How to use QR codes in magazine and newspapers?

Last updated:   August 05, 2022

The integration of QR code technology in the magazine industry is the new way print media is catching up with the modern and trendy world we are in! 

With the advent of e-portals, internet, smartphones, and LED screens, people have lost interest in printed mediums such as newspapers, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, and magazines.

However, due to new digital innovations over the years, magazines are being overshadowed. With that being said, the print industry is fighting their way back to the spotlight. 

One way to save it from being obsolete is to tap into new and interactive ways with the use of modern technology; that is introducing and integrating Magazines with QR Codes to each other.

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How to make a QR code for a magazine in 6 steps?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the type of QR code solution you want
  3. Choose Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)
  4. Click “Generate QR code” and personalize your QR
  5. Test your QR code if it scans
  6. Download and print your QR codes for magazines

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What is a Magazine QR Code?

undefinedMagazines are now incorporating QR codes in their pages to boost engagement and to add an interactive vibe of a usual magazine.

QR codes in magazines is a great way to provide more information using just a small space. For the magazine industry, this is an innovation!

Many magazines have adapted for the latest trend of QR Codes in order to reclaim their spot in the market.

QR Codes allow readers to scan a code with their smartphone and access things like content or an exclusive offer. Print media has recently opted for QR codes.

This has enabled them to span the gulf between printed and online advertising and promotions.

 Today, QR codes are integrated everywhere including tickets, banners, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers, etc. 

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Why are magazines using QR codes? 

The following is the step-by-step guide about QR codes being used in magazines and other print media.

1. A cutting-edge form of marketingqr codes in magazines

Interestingly, QR codes have multiple benefits. It is a unique way of making interactive dealing possible.

Moreover, it provides customers with an inclusive and well-directed purchasing experience.

The QR codes eliminate the need to include boring and lengthy product information. Furthermore, the advertisers are in a better position to emphasize virtual content only.

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2. Print-media giants and QR codesmagazine qr code example

Image Source

There are famous magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Allure that are using QR codes, however, the use of QR codes isn’t limited to giant print media companies only.

There are forums and QR code generator with a logo such as QRTIGER QR code software, which doesn’t only generates QR codes for the global franchise, but also other magazines that are circulated on a small scale.

3. Discount and incentivesmagazine qr code example beauty and wellness

QR Codes in magazines is a smart way to persuade more and more people to become target customers and buyers.

They can conveniently visit your business and moreover, they can be attracted to avail of a discount from your business.

By using these codes in the magazines, you can offer an attractive incentive that can be availed only by scanning the code.

Discounts, free meals, gifts, and coupons are a tried and tested method of increasing the number of customers and widening the target consumers.

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4. Detailed information about the companymagazine qr code example nature

QR codes are great for sharing additional information to avoid unnecessary clutter in your overall design and space. Do you want an article or column to stand out from the whole magazine?

Well, adding a QR code with a short 30-second video embedded right next to an article can do the job.

This type of interactive video magazine using the technology of QR codes which has many types, has been a trend to increase customer engagement.

5. Track your advertising success using a dynamic QR code

qr code generator for magazine QR codes in dynamic form enables you to set up a system that will enable you to track the success or failure of your advertising strategies using QR codes on magazines

The feedback you acquire this way can be unbelievably beneficial especially while adjusting to your advertising strategy to the altering and competitive marketplace.

In addition, you can edit the content behind your dynamic QR code and redirect it to another landing page even after it has been printed!

Thus, saving you a huge amount of money from printing expenses in the long haul. 

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How to create a QR code on magazine? A step-by-step guide!

QRTIGER is a great QR code software to choose among all QR code generators widely available on the internet. It’s easy, convenient, reliable, and safe. Follow these steps to create your own QR Code for your magazine:

1. Go to QRTIGER

QRTIGER is one of the most reliable QR Code generators online.  You can track the data of your QR Code and it makes sure that your data you embedded on your QR Code is safe.

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2. Upload

Upload your Magazine File or PDF File by clicking “File” on the menu. There are also other options on what you will upload or what data will you embed in your QR Code.

3. Generate

Click “Generate QR Code” and all you have to do is wait while QRTIGER generates your Magazine QR Code.

4. Customize the QR code

QR Codes in QRTIGER are customizable depending on your target audience or design needs.

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5. Test it!

Try scanning the Magazine QR Code generated using a QR Code Scanner. Check if the data you embedded is correct and if the scanner redirects you to the right file.

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6. Download!

Download the QR Code generated by clicking the download button. The Magazine Code will also be automatically saved in the generator in case you need to edit the embedded data in the future.

7. Track the Data of your QR code scans

Click on the Track Data button to check and track the demographics of your Magazine QR code and QR Code Scanners

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QR codes on magazines as an interactive digital tool for print industry

In today’s world and culture with an immense information load, we need to find ways to simplify that experience for the customers and readers and give value to them as much as possible.

Online tools are proven to be a great help in terms of efficiency and convenience in marketing and information relay. But this doesn’t mean that offline tools are less important or lesser, in general than online tools.

Magazines, a product of offline and conventional marketing, and QR Codes, a new way to relay information, can be incorporated and combined together to give out a new and interactive experience.

If these QR Codes can become a bridge between offline and online marketing tools, can drive customers and readers who still use traditional and conventional media platforms to online content, and to create a much better efficient marketing way, then why not give QR Codes a try?

It’s integral to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR codes like URL allow and Dynamic QR codes allows you to track valuable consumer data! Make your QR codes on QRTIGER:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to scan a QR code from newspaper?

To scan a QR code from a newspaper or if you have seen QR codes from anywhere, simply open your smartphone camera in a photo mode, point it towards the QR code for 2-3 seconds to access the content. 

Make sure that you have enabled the setting of your camera to detect QR codes. If your phone's camera cannot detect a QR code, you can also opt to download QR code readers or use social media apps that can scan QR codes. 

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