5 Steps to Make a Creative QR Code Design in 2023

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Update:  May 24, 2023
5 Steps to Make a Creative QR Code Design in 2023

Creative QR code design is easy to create using a custom QR code generator online that will give you the freedom to customize your QR code.

And yes, there are a variety of QR code makers, but not all of the QR software offers you to customize your QR code.

In QR TIGER, you can make a customize a QR code even if it's for free. Read this article to know how to get started with your design QR codes.  

Visual QR code: Why is it important?

Visual QR code

A QR code is a useful marketing tool that can connect the offline world to the online world. 

But did you know that personalizing and making a branded QR code will make your target audience remember you? 

A creative QR code design serves as a statement campaign, that will make any of your campaign stand-out. 

Instead of using the traditional black and white QR codes, a visual-looking and creative QR code catches your scanners' attention, which results in 80% more scans and leads to generation!

Getting visual with your QR code is an essential factor if you want to make your own branding and be known to your target audience. 

QR code is a simple and affordable tool that can turn your ordinary marketing to extraordinary.

How to make a creative QR code design in 5 steps

Before you can design a QR code, you need to use a custom QR code generator online where you can make your personalized QR code. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to free QR code generator online
  2. Click from the menu the type of QR code solution you want to generate.
  3. Click static or dynamic. But it's better to choose dynamic so you can edit and track your QR code scans
  4. Personalize your QR code design by adding colors, frames, logo, icon, etc.
  5. Deploy your QR code

Static or Dynamic QR code: Which one to choose and what is the difference?

QR codes come in two types: Static and Dynamic

Static QR code

Static QR codeOnce you generate your QR code in a static model, you cannot modify the landing page or URL to where your QR code points to you.

You cannot also track the scans. 

Therefore, it is permanent and hardcoded. 

However, static QR codes are free to make, and you can generate as many as you want in QR TIGER. 

Moreover, this QR code generator provides unlimited scans of your QR code even if it's for free. 

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR code

Curious about what is dynamic QR code and its benefits? A dynamic QR code is best to use as you can have overall control of your QR code marketing campaign.

You can edit the QR code and retarget your landing page to a different information, even in real-time.

This allows you to have multiple and flexible QR code marketing campaigns without reproducing another QR code. 

Furthermore, using a dynamic QR code, users can track their QR code campaign's scanning activity. 

Statistics such as when you get the most scans, the demographics of your scanners, and the map view are revealed for more points of view, allowing users to gauge the success of your overall QR code marketing campaign. 

Dynamic QR codes are mostly used in business, marketing and advertising as it allows marketers to understand their campaign thoroughly by tracking it.

If you are not tracking your QR code scans, you will likely leave all the sales opportunities to your competitors.

The dynamic QR code also does not directly store the information in the code.

It converts the information into a short URL in the code that's why the pattern of the dynamic QR code also looks less dense compared its static counterpart.

The less dense the pattern of the code, the easier it is to scan. 

You can store more information to the dynamic QR code compared to the static QR code. 

How to make a creative QR code design in 5 steps: A thorough guide

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator

QR code generator

You can create a custom QR code in static or dynamic QR code. If you're planning to generate your QR code in a static model, you can make it immediately, even without signing up.

Your static QR code is free, customizable, and will never expire.

Moreover, it will also have unlimited QR scans.

However, if you're a businessman or marketer, dynamic QR code is the best option for you as you can edit your QR code and track the scans.

2. Click from the menu the type of QR code solution you want to generate.

QR code solutions

There are many types of QR code solutions you can choose from, such as URL, vCard, Social media, Multi-URL QR code, App stores QR code, and many more.  

Just pick the type of QR code you want and enter the corresponding data needed to generate your QR code.

3. Click static or dynamic

Static vs dynamic QR code

Static QR codes will lead you to a permanent URL while you can retarget and track data of the dynamic QR code.

Choose dynamic QR code if you are planning to have a QR code marketing campaign or you need to use the QR codes for long-term purposes. 

4. Customize your QR

Custom QR code

This is the step where you can make a creative QR code designs business ideas for your marketing materials.

Customize your QR code by adding color, set unique edges, add a frame, etc. Make it stand out. 

5. Deploy your QR code

QR code in print

Print your QR code in your marketing campaign such as flyers, posters, magazines, or even distribute it online!

QR codes are scan-able from print and also from computer screens.

Guide to a creative QR code design: Are there any QR code practices you should know about? 

Getting creative with your QR code is fun and exciting! However, you also shouldn't over customize your QR code to the point of compromising its scan-ability.

Here are some points to remember:

5 QR code design rules you should follow

1. Do not over-customize your QR code

over customize QR code

Customization surely adds to your personal branding, but overdoing it makes the QR code undetectable by QR code readers.

Do not alter the QR code data pattern extensively. It will make them unrecognizable. 

Making simple customizations to create a unique QR codes like blending the right colors, adding edges, frames, image is enough to make them eye-catchy without looking scattered and too all over the place. 

There is an axiom that goes "less is more."  

2. Do not invert QR codes' color.

Inverted QR code

Do not invert your QR code colors! This is one thing you should never do.

One rule of thumb in generating your QR code is that always make sure that the pattern color is always darker than the background color and not the other way around.

3. Keep away blending light colors together

QR code blended light colors

Make enough contrast to your QR code.

It is important to use colors that create enough contrast between the background and the foreground color of your QR code for QR code scanners to read or interpret the code in a snap.

Steer away from blending or mixing similar light or dark colors; otherwise, your QR code  will be hard to scan.

For instance, light colors, such as yellow and pastel colors, are not good for scanning, so it is best to use darker colors and white background.

4. Do not overcrowd your codes

Overcrowding of the codes happens if you're using a static QR code, and you are encrypting a lot of information in the code.

As a result, your QR code gets pixelated or overcrowded.

Why does this happen? When you use a static QR code, the information is stored in the codes' graphics itself. The more information, the more pixelated your QR code gets.

When you have a lot of information to store, use a dynamic QR code.

5. Print your QR code in a high-quality image

Make sure to print your QR code sharp and not blurry.

A high-quality image is in QR code SVG format, which is faster to scan than a QR code image with a low-quality image. So make it clear and sharp. 

Make a creative QR code design with an artistic QR code generator today

Using QR TIGER, you can experiment and make multiple QR code designs of your choice

From customizable call-to-action, frames, setting various patterns and layouts to adjusting colors and so much more.

You can also make a round QR code if you want a different look other than the square one.

If you have more questions about making your QR codes creative, you can also contact us today. 

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