How to use a QR code generator API?

Last updated:   November 29, 2021

Since most of the QR code generators are powering other brands’ campaigns, how can a QR code generator API rebrand its services?

In a study conducted last year, most of the people that are working with API developers are from microservices with a total of 53.9%. Because of this study, technology service providers are integrating the use of API in their offers. And one of these providers is QR code generators.

With the growing demand for QR codes between businesses, here are the basic concepts that you can use to know your way when using one.

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What is an API QR code?

An API or known as an Application Programming Interface is an interface that allows data exchange with external software.

The API also simplifies the process of building a working interface where businesses can easily integrate into their business operations.

It enables businesses and IT people to collaborate to conform to changing marketing means.

Due to its simplification processes, businesses can easily communicate with their customers without the need of spending time and money to develop a system.

One of the successful businesses that integrated the use of API into their digital services is Amazon and Netflix.

The same thing goes with an API QR code, the API is integrated with a QR code technology where QR code users can have a simplified integration with their QR codes into their CRM system. 

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How to use a QR code generator API?

For businesses that value the use of a personalized landing page link, the use of QR codes and a QR code generator API is one of the great ways to do so. To use one, you can follow through with these 6 simple steps.

1. Open a QR code generator.qr code generator api

The first thing to do when opening a QR code generator API is by opening a reputable and trusted QR code generator online.

A QR code generator like QRTiger has an API feature that can let you accurately modify your QR code. With its simple and easy to navigate interface, users can quickly navigate their way in creating their QR codes.

2. Log in to your accountqr code generator software

Once you have open the QR code generator, proceed in logging in to your account. If you are a new QR code user, you can sign up and subscribe to the QR code generator’s subscription plan.

If you plan to use the QR code generator API to white label your QR codes, the best plan recommended by QR code experts is the premium subscription plan.

3. Click the API tab

qr code apiAfter you have logged into your QR code generator account, continue opening the QR code generator API by clicking the API tab in the QR code generator.

4. Open the API directory

api directory Continue opening the API interface by clicking the API documentation tab.

5. Fill in the required requirements.undefined

After opening the API documentation, fill in the required fields. The required field that QR code generator API requires a user to embed is the API key.

You can find the API key by opening the Track Data tab, proceed in the account setting, and copy your API Key.

6. Do your QR code API documentation

Proceed in doing your QR code API documentation by following these 5 simple documentation steps.

1.First login and get the API key to authorize in Track Data –> Account setting –>API key

2.Add this API key in every req (GET/POST) as Authorization: Bearer API KEY

3. Generate Static custom QR code

4. Get a list of all QR campaign of different QR category

5. Generate a Dynamic custom Visual QR code

6. Track your QR Data, No. Of scans, Country, City, Device type

7. Upload your logo

If the API documentation doesn’t work, you can always email the QR code generator’s customer support system and let them work with your API request.

How does white labeling works?white label qr code

White labeling is a method used by service providers to make up with their customer’s request by rebranding their service to their client’s branding.

The white labeling method works by changing the brand logo and input of the front-end directory page into the client’s branding.

A definitive example of white labeling services that you can see today are can be found in famous blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.

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Benefits of using a QR code generator API

As the use of API accelerates the developers’ work process in developing functional services for them, the use of a QR code generator API can bring 5 meaningful benefits to QR code users and clients.

Provides white labeling serviceqr code white labeling

One of the things QR code users and clients always want when generating their QR codes is to have a landing page that is personalized and brand-based.

With the use of a QR code generator API, developers can grant the use of a white labeling service to change the landing page link to the client’s landing page link.

Because of that, QR code users and clients can use customized and branded QR code content for greater brand awareness.

Gives out a more comprehensive QR code design command layout

One way to accurately create a comprehensive QR code design is by using the QR code generator API. Through the use of it, you can accurately set the QR code’s size and other QR code design layout.

Automates data processing

One of the reasons why QR code users employ the use of a QR code generator is because of its ability to automate data processing.

Through the use of it, they can smoothly have customer relationship management with the data they want to give to their existing and potential customers when scanning the QR code.

Have flexible data migration

Aside from its ability to automate data processing, the use of QR code generator API enable the users to create a smooth and flexible data migration tool.

With its hassle-free and easy to use interface, anyone can easily gain their needed data anytime and anywhere without wasting time, money, and effort.

Connect offline to the online business transactionqr code to connect offline to online

As we are moving towards a competitive and more technical marketing approach, businesses that do well offline still struggle to make an impact in the digital community.

Because of this, many business ventures are trying their best to adapt to these technological leaps.

Starting with the use of QR codes, businesses can actively let their customers explore a technological way to do their business with them.

Through this, you can bridge the offline consumers to a broader online transaction where they can safely shop their way.

To have automated and white-labeled offline to online tools, the use of a QR code generator API is a great way to get started with.

Tips on how to make the most out of the QR code generator API

As now you are introduced to the world of API integration with your QR codes, you should always be mindful of the best ways to make the most out of it.

With the use of it, the QR code experts drafted five important tips that you can follow when using.

1. Consider the content you want to white label with.undefined

White labeling can change the course of your QR code usage. As they can increase brand recognition and awareness, choosing the right QR code solution to white label is highly recommended.

To learn what QR code solution you will white label with, QR code experts recommend that you white label QR code content that is crucial for the increment of your business scope.

2. Ensure the right QR code API documentation

One way to have an accurately working QR code layout is by ensuring the right API QR code documentation. To know if your QR code API documentation is right and responded to your requests, you can view the picture below.

3. Appropriate your visual QR codes with the QR code API.custom qr code

If you want to have an accurate QR code sizing with your QR codes, using the QR code API documentation. By using this, you can further appropriate your QR code size and comprehensively choose more customization options.

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4. Secure your API Key for future API integration

Once you get the hang of using the QR code generator API, you should always secure your API Key for future API integration.

As they are your portal towards API implementation, QR code experts always remind users to secure their API key.

5. Always seek the QR code generator’s help by tapping into their customer service support

If the API documentation goes wrong, you can always ask the QR code generator developer’s help by tapping their customer service support. 

By doing this, you can learn what does your API documentation is not accepted by the software. Also, you can ask for other ways on how to integrate API in your Customer Relationship Management system.

QR code generator API – accurate QR code interface customization

Technology is a wonderful marvel that innovative people always improve and apply. Thanks to their innovative minds, we can now simplify any complicated tasks.

Just like in generating a QR code, there is a simplified system that connects two different services easily and efficiently.

With the use of the best QR code generator and its API service, QR code users can improve and maximize their QR code usage simply and productively. 

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