QR code stickers and labels and how to use them

Last updated:   October 14, 2021

QR code stickers or QR codes that act as a sticker on product and item labels can be useful to present information digitally when scanned using smartphone devices. 

QR codes, also known as a Quick Response codes, can power up your product packaging labels when these codes are used as stickers or as a printed sticker label in your product packaging materials or even use for personal purposes. 

But how do you say so? Well, by its ability to store information and be accessed right away using a mobile device! 

But how are you going to use QR code labels? What are they, and how can you make them? Keep reading to know-how! 

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What are QR code stickers and labels? 

qr code stickers

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As we have mentioned, QR codes as stickers and labels can digitally present information to the end-user by scanning the QR code attached to stickers and labels using a smartphone device. 

But what information can they store in QR code stickers? Well, MULTIPLE! 

QR codes are 2D barcodes, and the information stored in them is generated using a generator online. 

But unlike the standard barcode that stores and reveals numerical data of a product when scanned using a unique device, QR codes are innovated to store different types of information from alphabetical, alphanumerical, numeral, kanji, byte/binary to store a wide variety of data. (Extensions may also be used). 

With that being said, QR codes also have a specific solution that you can generate for specific data and make them as QR code stickers and labels. 

For example, a URL QR code converts a URL into a QR code, a video QR code that converts a video file into a QR code, a file QR code, a social media QR code, a vCard QR code, and many more.

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What appears when you scan QR code stickers and labels? 

As mentioned, QR codes have a variety of solutions. 

Here are 2 examples of the use-case scenarios:

1. Your QR code stickers and labels, when scanned will redirect scanners to a website when you generate a URL/website QR code and use that URL QR code as stickers and print them on labels 

2. Your QR code stickers can redirect your target audience to a PDF file when you generate a PDF QR code and use the PDF QR code that you have generated as stickers. 

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These are just some of the examples. 

Though QR codes have many solutions for a specific need, you can only generate your QR code stickers to be two types: Are your QR code stickers static or dynamic? And what is the difference between the two? 

Static vs. dynamic QR code

Generating your QR code stickers and labels as a static QR code

static vs dynamic qr code

Static QR code 

  • The information embedded in the static QR is permanent and not editable in content
  • The data is stored in the graphics of the QR code itself 
  • The QR code scans are not trackable

Generating your QR code as a Dynamic QR 

dynamic qr code

Generating your QR code as a dynamic QR code

  • The information is editable even after you have printed your QR code stickers
  • The QR data is stored in the QR code generator dashboard, where you can edit it anytime
  • The QR code scans are trackable  

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How to use QR codes on stickers and labels 

You can experiment on many things on how to use QR codes on stickers and labels. 

In fact, with many QR code solutions available out there, you have a wide variety of information about what you can store in your QR code. 

Examples are shown below

QR codes as stickers and labels in marketing and advertising products

On product packaging and labels that lead to a video file

There is no better way to interact and lead a better product experience with your target audience but by showing them a video presentation about your product, item, or artwork.

For this solution, you can generate a video QR code that will redirect scanners instantly to a video file when scanned using smartphone devices. They can print that video QR code and integrate them as stickers on product labels. 

Using the QRTiger QR code generator, you can generate video QR codes in 3 ways. It’s either you generate a YouTube QR code, upload an MP4 QR code, or a URL QR code if you have a video file save in Google Drive, Dropbox, or anything similar.

QR code sticker as a design itself

qr code sticker design

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QR codes can also serve as a design that will provide relevance to your pieces of product. 

Not only do QR codes give a digital dimension when used in your product, item labels, but you can also integrate QR codes as an overall part of your branding or marketing when it comes to its design. 

Why? Because QR codes as customizable themselves! Personalizing your QR codes builds brand and awareness and retention among your target audience. 

A QR code that leads to a file type

Using a file QR code that embeds different kinds of files such as Jpeg, video, Mp3, PNG, word, excel, you can give your scanners a piece of different information about your product.

For example, you can generate a PDF QR code sticker to give further instructions about your item or an MP3 QR code sticker that can be printed on posters if you are promoting a music event.

qr code stickers and labels

Grow your traffic by using a URL QR code that leads to a website.   

qr code sticker

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You can use QR codes on stickers and labels that will lead to your product’s website, or that can be used to grow your traffic. 

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Redirect them to your contact details 

Did you know that you can actually use your business card to grow your network using the vCard QR code solution?

vcard qr code sticker

Unlike the physical card that usually ends up in the dustbin and not actually serving its purpose, using a vCard QR code on your stickers, your target audience can scan the QR code, and they will be redirected to your contact details where they can also download your contact right away on their smartphone devices. 

  • Your name
  • Organization/Company you work for.
  • Designation/title
  • Phone number/s( personal, work, and private)
  • Email, Fax, and Website
  • Address ( Street, City, Zipcode, State, Country)
  • Profile Picture
  • Personal description
  • Social Media handles ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube)

Maximize your social media networks using a social media QR code 

You can also opt to generate these codes that will redirect your scanners into your social media QR code that will allow them to follow you in all of your social media accounts instantly.

Lead them to a customized landing page online using an H5 QR code

You can create a customized landing page that will redirect your scanners to an online page that you have created using an H5 QR code or an HTML QR code.

qr code h5

Using this solution, you don’t need to create your website and buy a domain name and hosting. You need to do a quick and easy setup using the H5 QR code.

QR code stickers and labels that will redirect them to download the app 

qr code stickers download app

To maximize your app downloads if you have an app, you can generate an app QR code that will redirect your scanners to download your app immediately in Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

You can print your App QR code stickers and labels on marketing materials such as brochures, magazines or even have your QR code distributed online. 

QR codes on stickers and labels for personal use  

QR code stickers for storage 

QR code stickers for your storage boxes help you organize and determine what files you store in that particular storage box. And so, it helps you find things easier without rambling on things.

QR code stickers on paper 

After you have generated your QR code, you can print this along in your paper/physical materials and have it served as a sticker for particular information.

Why should you generate and use dynamic QR codes?

While static QR codes are free to generate, they cannot be edited in their content. Thus, you are going to be redirected to a fixed data of what has been generated.

With dynamic QR code solutions on your stickers and labels, you can redirect your QR code information to other information even though it has been generated, printed, and distributed.

edit qr code

This means you can save more time and money without having to print these codes all over again. 

Moreover, Dynamic QR code solutions are trackable. So you will be able to track your QR code scans. When you use QR codes for marketing, business, and advertising, generating your QR solutions in a dynamic mode or QR is a better option to edit your QR codes and retarget your campaign. 

Tracking your QR code scans also enables you to gauge your target audience’s behavior that will reveal the QR statistics. 

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How to create QR codes on stickers and labels 

  • Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com
  • Select the type of QR code solution that you need for your QR code stickers and labels
  • Generate dynamic QR code instead of static
  • Click generate QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Do a scan test before you print
  • Download and print  

Generate your QR codes now with QRTiger QR code generator online!

Start innovating your boring stickers and labels using the Quick Response code and give digital information on your stickers using the QR digital tool!

For more information about QR codes you can contact us at www.qrcode-tiger.com