action


Why would a customer have to scan the QR code? Give them a reason to do the action by placing short and catchy CTAs like “Scan Now for Freebies”. This way, you are not just informing them what to do you are also engaging them.

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Print quality

Make sure to print your QR code sharp and clear. Don’t sacrifice your brand with a poorly-looking QR code. If printed in poor quality, it also affects the scannability of your QR code.


So with a QR code in EPS format, you can easily scale your QR code without losing print quality for sizable print projects. 

Strategic placement


Make scanning a QR code easy for your customers by placing it within appropriate reach. It should be placed at an eye level so your customers don’t have to crouch down just to scan. 

QR codes EPS: The best choice when resizing QR codes for print

Resizing your QR codes without affecting their quality is vital in every design. Your brand is at stake if your QR code does not look professional.

With a QR code in EPS format, you can easily scale your QR code while maintaining image clarity.  No matter the size of your QR code, it will always appear at the correct resolution when it’s in an EPS vector format. 

Since a QR code in EPS format is amazing for print, you can use it for your large format projects like billboards, posters, and building wraps. Of course, you can also use a QR code in EPS format in magazines, product packaging, and wearables.

QR code EPS generator: Make your QR code in EPS format with QRTiger

As mentioned, not all QR code generators online offers an option to download QR code in EPS format. But with QRtiger, you can download your QR code in this file format. Start creating your QR codes and contact us here