Ways to Use QR codes for Automobile Marketing Campaign

Update:  August 09, 2023
 Ways to Use QR codes for Automobile Marketing Campaign

Unlike before, when car dealership companies rely on selling cars after placing a few ads, car sales now greatly depend on their online marketing strategies.

Did you know you can start an automobile QR code marketing campaign?

Potential buyers nowadays depend on the facts that they have researched online.

Therefore, having effective and efficient online marketing campaigns is necessary.

Boost your digital engagement and online presence by using QR codes for your automobile marketing campaign. 

Read more to know how!

QR code for the automotive industry and why should you use them for automobile marketing

Did you know that although 95% of car sales are made at the dealership, building a strong online presence can greatly affect the car sale?

Before the potential buyers seek consultation from a car dealer, they first search for a trusted car company online.

Therefore, you need to make a smarter strategy for your online advertisement.

You will be able to do these with the use of QR codes.

QR codes are an effective and cost-efficient tool that allows you to build a strong online presence which will eventually drive more sales.

QR codes are two-dimensional codes that allow you to store complex data such as website pages and video promotions which is very important in automotive marketing.

By scanning these codes using mobile phones, people will be redirected to the website and other content that the QR code was intended for.

These codes can also be displayed in your printed campaigns, allowing you to connect your offline materials to your online marketing campaigns.

Elevate your automobile marketing: 9 ways you can use QR codes for your automotive industry 

1. Car Shows

Car shows are one of the most effective ways to drive sales and to allow potential customers to check out your latest rides and products.

Instead of distributing flyers during car show events, you can display a PDF QR code of your flyer.

When scanned, it will display your file on the user’s smartphone and save it right away.

Furthermore, your sales representatives can build more valuable connections during your car show events by sharing their contact data via a vCard QR code.

Car show promotion

Any potential prospect will be able to save the contact information on his phone instantly by scanning the code.
You can also collect your guests’ feedback by displaying a Google Form QR code.

By simply scanning the Google Form QR code, your guests can easily fill out your survey form using their smartphones.

You can add the collected to your contact database to generate leads or do follow-ups.

2. Website Promotions

Driving web traffic is also important to gain more sales. There are several ways you can use QR codes for website promotions.

If you are planning to boost downloads of your app, you can display an app store QR code on your website.

This way, your visitors or clients will just have to scan the QR code and will be able to download your app instantly.

Website QR code promotions

If you are sponsoring an ad or blog from another partnered website, you can display the URL QR code of your website.

When scanned, a user will be redirected to your dedicated webpage, where they can access exclusive content.

They don’t have to manually type your website, as they will be able to access it in a matter of seconds.

This way, it will increase your web visitors, and you can even track their behavior while they’re on your page.

3. Print Media Advertising

Print media advertising of vehicles and car accessories is a viable way to reach high-value prospects and customers.

You can add an interactive element to your magazines, brochures, signage, and billboards using QR codes.

Automotive QR code campaign

Instead of displaying an image of your latest car model in your print collateral, why not add a video QR code that showcases the unique features of the product?

This way, it adds engagement with your customers as they digitally unlock useful content.

If you are offering discounts and giveaways, you can add a QR code to your chosen print media to attract more leads.

The attractive incentives can only be availed when a user scans the unique QR code of your discount or giveaway.

With QR codes in your print media advertising, you are not just increasing your sales but are also engaging prospects and customers.

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4. Social Media Posts

One thing social media users love about QR codes is that they sort out lengthy information into the code and just place the important ones into their social media post captioning.

By following this structure, car companies can utilize the use of QR codes to promote their latest car lineup on social media without writing lengthy caption on their post and drive more traffic to it. 

In this way, they can evenly distribute their social media traffic to their main website and instantly convert leads into paying customers.

Aside from that, car companies can also list all their social media links and business webpage into a Social Media QR code to place in their social media networks that only require one link in their bio. 

5. Video Promotions for Inquiries and Reservations

Car brands can use QR codes to embed their inquiry and reservation webpage and place it into their video and TV promotions.

Car video ad QR codeThrough this, interested people that see their advertisement and promotions will only have to scan the code and place their inquiries and reservations. 

6. Discount QR code for early car reservations

One trick car brands can do to make their cars become an instant hit for car-buying groups is to give out early car reservation discounts. 

And for them to do that, they will need a powerful discount tool to determine the early car reservation customers and give discounts to them.

As building software by scratch can be a waste of time and resources, outsourcing becomes their next best option.

In doing this, car brands can tap the use of Multi-URL QR codes to set the number of people that can avail of the discount campaign.

Through this, they will not have to go through manually listing the number of people that calls for car reservations during the promo period. 

7. Brand collaborations to boost your automobile marketing

Car companies can utilize the use of QR codes for their brand collaborations with other known brands and shops conveniently. 

In doing this, they will just only instruct their collaborators to place the QR code in their establishments, videos, and print marketing materials to save time and space. 

With brand collaborations, car brands can drive more customers from their collaborator’s patrons in a scan-and-buy way. 

8. Digital business card for an automobile salesperson 

During car shows,  automobile salespersons or car dealers can use a digital business card QR code during the event when exchanging contact details with potential clients and new connections.

The vCard QR code or business card QR code has the ability to display all of your contact information, where your client can also download your contact information right away on their smartphone devices. 

Unlike the traditional business card that usually ends up in the dustbin, the vCard QR code is a powerful tool to innovate and give a digital dimension to your business cards. 

9. Mobile webpage QR code for automobile information

What if your company doesn’t have a website for marketing automobiles? Or what if you are a private seller? What is the best alternative for you to do if in case you don’t have a website? 

Well, using a mobile website QR code, you can your own webpage optimized for mobile devices. You don’t need to learn how to program and code.

You can generate your web page QR code right away and enter all the necessary details of the car, such as the registration process, price, maintenance schedule, car’s driving style, documents to carry, contact details of the salesperson, etc. 

You can put all of the information by making a webpage or H5 QR code instead of having to buy a hosting or domain name, which can be more expensive  

Dynamic QR codes for the automotive industry 

Using dynamic QR code solutions for automobile marketing will allow you to track your QR codes and gauge the effectiveness of your QR code marketing campaign.

Moreover, you can also edit your QR code scans even though it has been printed in your marketing materials or have been deployed online.

QR codes are scannable in online and offline marketing platforms, which allows the automobile salesperson to get the most out of his QR marketing campaign. 

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Editing your QR code solutions

As we have mentioned, dynamic QR codes are an advanced and flexible type of QR code that has the ability to be edited even after printing or even after it has been distributed online. 

The data that is embedded in your dynamic QR code solution is stored on the QR code generator online, where you have generated your QR code. 

When you use dynamic QR codes for your marketing in the automotive industry, there’s no need for you to reprint your QR codes all over again if in case you need to redirect your QR code campaign to other information. 

With that being said, you save printing expenses by generating your QR code solution in a dynamic form.

Moreover, you can also edit your data in real time. 

To edit your dynamic QR code, just click on the track data QR code button, press the edit data button, and replace your QR code data with another data.

Tracking your QR code scans

Another feature of generating your QR code solution in a dynamic form is its ability for your QR code scans to be tracked in real time.

Important data analytics that you can uncover includes: 

Real-time data of your QR code scans for your automobile marketing campaign

You can see from the time chart the number of scans you get. You can filter the data by days, weeks, months, or years! 

Device used by your scanners 

Are your scanners using an iPhone or Android when they scan your QR codes

Map chart for a wider QR code scans view

The map chart in the QR code generator gives you a comprehensive and better view from anywhere in the world where people have scanned your QR Code! And under the map chart, you can see the summary of your QR code scans’ overall statistics.

Moreover, you can also download the CSV file of your QR code analytics results. 

How to create a QR code for your automobile marketing campaign

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select from the QR code solutions you need for your QR automotive marketing campaign
  • Enter the corresponding data needed to generate your QR code 
  • Customize your QR code 
  • Generate your QR code 

After customizing your QR code, click the generate QR code button to start generating your QR code.

  • Do a scan test of your QR code 

One of the big mistakes QR code marketers make when they integrate a QR code for their marketing campaign is that they fail to do a QR code scan test first and proceed right away to downloading and printing their QR code which is a big no-no!  

Always do a scan test first and check if your QR code redirects to the correct data or if it is scannable. 

  • Download and deploy your QR code in your automobile marketing campaign materials

After doing a scan test of your QR code, download your QR code in SVG format so you can resize your QR code to any size without affecting its image quality.

You can print your QR code or distribute it on an online platform. 

Very important: Do not forget to add a call to action in your QR code. Otherwise, how is your target audience going to know that they are supposed to scan your QR code and access the information, right?


Almost all industry is now moving towards web-based interactions.

To make the best purchasing decision, potential car buyers take their time in researching the perfect car online.

The automobile industry is one of the industries where most offline purchases are preceded by online research.

Gain leads and improve your online marketing using QR codes.

QR codes are a great and cost-efficient tool that allows you to boost your online presence as well as your sales. 

They have various feature that allows you to market your automobile company in a lead-generating way.

For more queries, visit the QR TIGER website now.

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