How to Create a QR Code for Voice Recording Gift Cards

Update:  August 03, 2023
How to Create a QR Code for Voice Recording Gift Cards

Creating a QR code for voice-recording gift cards is a fun and creative way of sending heartfelt audio messages to your loved ones. 

QR codes are mainly used for businesses and digital marketing today, but they can also add a digital touch to the ancient tradition of giving greeting cards.

You can use QR codes to surprise your recipient with a special audio message you can’t seem to write into a letter or say face-to-face.

And the catch? You can make them for free using the best QR code generator online.

No coding and programming are needed.

Get to know more about it here in this article.

What makes voice recording gifts so special

Voice recording gift

Before companies and individual users start realizing how QR codes work with gifts and gift cards, they relied merely on handwritten messages on quality paper.

Greeting cards help people freely express themselves in the form of pre-made greeting messages, such as “Happy Birthday,” “ Best wishes,” or “Thank you,” which they send to their loved ones.

This $4.7 billion industry has also evolved over the past years, and you can now add graphical and digital elements to it, helping you send out one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

To date, various greeting card businesses have created cards adorned with stickers and images for a more personalized look. 

You can also add voice recordings to your gift cards through QR codes to make them a lot more special.

Adding a QR code for voice recordings on your greeting cards guarantees that your recipient can easily access your audio voice greeting in just a single phone scan. 

They can also save your recorded audio greeting on their devices, allowing them to listen to your sincere message any time and anywhere they want.

How to make a QR code for a voice recording with QR TIGER

Now, here’s what you should do to create a QR code for your gifts and greeting card:

  1. Go to QR TIGER
  2. Choose the File or MP3 QR code solutions.
  3. Upload your audio recording
  4. Click the Generate dynamic QR code button
  5. Personalize your QR code using the customization tools provided
  6. Run a test scan to see if it’s working
  7. Download the QR code image and deploy

QR TIGER’s QR code solution for audio files is available in their Freemium version, which only lasts for a year.

If you want your QR code to still function beyond the one year-limit, try subscribing to a plan.

You’ll need the File or MP3 QR code solutions for your voice recording, which are both dynamic.

For first-time QR code users, dynamic QR codes come with various advanced 2D barcode functions and features that help users get a better QR code experience.

Through this, you can easily manage and monitor QR code campaigns.

Its counterpart, the static QR code, is a free version with unlimited scans.

You can use this for special occasions, such as greeting cards. But they are less advanced than the former.

Nonetheless, both QR code types are high-functional 2D barcodes offered at QR TIGER’s audio QR code generator.

Whichever you choose, you can still guarantee that you’ll have a unique gift idea for your loved ones.

Creative ideas to use a QR code for voice recording gift

Here are some of the most innovative ways you can integrate a QR code into your gift-giving idea:

Print them on gift tags or greeting cards

Voice recording QR code uses

Picture this out:

You hand out your greeting card to the birthday celebrant. When they opened it, you saw a flash of disappointment in their eyes, seeing that in it was nothing but a simple “Happy birthday” and a little QR code with a call-to-action that said, “Scan me.”

They fish out their phone, scans the QR code, and right then and there, they hear your sincere birthday message. That’s where your birthday greeting was all along.

Now, wouldn’t that be a great surprise factor? You can also do the same thing with your QR code.

Print them on gift tags and greeting cards and send them to your family or friends.

Customize a QR code-patterned gift wrapper

You can also display your QR codes using wrapping paper.

All you have to do is create an audio QR code using a trusted QR code platform and download it into your device.

For the exciting part, you’ll need to create a gift wrapper with a QR code pattern in your design.

You might need an easy-to-use photo editor for this.

It might seem like a chore, but this will show how sincere you are to your recipients.

You can then print it out and wrap your gift items with it.

You might get weird stares for that, but the recipient will surely remember your grand gesture.

Now, you have your gift and voice message in a single item. And who knows? Your gift wrapper might just find its space inside your recipient’s treasure box.

Send via email or instant messages

Another fun way to reveal your voice recording gift is by sending it via email or online messaging platforms.

Typing lengthy messages is tedious, so why not send a personalized QR code audio greeting instead?

This alternative is suitable for busy people who want to add an extra flair to their loved one’s special day.

This will stir the recipient’s curiosity, and they will immediately want to know what’s in the QR code.

Once they scan it, they’ll be surprised by your one-of-a-kind idea, which they will definitely remember.

Stick the QR code to your gift items

Gift item QR code

Ever heard of sticker QR codes? Yep, they’re a thing.

You generate a QR code using software, print it out on sticker paper, and there you have it—a sticker QR code.

It’s an unconventional way of sending your greetings and recorded messages.

You can stick them on your gifts so your loved ones can scan and listen to your recorded message.

This simple yet meaningful gesture will surely warm their hearts.

Carve or emboss on custom-made gifts

You see, there is almost no limit regarding QR codes.

You can embed any data in it and place it on any material, too. 

If you wish to carve them on wood, emboss them on leather, or stitch them on a textile, rest assured that they will still function the same way.

You won’t have difficulty scanning and accessing the embedded audio message since all QR codes have error correction levels that keep them readable in any format.

Create a unique greeting card for your loved ones using a QR code generator

Who says that QR codes only work for business and marketing?

They clearly have no creative juices in them. You can use QR codes for almost anything.

Using a QR code for a voice recording gift can make your recipient feel special.

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or a holiday, you can add a touch of digital to your gifts.

Jump in on this rising trend.

This is your chance to create a greeting card, gift wrapper, or gift add-on that will impress your family and friends.

Go to QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online, and create QR codes for your gifts today.

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